A Poem By Flying Past Clouds // 2/21/2013

I watch her feet
Small, delicate feet
Gently touching the grass
The ends of her dress
Barely kissing her knees
She's dreaming of flying

Summer is ending,
September is coming
She cherished each day
And second they shared
I know I will hurt her
And I know that she knows

She won't blame me
She knew the risk
But seeing her hold his hand
I can't help but sigh
She won't get over this wound
Nobody else will do

We all think our first love
Will be our only love
But they were something beautiful
I watch her hair sprawled out
On a pillow, she's fast asleep
I tell her unlistening ears to love it all

They pretend the future will never be
Innocence is linked to ignorance
And I know, in the end,
They wouldn't change a thing
And I know, in the end,
They both knew it was coming