Life of anger and tragedy

Fiction By Gabrielle // 1/9/2009

My life begins in a large castle.
My mother is overjoyed to see me presented in the world as the heir to the throne and so is my father naturally.
When i turned Three my father died no one knew the cause of his death but many suspected he was poisoned.
Being that a Three year old cannot rule. My blessed mother took the throne as a stand in until i received proper education.
I love my maid Marie she was like my big caring sister.
when my father died she was the one who comforted me. My mother never cried she just looked like a small part of her died with him.
My Mother died of an infection when i turned Seven which now made me a ruler to the throne but of course everyone that worked for me hated me for being there. i was never clothed and locked up in a dungeon.
The only times i ever ate was when dukes or other important people showed up then i was dressed In fine clothes and got served like a king.
When i was Seventeen i took the throne as ruler i did very little for four months then i went to battle and seeing all the dead men made me weep.
Of course a King has to do what he has to do.
I found a wife married to Anastasia we had One son.
then She died many believe she was poisoned but i could not find the one who poisoned her.
I had many wives after Anastasia but none that i loved as well as her.
On one day i struck my Daughter in-law for dressing immodestly. unfortunately the child she was carrying died within her. I was Very sorry. and Angered So i shoved a dog out of the top of the temple tower.
My son was most mad about losing his child and indeed i struck him to. out of my anger and pain.
He died that day.
I spent the rest of my life in repentence until i died
of an infection in my leg that i ignored for so long.
My body rests in peace.



I must say, it's a little morbid
If you are offended by the truth-- that's how you know you don't have it! -Brad Stein

Keri | Tue, 01/20/2009

Haha yeah i was in a morbid

Haha yeah i was in a morbid mood... It was Ivan the Terrible Actually

Gabrielle | Wed, 09/15/2010

Come in said the king with a trout trout trout Tooday we fish in the tub!


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