A Poem By Gary // 10/26/2007

I watched out the sun-roof,
As we drove towards the city,
As millions of Diamonds spluttered,
Dimmed, Agony, Faded, Monotony -
Blinding traffic lights, tranquility lost.
Someone tell me we haven't lost sight.


Oh my goodness, I had the

Oh my goodness, I had the exact same experience driving home from Maine a few weeks ago with some of my college friends... we took the backroads and there were millions of stars in the sky. I've never seen so many in my life! And then I screamed, "Oh my gosh, guys, I can see the MILKY WAY!" and whoever was driving pulled over to the side of the road and we got out. Thousands upon thousands... a huge globe above our heads... But driving back, as the land got less and less rural, they all faded, until I could count about a dozen. :P
But anyway, your poem reminded me of that. Painted it really well! -Sarah

Anonymous | Sun, 10/28/2007

Where we live, (in the

Where we live, (in the sticks)
there are billions and trillions of stars. Whenever we go to any city at night, then i look up in the sky, i feel depressed unable to see stars.

Sarah | Thu, 11/01/2007

"Sometimes even to live is courage."

Blogging away!

okay, deja vu

Weeeeirdest feeling. I just read the first comment posted on this, and thought, "Wow, that person had the same experience as I did! And coming from Maine, too!" Until I realized half way through, that it was me posting.

Am I blonde or what?

Sarah Bethany | Wed, 03/04/2009


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