Series Page: Introductory Science Essays

Hannah D. // 5/31/2017


The Language of Bacteria: Antibiotics and Genes
The Language of Bacteria: Chemicals and Communication
The Language of Bacteria: Winning the Battle
These three essays introduce microbiology and current research on the rise of "superbugs."

Surprise Discoveries in the Fight Against Superbugs
Expands on the topics explored in the above essays with research on seaweeds and a Medieval medicinal text.

The Human Body
While not strictly a biology essay, it mentions the multidisciplinary wonders of an extraordinary biological machine.

Developmental Biology and Modern Medicine
Provides an introduction to embryonic development, as well as applications to modern medical research.

Experiment: Using Microcosms as an Introduction to Ecology
Provides in-depth information (that can be adjusted to the age of students) for the foundation of a lake microcosm experiment.

Physics/Physical Sciences

A Star is Born
Briefly introduces ideas on gas behavior and an overview of modern theories on star origins.

The Story of Serpentine
Introduces geology - including rock types, layers of the earth, and plate tectonics - by following the origins of a rock common to Northern California.

Experiment: An Introduction to Newton's Laws, Momentum, and Energy
A series of races, crashes, drops, and catapultings to teach kids about how we use force and energy to study motion.


Experiment: Introducing Chemistry with Balloons, Slime, and Lava Lamps
Information to expand upon the chemistry behind kids' science demos. Introduces atoms, molecules, static electricity, and bonding.

The Origin of Life: The Necessary Ingredients
The Origin of Life: The Problem of Location
The Origin of Life: The Reactions of Life
These essays cover some of the chemistry involved in living cells, as well as some chemistry-related obstacles that must be overcome if life actually started up on its own.


Hidden Helpers
Includes microbiology, mycology, and forestry, all within the context of ecology.

How We Evolve
Evolution - natural selection and mutation, in particular.

Homology: Common Ancestry, or Common Designer?
An (admittedly poorly organized) essay that includes introductions on homology, taxonomy, biochemistry, and developmental biology.

The Fall, The Flood, and Creation Biology
Current research in creation biology involves microbial ecology, virology, and origins of pathogenicity.

Marine Biodiversity
A bit of a niche topic, but it does include coral reef ecology, developmental biology, and symbiotic relationships.


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