The Girl Who Donated Her Hair (Short story)

Fiction By Aredhel Írissë // 8/11/2012

The Girl Who Donated Her Hair

There once lived a girl named Gloria. She had hair past her knees, and she'd never cut it in her life, and never intended to. But one day, when she was getting tired of how long her hair was, she decided to donate most of it to a place called 'Give your hair to us so we can make a wig out of it for little people and big people who have cancer and are going through medicine stuff that makes them loose their hair and makes it and go away.' Whew! Now that takes much too long to say! So, she cut her hair, put it in a rather large envelope, and went to the post office to send it to the address. She felt better. For one thing, her hair wasn't way past her knees and making her very hot, especially in the summer, and for another thing, she'd done something down-right sweet.
That day—all day, she felt real happy. She smiled and waved to everyone who walked past, she said 'That's such a beautiful cat\dog\bunny\child\whatever.' To everybody who walked past with a cat\dog\bunny\child\whatever.
Wow! It sure felt good to be this nice! She hadn't been that nice in ages! She walked past “Give your hair to us so we can make a wig out of it for little people and big people who have cancer and are going through medicine stuff that makes them loose their hair and makes it go away.' She smiled a huge smile. She was happy. She thought about how many wigs could be made out of all that hair, and it only made her feel all the happier. She walked past the place to give your hair, several blocks down, was the post office. After mailing it, she went home. Man! That was the nicest thing she'd ever done! Two weeks later, she saw a beautiful doll she wanted to buy, so she saved up, and soon got the doll. She looked at it very closely—My! It's hair looked exactly like her hair! It was amazing! On her way home, she walked past the place to give your hair, and got sorta suspicious, you might say. She'd never seen that doll until she'd given her hair, then it all of a sudden was there with hair that looked completely, one hundred percent, with no exceptions, just like hers. She went in the place to give your hair. No one in that room. She figured they were in the room that said, 'employees only'. She opened the door quietly, and saw people in it. She listened. Someone said, ''I want it to have green eyes!''
''No, it's gonna have brown!''
''IT'S GONNA HAVE GREEN!!!'' One shrieked, and rather loudly, at that. ''Whatever!''
Green or brown what? Gloria thought curiously.
''Okay, give me the green eyes, and the doll, and the red hair.'' The one who had won the argument said. They took two green eyes, and stuck them in two holes in the dolls head. Then they took red hair, which looked exactly like Gloria's, and glued it to the dolls head.
My! What are they doing with hair that looks just exactly like mine, and why are they using it for a doll? I thought they made wigs for human beings with the hair people donate—not dolls! She thought

They packaged it up, put an address on it, and put it on a table. Gloria stormed in the room.
''What are you people doing with that doll?''
''Whats she talking abote?" [About is really what he said, but he was Canadian.]
''Oh, don't you try that!'' She said, and stormed over to the package, and ripped it open.
''Whats this?'' She asked angrily.
''—A doll you made with my hair!! And I'm telling the Police!'' And she stormed out. Then the Police came and took them all to jail for the rest of there lives, and Gloria got her hair back, and gave it to another place to give your hair.

Ha ha! I tricked you! You thought that the story was over, didn't you? Well, about two weeks after she re-donated her hair, she saw a doll in the store and its hair looked just like hers, and she wanted it, so she saved up and bought it. This time she didn't really think much of it, because she thought it was probably one of the dolls the other place to give your hair had made.
Three days later, she went in the place where you could give your hair away, and heard talking from a room that said on the door 'employees only'. And she opened the door a crack, and watched and listened. Two people were arguing.
''They'll be blue!''
''No! They're gonna be hazel!''
(The one that wanted the color hazel had a Yankee accent-- It sure was easy to tell!
''Give me the doll, red hair, and the blue eyes.'' The one who had won the argument said.
Oh no! Not again!
She stormed through the door. ''What are you doing with that doll, and why are you gluing my hair onto it?''
''We—we were—''
''—Making a doll and putting MY hair on it, which I so generously donated, and you were gonna sell it! I'm telling the Police!'' She told the Police, and the people went to jail for the rest of their lives, and she never gave her hair away again! And that was really the end.
The end!



I love this story!It was quiet humorous; very good short story. I do love it how the people both times are arguing about what the color of the eyes will be. Keep writing!

Arthur | Sat, 08/11/2012

"My greatest wish for my writing is that it would point you to the Savior."

Haha, I finally got to read

Haha, I finally got to read this. So hilarious; I was smiling the whole time I was reading this! Nice short story.

Lucy Anne | Mon, 08/13/2012

"It is not the length of life, but the depth of life." Ralph Waldo Emerson

Thanks Lucy and Arthur!

Thanks Lucy and Arthur!

Aredhel Írissë | Tue, 08/14/2012


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