Santa's Evil Twin

Fiction By Aredhel Írissë // 11/1/2013

Santa's Evil Twin

Here comes Hanta Claus,
Here comes Hanta Claus,
Right down Hanta Claus Lane,
Lixen and Glitzen and all his demons
Pullin' on the reins.
Moms are prayin', children cryin'
All is scary and sad.
So hug your parents and say your prayers,
'Cause Hanta Claus comes tonight.

Here comes Hanta Claus,
Here comes Hanta Claus,
Right down Hanta Claus Lane
He's got a bag that's filled with kids
For meals and treats again.
Hear those poor kids screamin' and cryin',
What a terrible noise,
So jump in bed, and cover up your head,
'Cause Hanta Claus comes tonight.

Did you know that Santa Clause had an evil twin? Well now you do!
He's the opposite of Santa. He's evil!!!!! He eats little boys and girls for his Halloween treats (he comes on Halloween, not Christmas.) His name is Hanta Clause, and nine demons pull his sleigh, with the lead demon, Brudolph, with the black nose that glows in the dark, although no one knows how a black nose glows in the dark, but it does! Anyway, to get to the story.

One Halloween night, bunches of children were out trick-or-treating. Not a one of them believed in Hanta, except for one wise little girl , who was nine. She knew he was real. She had seen him from her bedroom window once years ago, on a dark Halloween night like this one, putting little kids who didn't believe he existed in his sack. But he didn't just eat children that didn't believe in him. He was evil, and he ate all types of little children!!! Since then, Olivia, the little girl who believed in him, had not seen him, and thought maybe he was going to other towns to eat children. So, after several years of not trick-or-treating, and parents and friends and brothers and sisters all thinking she was a very silly little girl with a big imagination, finally decided she would go trick-or-treating. She hadn't been out very long, when she saw a sleigh in the dark sky. Many kids thought Santa's calendar was off, and he had accidentally come on Halloween instead of Christmas, but Olivia knew better. She could see Hanta's black coat and hat, instead of Santa's red ones. She could see all nine demons pulling the sleigh. From Lixen all the way to the lead demon, Brudolph, with the black glowing nose. She was frightened, and tried to warn the others, but they all thought is with Santa. Poor Olivia ran home, into her bedroom, and looked out the window. She saw Hanta was now landing his sleigh. Children were grinning all around, and Olivia figured they thought Santa had dressed up for Halloween, but Olivia knew that was not the case. Hanta Clause had come for Halloween, to eat the little boys and girls! Hanta Clause grinned and maliciously got out. The children began slowly backing up, not quite so sure that it was Santa anymore. But it was too late! Hanta grabbed a big handful of little boys and girls in his big hand and turned to stuff them in his bag. When he turned back around, all the children were gone. They had runaway as fast as their little legs could carry them. Hanta knew it would not be wise to look for them, or else his treats in his sack would get away. Olivia watched with terror, although drastically relieved that so many children had escaped, as Hanta Clause laughed an evil laugh and climbed into his sleigh. He flew off into the dark night sky, with his delicious Halloween treats. Olivia never saw Hanta Clause nor any of his Halloween treats for the rest of her many years.


Oh. My. Goodness.

This is so funny! My brother and I sang the song at the start and we laughed so hard! I know this comment is three years too late (I'm new) but this is awesome!

Madalyn Clare | Wed, 10/19/2016

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