A Poem By Hannah W. // 9/16/2008

Cricket, cricket, singing high,
watching as the clouds roll by,
leaping under dark'ning sky,
chirping at the fireside

Cricket, cricket, singing slow,
watching as the sun sinks low,
basking in the red-orange glow,
listening as the breezes blow

Cricket, cricket, singing fast,
singing as the world goes past,
singing in the shadows cast,
sing to make the evening last



Hannah, this is a wonderfully beautiful poem! I've only just found it; I love it. Chirping crickets is one of my favorite noises. :D

Aisling | Sun, 09/28/2008

This sounds kind of like

This sounds kind of like something that Lewis Carroll would write. It's very good!


The Brit | Thu, 10/30/2008

Thanks! As you might know, I

Thanks! As you might know, I love Lewsis Carroll's poems, and the Alice books. :)

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Knowledge is limited. Imagination encompasses the world.
--Albert Einstein

Hannah W. | Fri, 11/14/2008


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