My Love

An Essay By Hannah // 12/13/2010

The rain plummets from the sky, to caress my face. I spread my arms and smile upward, it's my perfect day, just for me. Most people hate these days, not me. I'm just off work, only a hour left to board, but I will make every second count. The ride up is wet and glorious, raindrops drench my hair, but my coat keeps me warm, as does the 40 degree weather.  At last, at the top, the rain thickens, but I abandon my goggles. I strap in, and look down at my love, the mountian. A deep, happy breath, and I'm off. The snow is perfect,  the rain not affecting it at all. My board carves perfectly, no edges are going to catch today. My face is aglow, the rain and snow mingling together in a perfect mixture. I'm laughing as I finish the run. It was amazing. I only get to do one more run and I must go. I'm satified though, with my perect day. If I could, I would make that four o'clock run last forever. But that, I think, is the allure. You never quite know what kind of day or snow you'll get. But you know, that every one in a while, you'll get an amazing day, not perect snow or weather, but just crazy fun. That was my day.


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