The life of a deer

Fiction By Hannah // 6/6/2007

Why do they hunt us, Why?
Why do they want our skin?
It looks better on ME, than on THEM.
They use these big boomers called "guns."
And they've killed many of our sons.
I don't see how they can find us;
We can smell them a mile away.
They sneek up on us;
while we're sleeping the day away.
I wish the Indians would drive them out;
But, oh, the white man guns are stout!
We're gonna have to get used to having them about.



Thats nice Hannah! Velocity
Love the Lord with all your heart!

Jesus loves you and won't stop, even if you want Him too.

Remember in your hard timz and good timz he's there when you need him most!

Velocity | Wed, 06/20/2007

The Truth will set you free.


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