Part XXIX--Epilogue: He's Smilin' At Us

Fiction By Heather // 11/7/2010

The Final installment of Half Blood. I'm currently editing this book and hope to get it published. If anyone has any suggestions or critiques (especially in regards to where I could flesh out the story), please email me at skribblegurl at gmail dot com (replace at with @ and dot with . I did this to keep from spambots grabbing the link and giving me all kinds of spam). I'll keep you updated about Half Blood's progress in the publishing world!


Jevran didn't protest or complain. He merely turned pale and had to sit down. Then he found his voice and declined. Varian and Archflame would have none of it. They argued that he was the eldest son of the Lowlander king and the eldest step-nephew of a Highlander laird.
The other lairds backed them in a unanimous agreement. Strangely enough, even Revan ad nothing negative to say about the idea.
Jevran wanted to wait, to get both the Lowlanders and the Highlanders back into their normal lives. He wanted to repair the castle, regather the counselors, and hold a Council about it. But Varian and Archflame overruled him.
So, within the week, Highlanders and Lowlanders alike crowded into the open, ruined Great Hall of the castle. They stood elbow to elbow on the floor and perched on the chunks of rock.
Varian stood at the king's side, wearing a blue counselor's robe trimmed with gold thread. He wore it open so that everyone could see the plate armor and the sword resting at his hip. He ran his hand through his hair. It was shorter than it had been for a while. Lia had grabbed him yesterday and forced him to sit still long enough for a haircut.
Then Archflame's head snaked into the Great Hall. Some of the Lowlanders ducked, but soon remembered there was no threat. A path cleared, and Archflame stepped into the hall, bearing a chest in one large paw. He limped forward and set the chest on the steps in front of Jevran.
"Your crown, Sire," he said simply.
Varian stepped forward and threw back the lid. He lifted the crown from the velvet lining and held it aloft, so everyone could see it. A very low ripple of gasps made its way aroud the room. Varian held the crown over his brother's head.
"So as Orkanalia bestowed wisdom on King Malchus, First Bearer of this crown, so may He bestow wisdom on you, Jevran, king of the Restored Lands. May you walk with Him all the days of Your life; may your footsteps never stumble from His path; and may His wisdom shine to light your way."
With those words, Varian lowered the crown to his brother's head. Jevran sat up a little straighter as the crown's weight settled on his hair. His chin rose, and he smiled. The crowd burst into applause. Varian clapped with them. Jevran looked at his brother and winked.
Varian grinned. Thank you, Orkanalia. Thank you for making everything right.
The doors to the kitchen burst open. Lia and several others came out, waving for quiet. When the noise had died down sufficiently, Lia smiled broadly.
"Sire, we've a number of large tables set up outside, laden with the best that yer cooks could put together. Would ye care to join yer subjects in a celebration feast?"
Jevran stood up and grinned. "With the greatest pleasure!"
The feasting lasted into the day, then the celebration swirled into footraces, dancing, and other games. Varian discarded his sword and robe in order to join the vigorous Highlander dancing. As the day faded into sunset, the dragons took to the air. Their fires burst and crackled into the night, as good as fireworks. After their mouths had gone dry, the dragons settled back to enjoy the dances that had moved inside.
Varian finished a dance with Kearah and grinned, taking a deep breath. "How do ye feel?"
"As good as I can," she answered.
"That's well. Would ye care to walk outside for a bit with me?"
"Aye, I would."
Varian offered his arm to Kearah. Skirting the dancing floor, they slipped out onto the balcony. The stars were shining brightly over a moon-silvered landscape. Far away, they could see the mists and hulking shapes of the mountains. Arborn loomed over them all, no longer a menacing beast but instead seeming a kindly old guardian.
"Well," Kearah said softly.
Varian smiled. "Yes?"
"I was just thinkin' about everythin' that's happened in the last couple of weeks." Kearah smiled. "This might be a silly question—but do ye think my father saw what we did?"
"Aye, I think so. I think he's proud of us, and—"
"And what?"
"I think he's smilin' at us right now."
"Ye think so?"
Varian looked down at her. "Aye—I do." Then he smiled. "Care to ride?" He knew Flameclaw, Jokk's dragon, would enjoy having a rider on his back again.
"In this dress?"
"Why not? It looks pretty enough."
Kearah stared at him, her lips parted just a touch. Then she grinned, her nose crinkling and so cute that Varian just wanted to wrap his arms around her and kiss her. He held back, waiting for her answer.
"Well then, Master Varian, come try to catch me!" She sprang down the balcony stairs.
Varian heard a gentle chuckle and looked over his shoulder. Solvar slouched against the door jamb, swirling wine in a cup. Solvar quirked a smile and nodded at his sister.
"I wish ye two all the happiness of the world," he said.
"Donnae ye think that's a little early?" Varian asked. "I havenae asked her—nor have I asked ye for her hand."
"Well, ask me, ye ninny."
"Do I have yer blessin' to court yer sister and ask her to marry me?"
Solvar grinned. "Aye, and my mother's. So what are ye waitin' for?"
Varian turned and raced down the steps in time to Kearah's laughter.



It's over. :.) That

It's over. :.) That wibbly-wobbly smiley-cry-y thing isn't a typo, either.

Anna | Sun, 11/07/2010

I have hated the words and I have loved them, and I hope I have made them right. --The Book Thief

Yay! :)

Such a wonderful ending . :) 

Kyleigh | Mon, 11/08/2010

The end!

Okay, so I haven't read the last coupla chapters, which I will ASAP but I can't believe its already done! Very much love this story Heather and can't wait until I read what I'm sure is a fantastic ending. :) :)

Kay J Fields | Mon, 11/08/2010

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Oh Heather...

I know I promised and all, but if you expect me to keep it you'd better get this manuscript onto my desk ASAP!

Mary | Tue, 11/09/2010

Brother: Your character should drive a motorcycle.
Me: He can't. He's in the wilderness.
Brother: Then make it a four-wheel-drive motorcycle!


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