Fall Poems: Seventh Installment

A Poem By Madeline // 11/24/2014

More Than Anything

Don't you ever wish you could
Trek back
Undo what hath been done
Unto someone
If only for their sake and
Not so much your own
You'd take the burden's brunt if it
Meant they'd be alone
In their blunt-mouthed ignorance
If only
You could go
Back to it


I mainly feel past you like I can
Look back with scorn
At my wide-eyed younger self
Who didn't know better
Than to fall for someone that
She could never have
But when I catch sight of your smile
It all comes flooding back


I think about you sometimes
That the door is almost sealed
She and I were sitting
Over a meal
and I almost said something
Since that's I used to feel
About what happened with you
Like I'd never be able to get out of it
Like it was hard to live through
And it was
I suppose
But the memories are fuzz
Heavy on my tongue
And it felt odd to interject with
By the time I might've worked up the words the
Time had passed and it
Would've come off
As being too transparent

Can I

This feels doable
Or more than it did
I can't implore
For it to go smoothly
It takes practice
But I'm going
I'm going
I'm going
To do this
And it'll be okay
If it's not perfect
I tell myself that
And I know that it's true
There is nothing--
I'm unable to do

Three Seconds

Dancing in the kitchen to
Five-boy harmony
Linked Pointers and pinkies
Married with
Intentionally bad
I don't mind because
I'm smiling and
This pure joy is coming

New York or LA

They say
I think you'll find reality to be
Yes, I know
I was afraid of that because those
Big cities
Feel so insane and hard to
I can't get by
Not surely
If I cannot
But I don't see myself here
After a certain age
So I guess we'll have to wait
And see
If it'll take

Op Ed

I move quickly I'm so
to be back in print
It's been a long time
I'm aglow from her words
I can't believe I made her
feel that way
about anything

A Few Months

Dazzling dreamy smile
My waist is painted green
In fairy swaths that brush the floor
My prominence is keen
All eyes are shimmering and
Our lips are painted pink
I'll edge out onto a limb and
Take you up on dancing
I can see the cavernous ceiling and I can
Feel the bass-laced floor
Maybe it's silly to already be planning but it's
Something I can't

Baby I

Oh, this won't feel real
Until I'm there
My hands are shaking
I've lost my place
Why do I do this to myself
Because, baby
I want it more than
Still, despite my rattled nerves
And my skewered
There's no place I feel more
Like me
Than singing
On the piano


My heart is pounding
I can't breathe
I've never felt this way
Push comes to shove
I refuse to give up
Even when the tears are
And I want to demand
How can you be so cold
And when did I grow so small
When I used to be able to knock you away
With a cold and threatening look


I remember you
I remember when you
Came out of my pen
My pores and my mind
I remember feeling infected and
With the fact that I was yearning
For someone I couldn't
It's a comfort now to know that
You wouldn't like me
Like that
And anyway
(turn over
Onto my side
And breathe)
And anyway
There's no guarantee
You'd love someone
Like me


These are lovely :O) "It's a

These are lovely :O)
"It's a comfort now to know that
You wouldn't like me
Like that
And anyway
(turn over
Onto my side
And breathe)
And anyway
There's no guarantee
You'd love someone
Like me"

E | Mon, 11/24/2014

"You were not meant to fit into a shallow box built by someone else." -J. Raymond

Very nice set! I could relate

Very nice set! I could relate to the who feel of the poems. I think that "New York or LA" was my favorite. :)

Damaris Ann | Mon, 11/24/2014

I don’t thrive off of chaos: chaos thrives off of me.


Ahhhh!!!! Speechless and will comment in full later ;)

Kassady | Tue, 11/25/2014

"Here's looking at you, Kid"
Write On!

Okay! Reread these and I

Okay! Reread these and I don't think I have enough words to express how relatable and deep these are! Each one was personal I felt, and absolutely lovely! Clean as well!
All of these were incredible, but if I had to pick a few favorites: I loved Nearly, I would love to know the backstory.
And A Few Months was lovely and I think I know the back story of this one! It explains the feeling completely! Love! And then of course the last two were fabulous!
Honestly was my all time favorite!!! Love love love love !!!!!!!

Kassady | Sat, 11/29/2014

"Here's looking at you, Kid"
Write On!


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