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An Essay By Madeline // 4/8/2011

One question that I do not like is when people ask, "How do you socialize?"

How? The same way adults that work from home and toddlers and everyone who's not in public school socializes--by meeting people and forming REAL friendships. Will I know the names of the ones I met in public school five years from now? Maybe. But will I remeber our conversations, the games we I hardly do now. Because they weren't REAL friends. And I think homeschooling gives you an opportunity to make those real friends.

They look at me like I'm missing out on something huge! Public school! The fun of prom...the fun of after-school activities! The fun of gossip! The fun of gym class! The fun of bullies! The fun of peer pressure! The fun of homework! The fun of having to look PERFECT and wear Aeropostale shirts just to fit in! 

It stops being fun after third grade. Because that's when things change. I mean, REALLY change! People start dating then. (I can someone date in, um, fourth grade?) Clothes factor in, people start noticing your imperfections. THEY get imperfections.

I was bullied in first grade! That's when it starts! The second you hit public school. And eventually it builds up until you dread going there. For me, that happened...three times? I don't know how people go through high school. Unless you're intent on being "popular" you can't hardly make it.

And I COULD have chosen the popular road. Left myself for someone else they wanted me to be. But it wasn't me! I hate to see kids lose themselves in the pressures of school. But I'm not going to. I didn't.

Homeschooling is when everything changes. When things form a straight, even line again and you can look around you and think, "wow...this is the way things should have been from the very start."

Everyone can be themselves this way. You can be weird. Wear weird things. Say weird things. Do weird things.

Weird is people. People ARE weird.

And you know what I think is weird? Not the bookworms that sit in class all day reading, or the people who have old, faded clothes from Goodwill.

It's the ones who come there perfectly alike, with straightened hair, big earrings, skinny jeans, and ambercombie clothes. They're weird (in one sense.) Because they're all the same.

Do these kids go home and feel awful? Or are they happy just to be "in?" 

I think it's number one.

Because they can't be happy being someone else...

So I chose to be myself.

~HomeschoolGirl :)



This was totally awesome!

I for one, have not gone to public school, so I can't say I know how you feel! But I know whatyou see!

This was totally awesome! Tha best ever! And absolutely true!

I love being weird! thank you very much!

Sure they get tought math more quickly, sure they learn our nations history at a young age, Do they remember it? No I don't think many do! It goes right out the back end of the brain to rot! But homeschooling, you actually LEARN something, and keep it there (hopefully!), and you not only learn about this nation, but the whole worlds point of view!

This was amazing!

One great round of apluas! Whahoo!

Oh I love your new bio! Your so sweet! Thanks!

Write on!

Kassady | Mon, 04/11/2011

"Here's looking at you, Kid"
Write On!

Thaks, Kass! :)

I know!!! Right?? Great opinions! Gotta run or else I'd type more. :P

Madeline | Mon, 04/11/2011

everything was better when/you would call and I'd be like/yeah babe, no way

Right on HomeschoolGirl!

This essay is totally true! As I have commented before, I was in public and a Christian school before being homeschooled. I still shake my head at what I experienced there even now. I have to agree with you that I never really had "real" friends until I became homeschooled. I had only one friend that I kept in touch with because he became homeschooled at the same time I did. I honestly did not know how to act when I started meeting people my age who accepted me for who I was right away. Their kindness overwhelmed me.

I laughed when people asked me about my socialization. My reply was so similar to yours it was hilarious. I just looked at them seriously and said Yep I totally am missing out on the bullying, name-calling, two-faced "friends", and other things that I won't mention on this site. One of my favorite lines was "Umm how can you date in umm, 4th grade?". LOL I remember when in 1st grade (yes I did say 1st grade) that a guy that all of the girls "liked" put his arm around me and gave me an innocence hug. Ever girl in my class hated me for the next two grades. It was crazy! We're in 1st, 2nd, and 3rd grade!

The other thing I liked that you mentioned was something I just was talking to someone about yesterday (how funny!). It was about how stupid and sad girls are that try to look popular and "trendy". I told that person that it was kinda crazy cause you could already tell almost what type of person they are by trying to fit in like that. It was harder on me, but I didn't give in to fit in at school. I am proud to be what some may call weird! I tell all of my friends that the only qualification to be my friend is that you have to be weird or different because no one is "normal"!

I am glad that you have the self-confidence to choose to be yourself! Go for it girl! It took a while for me to gain back that confidence from when I lost most of it in school (oh the glory of being in regular school), but I gained it back after being homeschooled for a few years and having the support of true loving friends! That is why homeschooling is awesome! I hope you continue to love your homeschool journey as much as I have because it is something that I treasure! Keep writing and God Bless!

Wings of Eternity

Wings of Eternity | Mon, 04/11/2011

"Be an example to all believers in what you say, in the way you live, in your love, your faith, and your purity." 1 Timothy 4:12


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