Fiends War 5

Fiction By I am Nate-Dude // 5/7/2009

Makuta Icarax stepped closer toward Mazeka. Despite the cold Mazeka broke out in a weird, sweat he had never felt before. Every thing felt like a dream, like it wasn't even happening. Strangly Icarax was running, not that makuta didn't run, it was just the way he ran. Then relief swept over Mazeka: It wasn't Icarax, infact it wasn't a makuta at all, it was Kryztan. "How could I mistake a 4 foot tall matoran, for a 7 foot tall makuta?" He wondered.

Though Mazeka was happy to see a close friend, Kryztan brought some very bad news. This was news that would start a 5 year war, a war that has been between 2 once close friends, and it was a war that just ended not to long ago. "Mazeka," Kryztan half stammered, out of breath. "your mentor, he's, He is...Dead!"
Mazeka's face (or Mask) Hardened. "He's WHAT?" "Yes, I don't know what you, The villagers are fleeing...or what is left of us." "But who..." began Mazeka. "Vultraz." Kryztan interrupted. Now I must tell you about Mazeka's mentor. He and Mazeka were trying to find out the secrets of their world. they thought they almost had figured out some information that the makuta must not get their hands on. And now if Vultraz had been turned into a dark matoran (which he had) he may show the makuta the tablets that contained the information. (If he had it.)

So now I must tell you something that may be confusing. The rest of Mazeka's story as already be chronicled, so I must shift to Kryztan. (sorry if you wanted to hear more of Mazeka's side of things but it is not my place to write that.) Well the Tren Krom Peninsula is not the most forgiving place to live. (That is where we have been this whole story.) And no one would blame Kryztan for not being in a good mood. It had been a week since Vultraz's attack on the village, and finding a good home had been hard at best. None of the matoran could agree on where they should settle. (No place really seemed all that welcoming.) Well today kryztan wondered off to explore. Which was a fine idea... at first. He was happy and content to be away for all the first. He was just about to really enjoy first.

But then he walked around a boulder and what was waiting for him... an energy hound, who pounced instantly! The fight had been going on for about, 10 minuets and now the poor matoran had almost lost all his strength. However the hound had lost almost no strength. (Well it was an "energy hound".) Energy hounds were bred to be able to track down pray be following its unique energy trail. they could almost pick up the sent from miles away, and would almost never give up a chase. Kryztan jabbed at it with his dagger, but it was just slapped aside. The hound dove at the matoran, but Kryztan ducked. Kryztan ran to a cliff. The hound jumped after him. Kryztan jumped out of the way and the hound plunged head first over the ledge to its skull crunching end.

Or at lest that was the plan. What really happened was this. Kryztan was too tiered to move fast enough out of the way. so he was caught in the rahi's jaws and shaken like a torn-up chunk of meat. instantly he plunged the dagger at the beasts head. But it was still to slow. The hound dropped him and knocked the dagger over the cliff with one swift swipe of it's paw. Kryztan jumped up but was immediately kicked back down. He felt funny. then it downed on him that his mask had been knocked off. With out it he would lose conciseness. he dove for the mask but the Hound bit his foot and pulled him back. Light began to fade. Kryztan had just enough energy to look up before he died...

Ok everyone. normally I would put to be continued right here but it looks like no on has been reading this. So, if you would like to hear more you will have to replay to this and say: I what to hear more. until then this will be the end of Friends War.
P.S. I understand if you really don't like this. It's kida silly. But I still like Bionicle and Legos and will never be to old for them.


You Killed HIM!

How could you do that!??! Very good...and I want to hear more even if no one else wants to;)
"Yes, words are useless! Gobble-gobble-gobble-gobble-gobble! Too much of it, darling, too much! That is why I show you my work! That is why you are here!" --Edna Mode (the Incredibles)

Ariel | Sat, 05/09/2009

"To produce a mighty book, you must choose a mighty theme. No great and enduring volume can ever be written on the flea, though many there be that have tried it." -- Herman Melville

yes, yes!

Do write more...very good story even though I'm not really into the whole Bionicle thing. Yeah, so anyway, very good.

Anonymous | Sat, 05/09/2009

So poeple really do read

So poeple really do read this!
I completly understand that the whole bionicle thing is...silly...but thank you for reading!

I am Nate-Dude | Sun, 05/10/2009


Do mind if I ask you Anonyous

Do mind if I ask you Anonyous is? Any way thanks for reading. even if you and OFG are the only poeple who do so.

I am Nate-Dude | Fri, 07/10/2009


What?????? Kryztan DIED???

What?????? Kryztan DIED??? Oh, how cruel! Actually.... The hound was cruel! Bad, bad hound thingy! When I read this:

"Kryztan jumped out of the way and the hound plunged head first over the ledge to its skull crunching end."

I was like "Oh that's terrible!" but then it killed the poor thingy and then I was like "Why didn't it fall off???" Anyway, good chapter!

Kendra | Sun, 07/12/2009

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