Friend's war 2

Fiction By I am Nate-Dude // 12/12/2008

Mazeka grabbed a few of his thing’s from his hut, but not much. He didn’t expect to be gone long, besides he’s village and his friend’s village were, technically, the same. Ta-koro was just down the mountain a ways. He ran all the way to the shipping platform, so he could catch a ride with Keanoko. It was much easier without all the snow blowing in his mask, however he was still surprised he made it in time. Keanoko was just starting to turn his crab around. “Keanoko!” Mazeka shouted. The le-matoran stopped the rahi, which impatiently banged its claws on the snowy ground. “Take me to the south side of the village.” Mazeka ordered, out of breath. “Ha ha, not-never, I’m going to Le-koro and from there, I’m gukko-bird flying to Po-koro.” (po means stone) “Keanoko, that’s on the way to Ta-koro!” Mazeka snapped. “Oh… fine, but I would not-never go to see the fire-spitters at a time like this!”


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