Friend's War 6

Fiction By I am Nate-Dude // 6/26/2009

Kryztan's last thought was: "What should my last words be?"
Or at lest that’s what they would have been, except when he looked up he saw a green matoran with a bow and a quiver full of arrows, sitting in a nearby tree. Then it all faded. It was the weirdest thing that hade ever happened to Kryztan. He felt dead. indeed, he was dead. So do dead people have dreams about friends? Well He did. He was with 5 friends, they all were different matoran. there was the green one, the one in the tree! "What where they called again? bee-matoran? NO! Why can't I think?" Kryztan wondered.  
In his dream, he and the other matoran had formed a team. It was a team of great importance. They had to stop some evil thing, or something like that. Then Kryztan saw something he had never seen before, but he felt as if he knew it by heart. "Wait," He thought, " That must be Mata Nui, the protector of matoran! He could control the elements right? Makuta was jealous of him and put him in a coma? Wasn't he the most powerful being of us all? Come on, think!" (Ok, just to clarify a few things, Mata Nui may sound a little too powerful, you know, "controlling the elements". But I'm trying to water some of this down. Lego goes too far with this "power" thing  and I don't want to do that. And yes Makuta is a species, but it is also the name given to their leader, Teridax. The makuta is also called Mata Nui's "bother." ) But Mata Nui was dead also! He was then alive again! And awake! The world had waited for this for years! (1,000, to be exact!) But he was suddenly hurled out of sight, leaving the six matoran alone. Then one of the matoran, the ta-(Fire) one, threw a dagger at the po-(stone) one. It hit him in the heart, sending a red burst of energy at all the others! Kryztan screamed, "HOW COULD YOU DO THIS TO US!!! He really had no idea why he cared. then he died again.
Then he was dreaming again. This time he was around a fire, in a nice little ring of trees. The forest beyond was very dense. it had a tropical look to it. This time it was just him and the green matoran, who sat on a log next to the fire. Kryztan was laying on a blanket. "Are you dead too?" He asked tired. "This is so weird. I died and then I died again. you too, right? The green matoran laughed. "I can assure you, I have never died and nether have you!" The green matoran was trying hard not to laugh while he talked. "You were just deep-sleeping. You are open-eye now." "Oh you’re a le-(air) matoran! But I did die. didn't I?" Kryztan asked. "obviously not." The Le-matoran stated, feeding the fire. "You where attacked by an energy hound. I was walking by and saw you, um, losing the fight." Kryztan frowned, but the other matoran kept telling his story. "So I quick-climbed up a tree and started arrow-spiting at it. And here we are! I started to think that you would never upon-eye."
"Wait...your tree-talk is making me confused." Kryztan interrupted. "Well that Is a sorry-bad thing. I don't what to give you a head-spin." the Le-matoran apologized. (but did nothing to make his slang sound like proper matoran.) "Who are you? And please try not to tree-talk." said kryztan, trying to be polite.  "I," began the Le -matoran, "am Keanoko. You may remember  that I used to deliver supplies to all the people in the village. " Kryztan nodded "Oh yes, now I remember. and you would call all of the different parts of the village Koros." Keanoko nodded as well. Kryztan felt his mask. It was cracked, which made it hard to move his face. It was tied together with a thin piece of rope. Keanoko was making glue out of tree sap for it. "Until we can fix your mask with this stick-sap you will probably keep falling a sleep. That rope just doesn't hold it." Keanoko warned.
Kryztan did keep passing out. Even with the mask glued back together, he still felt funny. He and Keanoko had lost the other matoran, and were having a hard time catching back up. "Why go back to them?" Keanoko asked. "They just argue over were to go. Too much noise!" Kryztan stopped walking and said, "Keanoko, you’re a good matoran and I owe you my life, but I need to get away from you, and back to the others." (Kryztan is a Ko-matoran, remember? They don't like to talk much and Le-matoran, especially Keanoko, talk a lot. So they can get on Ko-matoran's nerves once and a while. )   "Why! They quick-talk just as fast I do! Keanoko snapped." "Well...true." Kryztan really didn't know what to say. "Plus," Keanoko continued, "They just argue over the stupidest things! like the last spot we thought would be a good place, remember? Most of the others said it was too..." Kryztan nodded. "Yes I remember."
"We Have a visitor." Keanoko whispered. Kryztan's voice was horse. "Do we run?"
"There's two of them. if we leaf-run that way we might have a chance."
"But that way's toward the cliff!"
"Want to fight again? it could be another tooth-claw battle."
"Then we run."
To be continued.


YAY!!! He didn't die! Now,

YAY!!! He didn't die! Now, what is going to happen to them??? Oh, by the way.... What does leaf-run mean??? Just wondering.....

When are you going to post more?!?!?!?! Please post soon!

Kendra | Sun, 07/12/2009

"Are you sure this water is sanitary? It looks questionable to me! But what about bacteria?"--Tantor the elephant from Tarzan.

Nate, awesome chapter!!! Oh

Nate, awesome chapter!!!

Oh and about the leaf run thing..please tell Kenny what it is before she wears out the floor by hopping on it. ROFL...She's trying to figure how the skeletons run! heheheh!!!

Ariel | Sun, 07/12/2009

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  Sorry to &ldquo;Give you a


Sorry to “Give you a head-spin” Kendra. You may be a little disappointed to know that leaf-run just means…a…run. Sorry. I didn’t invent the slang. The Le-matoran did. (You do know this is based on a true story, right?) As for what happens next: I can give a spoiler!!! (Surprise!) (Spoiler warning) An alliance is formed. Danger looms. Plus the return of Tellix! (Is that how you spell your name, Tellix? And Please don’t right it in matoran. My readers won’t understand.) Thanks you guys for all of the positive posts! I really wasn’t sure you would like it. Kendra, I’ll show you how a Bionicle could walk in the future . Stop calling them skeletons. LOL.

I am Nate-Dude | Mon, 07/13/2009


Yes Nate-Dude, that is how

Yes Nate-Dude, that is how spell my name.

P.S. Thanks for letting me use your computer. Hope you all like me in the next chapter! ;)


I am Nate-Dude | Mon, 07/13/2009


For some reson the title on

For some reson the title on "Sorry to give you a..." up there seems to have some spam in it. I don't know how it got like that. I didn't right that Ben.  

I am Nate-Dude | Tue, 07/14/2009



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