Friend's War 9

Fiction By I am Nate-Dude // 4/25/2010


Keanoko woke up in a boat. When he saw an endless ocean around him he gave a cry of alarm (he still hated water). Then Tellix hushed him and told him to lay still. “Where am I?” asked Keanoko. 
 “You are back in our boat, safe and sound.” Tellix gently assured. The other four matoran were all lounging in their seats, except Kryztan, who piloted the boat. “What happened?” Keanoko wondered out loud. Laker answered, “When Napa stabbed the visorak it started thrashing wildly. Tellix and Napa were almost thrown off the web. I tried to kill the visorak, while at the same time I was trying to save you. Swiftly, I threw my dagger at the visorak, and I hit it in the eye. Unfortunately, I was too late to catch you, but Kryztan swung through the air on a web and hit you, which sent you flying onto a web.”
      “Thanks, Kryztan.” Keanoko muttered as he tried to sit up. Kryztan only nodded. Keanoko winced as he felt were Kryztan had smashed into him. It smarted pretty badly. 
      The moon shown down on the ocean, bathing everything it a slivery glow. The air was warm with a soft breeze. Tellix dipped her hand in the water and closed her eyes, resting her head on the side of the boat. It was all so peaceful. 
      By and by, Ponick sighed slowly, then said, “I think it’s time we get to find out why we risked our lives back there, Napa.” Napa rolled his eyes and told them that they would know in due time. Ponick retorted that it wasn’t fair; after all, they did risk their lives for…who knows what. Napa calmly stated, “When you prove yourselves trustworthily, I shall keep no secrets from you.” Once he finished he thought for sure that he heard Kryztan mumble (under his breath, of course) “What makes you so sure we’ll keep this up, you stupid idiot.”
“I know that you all will stay with me.” Napa said simply, and then added, “For Mata Nui’s sake.”
      “Keanoko,” Tellix asked, trying to change the subject (for she felt a fight coming on), “How do you feel?” “Pretty sore-bad.” Keanoko muttered. Tellix continued to question him: “Do you feel any…wild…feelings?”
“Not really.”
“Any rage?”
“…Uh…no I guess not.”
“Do you fell like yourself?”
      “Yes. I feel, ever-fine, except for many bang-hurts. Why, Tellix?” Tellix thought about her answer carefully for a few seconds. Presently she said, “Keanoko, I want you to slowly, slowly, look at your reflection. Don’t freak out on me.” Keanoko leaned over the boat to see his reflection, and said surprised “Wow, ocean water changes your look-face!” His face looked a little different. It looked more fierce. “Keanoko,” Laker said, “that’s what you look like now.”
      Keanoko jumped back, which hurt his side, making him give a short cry of pain. “What happened to me?” he gasped. “Hordika venom…from the visorak.” Kryztan whispered.  “It doesn’t look bad…. At all” Tellix assured.
      “What will it do to me?” Keanoko cried. “Well,” Tellix answered, “I don’t think it will do anything more then make you act somewhat like a rahi.”
“I’M A RAHI!!!” Keanoko shouted in alarm.
“No, no, no.” Tellix reassured. “You see, visorak inject a venom called hordika venom into their pray, via their fangs, of course.” She explained. “If the venom isn’t neutralized, you will became a hordika, and be no more than a rahi. But since you don’t have too much venom in your system I’m not even sure if you’ll became a hordika at all; if you do, it may take years.”
      “All the same,” Keanoko said, “I’d still like the antidote.”
“That’s where things get ugly.” Ponick joined in, “There isn’t one.”
“Yes there is!” Tellix snapped, afraid to frighten Keanoko even more then he already was. “We just don’t know where to find it. You see, there’s this rahi named Keetongu. He is the most intelligent rahi alive. Only he can heal you.”
      “Keetongu is a myth.” insisted Kryztan. Napa chuckled. “Oh, no he’s not.” Napa said calmly. “Trust me Keanoko,” he continued, “you’ll be just fine. We’ll find Keetongu.”
 To be continued….Hopefully



Of course it's to be continued!!! If it isn't I'll come to your house and make it be continued! Mwahahaha...

Ariel | Wed, 04/28/2010

"To produce a mighty book, you must choose a mighty theme. No great and enduring volume can ever be written on the flea, though many there be that have tried it." -- Herman Melville


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