Just Some Christmasy Things

An Essay By I am Nate-Dude // 12/19/2009


Ok, let’s celebrate Christmas! This is just a collection of musings that are a little profound. Before we start I have a list of some of my favorite Christmas songs/CDs I would like to share. We’ll start with the songs:
1)      While You Were Sleeping- Casting Crowns, off of their album “Peace on Earth”.  An amazing song! By far one of the best. I command you to listen to it right now (actually finish reading this and commenting on it, then go listen to it)! Just Google “Casting Crowns While You Were Sleeping”. Look at this one line (though I wish we never had to sing it) that says: “United States of America/Looks like another silent night/…As we’re sung to sleep by philosophies/that save the trees and kill the children”. Also : “America, what will we miss while we are sleeping?/ Will Jesus come again/ and leave us slumbering where we lay?”.
2)      I Heard the Bells on Christmas Day- Casting Crowns, off of their album “Peace on Earth”. Another awesome song. Not really surprising though, as Casting Crowns is the number one Christian band in the USA. 
As for CDs:
1)      Casting Crowns “Peace on Earth”.
2)       Pure NRG “A Pure NRG Christmas”. This is a high NRG (energy) album that simply rocks! Pure NRG is a unique band because their a veteran Christian band and their only my age!
3)      “A Very Veggie Christmas”. An album form Veggie Tales that is one of my long time favorites! 
We really should sing Christmas songs all year round.  They are so powerful if you just stop and listen to them.  
I am Happy to announce that this is my first year anniversary of being an Apricot Pie member. I like to say sorry to any stupid thing I said over the past year (though many of things I said are true, it was wrong the way I said it). I’m going to try harder not to be so arrogant this time around. 
     At Christmas we have a hard time remembering what it’s all about. I’m the most guilty of all of us, even as I write this. I think you really can’t tell the Christmas story without the Easter story.  If we don’t mention why Jesus came, why mention that He came at all? The only reason He came was to die for us! That’s amazing (and hard to grasp). I highly recommend that you watch a movie called The Nativity Story and A Christmas Carol (the one with Georg C. Scott). I love these movies because they really get it right. Well, Nativity wasn’t 100% accurate. But it’s good. Anyway just some stuff to think about. So MERRY CHRISTMAS and my we bless GOD!       


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