A Matorans' Guide to Friends' War.

An Essay By I am Nate-Dude // 9/2/2009



This will serve as a guide to the Friends' War chronicles.
Bionicle: Bionicle is two words put together: BIOlogical and chroNICLE. Bionicle beings are part organic and part machine. (They are more organic then machine, despite their looks. Bionicles don’t really consider themselves part machine).
Bionicle Elements: The Matoran have names for their different elements.
Though there are only six main Bionicle elements there are a few more.
Mata Nui: Mata Nui is protector of the matoran race. He has control of most substances, and the loyalty of most beings. He was put into a comma by his jealous “Brother” Makuta.
Makuta: If you could sum up the Makuta species in one word it would be: BAD. They’re most well known for their organization called “The Brotherhood of the Makuta.” Their leader, Teridax, is also known as “The Makuta.” Their original job was to make sure that all matoran were safe for Mata Nui, but Teridax was jealous of Mata Nui so he put all the matoran to sleep, which, intern, put Mata Nui into a comma. The matoran were awaked by Toa. Mata Nui was not. After this all the Makuta’s bodies turned into an energized gas. If the gas is dispersed they will die, so Makuta have the strongest armor ever made. (Their armor acts like an exoskeleton to hold this gas. The Makuta can leave their armor at anytime and move into other things, such as robots, plants and rahi.) Makuta can also shape-shift.
Matoran: The main species in Bionicle. They stand 3-5 feet high, and are very hard workers. They must be, for if enough of them go dormant, so does Mata Nui. The Matoran and Mata Nui form a symbiotic relationship. Different races of matoran live different Bionicle elements. For example if you’re a Ta-matoran, you probably live in a hot place. A matoran’s armor color is based on its element. (Example: If you’re a Ta-matoran, you probably have reddish armor.)
Av-matoran’s can be any color. Someone might even mistake a Av-matoran, for a Ga-Matoran, or Ta-Matoran, ect. Only Ga-matoran are female. There are no male Ga-matoran.  Some matoran have been known to transform into toa and stay that way.
Toa: Bionicle’s main protagonists. The toa also have elements like matoran, only, unlike matoran, a toa can control their elements. For example, a toa of fire can channel fire though his weapon(s). The only female toa are toa of water. There are no male toa of water. Toa can also wear masks with powers. These can give the toa special abilities. If the toa lose their masks they may go unconscious. Same goes for the matoran. Toa strive protect matoran, and are loyal to Mata Nui.  Toa are almost always groped into teams. There are usually only six toa in a team and are always led by a toa of fire.
Rahi: Just animals. That’s all.
Element Colors: You can tell someone’s element by the color of the armor they wear. Toa, matoran, makuta, and even rahi and sometimes weapons, are all color coded to their elements.
Ta-Red (Sometimes mixed with orange or yellow or both.)
Onu- Black (Purple, orange.)
Le-Green (Blue, purple.)
Po-Tan and/or brown.
Ko-White (Gray.)
Av-Any of the above.
Kanohi : Matoran word for mask.  Matoran, Toa, rahi and others will lose consciousness if they lose their masks. Toa and makutas’ masks will allow them special abilities. Makuta can infect rahi masks to make them serve the makuta.
Nui: New-E
Makuta : Muh-ku-tuh
Matoran: Muh-tore-an
Toa: Toe-uh
Rahi: Ra-he
For more: Go to www.bioniclestory.com
Bionicle deals with a lot powers, and all that stuff, which I try to downplay. I do not recommend this site to all of you who enjoy Friends’ War but it does have a nice time line and information on all the different Islands, and such. Just be warned that this is not my filtered version  of Bionicle,
P.S. Mazeka is an official Bionicle character and not of my own creation.


Very helpful...VERY! Thanks

Very helpful...VERY! Thanks for doing this, Nate!

Ariel | Sun, 09/06/2009

"To produce a mighty book, you must choose a mighty theme. No great and enduring volume can ever be written on the flea, though many there be that have tried it." -- Herman Melville

Good guide, Nate-D! This will

Good guide, Nate-D! This will probably come in pretty handy!

Kendra | Sun, 09/06/2009

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