An Essay By I am Nate-Dude // 1/22/2010


There once was (and still is) a man who was born, on earth somewhere (we really don’t know where), who changed the world in some small way. He has accomplished things that no one will ever be able to do again, wowed crowds with his speaking abilities, and changed America in ways I never dreamed it could. Who is this man? Who is the guy that my Grandmother saw talking on TV and said “That guy will be our president someday.”? His name is…wait for it…Barrack O bama! Uh wait… Barrack Obama. 
     That’s better. No matter if you like or don’t really like him, you have to admit that he knows how to get ahead. He knows how to get people behind him and move up to the top of the food chain. He proved himself in ’08 by beating an old Vietnam War veteran, named John McCain (for those of you who didn’t have on the tube), and then got right to work changing America just like we wanted him too. But wait…some are complaining that this isn’t what they mean by “change”. In fact, while some hailed Obama as the “Messiah”, other hailed him as the “Antichrist”. Where do the American people stand on this topic? Where does Nate-D (that’s me) stand?
       The answer for the first question is: I don’t know. The answer for the second question is: wait until the end for the answer.
      Obama is trying to help us is he not? I mean look at what he did to the economy. He jumped on trying to fix this thing with a HUGE stimulus package and promised us that unemployment wouldn’t rise above 8%. He also wants to make our school better and now all Americans will get health care! You can also go to the Hospital for FREE! What a nice guy (much better than that Bush guy, right?).
      Well, not quiet. Obama may have good intentions and all, but facts are facts. The economy has gotten worse and unemployment has risen to 10%. Well maybe we should put more money into the stimulus bill. That might get it kicking again. And really, do the republicans care about our country? I mean why are they so against Obamacare? It’s good for our country. Obama is also a Christian, so what’s not to like?
      Uh…wait…never mind. Did I write that? First, sinking more money into the spending bill will not help our country. It will make our national debt worse. Much worse. Really, so it fails the first time and the donkeys go “duh, well, I guess it didn’t work. Not enough money, we need to spend more money.” How about saving some? 
      And for this farce of a “heath” bill, a social government takeover of our health system isn’t going to help anything at all. It will make things a lot worse though. It will make health care much more expensive, less efficient and the economy much worse. 
      If you sit on the couch and drink beer in your free time, and you only make $6 dollars a day, you deserve $6 health care. Sorry, but it’s only fair. In other countries socialized health care has been proven to be a bad thing. In England a man (who’s name escapes me) needed to have a tooth pulled, but it would cost way too much (I forget the exact number, but it was several thousand pounds), and he would have to wait for a long time to get it done (I once again forgot how long it would take but it was at least a month). Still he had to get it out because it felt like he had a “knife” going into his eye. Fortunately, he was an ex-solder so he had learned how to do some medical things under extreme conditions. He took some pliers and took the tooth out himself. “It hurt.” He said, “But my headaches went away within an hour.” He also mentioned that some black stuff dripped out of his gum, once the tooth was gone. I’m not making this up! Later he pulled, oh, I think it was six more teeth (his wife couldn’t watch). 
      A doctor in Canada said he couldn’t believe we wanted the same heath care they had. Uh, but we don’t want it. On September 12th, 2009 the largest protest in the United States ever took place. What were we protesting against? Socialized health care. The only news station who covered it was, take a guess. CNN… NOT! It was Fox. Only Fox covered the largest protest in the United States of America. Look, WE. DON’T. WANT. THIS! This has been going on for the past 100 years. We didn’t want it back then, and we don’t want it now. Obama keeps telling us that he listens to the people and he is interested only in what we want. Yeah right.
      He told his that is administration would be transparent, with no strings attached. We’ll I don’t know how you call a surprise vote on health care in the senate transparent, and all the other stuff he’s been hiding until the last minute. The only reason the health care bill passed the senate was because the democrats were bribed to vote for it. Massachusetts just elected Scott Brown, and what did he run against? Health care reform.
      I really, honestly, don’t know how Obama can say he is a Christian. First off, the whole deal with abortion. When asked when life begins he said “that is above my pay grade” (to paraphrase him). So, I guess he doesn’t really care about human life, it just about money. He tried to make it legal to kill babies just days before they were born, back when he was a senator. Now that is the dealings of a SICK man. I don’t know how he can be on the Lord’s side. Also, last Christmas he almost didn’t put up his Nativity scene. If he really is a Christian he wouldn’t (or at least shouldn’t) have hesitated.
      I could go on and on, but that’s not my job so I’ll just end with this: we need help.
   Our country needs to turn back to God or we’ll never get over this. Look at England. A bunch-a wimpy colonist over threw the strongest nation in the world. It was because we had providence on our side and they didn’t. Plain n’ simple.  We need to make America what our forefathers wanted it to be: a united nation, under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all.


I know

Its crazy! I know . My friends mom is deep into that . It is crazy And i wish no one had voted for him. But I think Even if people hadn't the other guys would do the same thing. I think There all in cohoots together. ARRRRRRRRRRHHHHGGGGGGGGGGG!

Kassady | Sun, 01/24/2010

"Here's looking at you, Kid"
Write On!

One more Thing...

The Bible says to pray for your enemies. I pray for Obama every day, and I hope that I can take all this back....Soon.

P.S. Heck yeah their in cohoots. LOL Thanks Kassady.


I am Nate-Dude | Wed, 01/27/2010


Nate-D, I loved this essay.

Nate-D, I loved this essay. You have such a great way of putting things--it's like standing there and actually hearing you rant. Thanks for putting into words what so many people think. Now if we could just get O-bomb-a to listen.

LoriAnn | Mon, 02/15/2010


Oh that's funny LoriAnn. I love how you put that: O-Bomb-a. It's great! Thanks for the comment.

I am Nate-Dude | Tue, 02/16/2010


good job!!!

   I was with Ron Paul the whole voting campaign-at least the part that I was aware of-and I am totally against abortion!! I should know, since I have ten siblings!

  Did anyone you know buy Obama stickers, and stuff and distribute them-to various garbage cans around the house? I think my dad did, but i'm not sure!! :) :) =D =D

Jackie West | Thu, 03/11/2010


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