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An Essay By I am Nate-Dude // 12/1/2009


In a few days, it’s rumored, that Obama will make a treaty with the U.N. that will take away our constitution.  It will make us equal with all the other countries of the world.  We will no longer be a world power.
      How can this happen!!!  This has no advantage to anyone.  Well, except for the guys who want to kill us. Obama is such a Communist.
                Please pray that this bill does NOT pass.  If we unite, God may act on our behalf.


Amen, Nate.

Amen, Nate.

Laura Elizabeth | Sat, 12/05/2009

The best stories are those that are focused, unassuming, and self-confident enough to trust the reader to figure things out. --

I will definitely be praying.

I will definitely be praying.  Have you put this on the message board?

Bridget | Sat, 12/05/2009

"I always wonder why birds stay in the same place when they can fly anywhere on the earth. Then I ask myself the same question." - Harun Yahya

Thank you.

No. I haven't. Today is the day Obama was going to sign the blasted thing. I haven't heard anything else. I really hope it was a farce.

Thanks guys, you rock! 

I am Nate-Dude | Sat, 12/05/2009


oh dear

Just read this now... said a prayer immediately.
If something like that ever does happen, the best we can do is to offer it up for all those who have even less freedom than we. But I think it was a fake anyway, since I haven't heard anything. But then again you never know.... It's so creepy. It's like a novel, like The Other Side of the Island by Allegra Goodman. If you haven't read it, you should-- I can see stuff like that happening.

Hannah W. | Sat, 12/05/2009

A note of caution about this kind of thing

Hey Nathaniel, I appreciate your concern for what's right and your willingness to alert the rest of us.  This is Obama's heart -- he is a statist who despises the constitution for limiting his power, and I think he secretly (or not so secretly) hates our country for being so strong. 

Nevertheless, I ask you to please be a bit more cautious about posting this kind of thing.  First, you said "It's rumored" -- rumors are not always true, and even if the intentions are good, a false rumor can create a mess.  You should first make sure the rumor is true, and find out the details (the name of the treaty, what it specifically says, etc.).  Second, this is a site for creative writing, so if you want to alert us, you need to do it in a creative form, rather than format it like a news flash with a prayer request.  Don't get me wrong -- our country desperately needs prayer!  But Apricotpie isn't designed for prayer requests and news flashes, it's designed for creative writing.  So it would be better to write an essay about the specifics of this treaty, why it's bad, why we should oppose it, etc.  You could still put in an appeal for prayer, as well.  But keep in mind the purpose of Apricotpie -- it's not meant to be the same thing as a community blog.

All that said, though, your gut instincts about our current president are right on -- I'm convinced he is not interested in our well-being, but rather in enslaving our population to an all-powerful government.  The constitution is in his way; figuratively speaking, he uses it for toilet paper every morning.

James | Sat, 01/02/2010

"The idea that we should approach science without a philosophy is itself a philosophy... and a bad one, because it is self-refuting." -- Dr. Jason Lisle

Yeah, I know.

Sorry. I see want you mean. I do have a few reasons though as to why I didn't do an essay (which was my orignal plan).

1) I was on the fly.  I tried to write an essay but it's hard to do while your in the car with some (noisy) friends in the back.

2) I didn't have the time. I wrote this just a few days before the treaty was going to be signed.

3) I was worry no one would take the time to read a whole essay.

4) I felt it was worth it to break the rules for my country. No that I alone could save America
by my self but God
works in powerful ways.

I'll try to not do it again.

I am Nate-Dude | Sat, 01/02/2010



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