Tell me if this makes sense for the name of my storry or not. It's called "Smashing!" | 1/5/2008
As the wind whines. | 9/19/2007
What realy happened to Yoda? | 9/18/2007
The Tomb of Renchoes. | 9/18/2007

Age: 25

Favorite word(s): Vampire, Star Wars, Yoda, blue, Muffins attacked, nintendo, moofins, kabboom.

Status: Homeschooler

Who am I?

I am a nerd who hangs out with friends and is a paleontology freak. I even know the definition. Thats bad. I also sit like to in front of a computer, read a book, play video games, play Legos, make videos, and ect. I like a list of things that I have somewhere in my house and soon I'll get it on my Bio. My favorite books are Jurassic Park, and The Lost World. I own the first one. They were both written by Micheal Crichton. I never really written books, stories, chapters, pages, paragraphs, sentences, words, or letters (OK joking on the last five:P:D) but I'm willing to try.


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