As the wind whines.

A Poem By JarJarTheSith // 9/19/2007

Have you ever heard the wind?
I wish I could hear the wind.
I have a question youngster,
Can you refresh this old junkster,
Of how the wind whines?

What does it do now through the trees?
What does it do now in a breeze?
Have you ever played with the wind?
I used to always play with the wind.

I would make kites to soar up high,
and boats that would wade and depend on the sky.
Oh what good times I had with the wind,
I would look at the clouds with my kin.

But I have not heard the wind,
or watched it with my kin,
Or played with the the wind,
And nether have any of my kin,
for I'm to old and the only kin,
of mine except that of you and your kin.

Oh child have you ever heard the wind whine?
I have once but shall never again hear the wind whine.


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