What realy happened to Yoda?

Fiction By JarJarTheSith // 9/18/2007

"BLUEEEE" Yoda yells at the top of his voice as he runs to the blue T.V. screen. *Wham!* He falls to the floor.This is what hapened... one day when in a battle he was shot with a blue bullet to the head and from that day on his favorite absetion of blue was all he was to live for. He had to touch everything blue and he even wore blue cloth diapers. He always went into battle with two things. A paint brush, and a can of blue paint. and this is how Yoda went crazy about blue.

If you liked this I have a story about Palpatiene liking orange, a wookie likes giving hugs, Yoga and his obsetion of yellow and his hatred of red, and tons of other stories.


The End... for now.


you must REALLY like star

you must REALLY like star wars! I like star wars too but....not as much as you! No offense! ;o)! My father says that when he wins the lottery he'll decorate a whole room full of star wars stuff! lol!

Anonymous | Sat, 09/22/2007

?:0 Where in the world did

Where in the world did you come up with that?

Emily-Smileygirl (not verified) | Thu, 12/20/2007


Moofins! *hides lightsaber* "I didn't do anything here......"

My friend and I are really into starwars and we like making spoofs! If you know your stuff in star wars than you would know what nergon 14, taun taun, and 'snot vampires, are.

JarJarTheSith | Sat, 01/05/2008

Moofins! *hides lightsaber* "I didn't do anything here......"

Have you heard of

Have you heard of starwarsspoofs.com?

Emily-Smileygirl (not verified) | Sun, 01/06/2008


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