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An Essay By jennifer // 7/26/2007

I've been wanting to write fiction, but I can't decide whether it should be a short story or a chaptered. I just feel like getting lost in writing a story. If anyone happens to read this, please comment.
What would you like to read???(chaptered,short,adventure,fantasy,love story,etc.)


Hey Jennifer!

It's Matthew, the randomly insanity dude. Wait, that didn't make sence. Oh well.

I want to say thank you for reading my story. It's really long and can be quite intimidating, but you read it. So thanks. Any feedback I take to heart. =)

I both wanted to say thank you and read what you've written, so I'll probably comment on quite a bit of what you've done. I spend way too little on here anyway. And now I'm rambling, as what usually happens. XD

As for your question, which I've finally gotten around to, personally, I read anything. I'll read basiclly any book you hand me. From a 2-year-olds letter book, so a thrilogy with 2,000 pages in each book. But, I like a good, thick, long, chaptered book that I can sit down in a big chair on a rainy day when I have absolutly nothing to do and spend the next 20+ hours lost in the book. Now granted, most books don't last me 20+ hours. Nor do I read 20+ hours(hey, this is sounding like a pretty good challenge. If I got the first 5 Harry Potter books from the library, it might last me 20+ hours.... *ponders* ), but I do like long books.
Fantacy, I get lost in. Completely. Even if it's poorly written, I'll "fill in the blanks" and create the stuff that's missing. That's just me. Historical fiction I also like. I'm not that big about romance, but I'm definantly not the final say on what the general public liked. I rate about a 42%. XD Joking. So, obviously I needed some time to ramble something, cause I've just rambled for the past 10 minutes. But anyways, final say, write about what you find interesting. I've noticed more and more that if you do something with something you like, you learn a whole lot more. That probably was confusing, so let me say it in another way. If you study a subject for any purpose what-so-ever, you will come out of it more knowlageable about the subject afterwords. I don't beleive you can ever know absolutly everything about a subject. I know more than the average person about Dragons. Yet every single day, I learn something new. Literally. So.... I've rambled for another five minutes.

Ignore my bad spelling.

The ZombieBane and Modernized Elven Dude.

Matthew | Wed, 08/29/2007

-The Werewolf Prince.


thanks for the comment. i have some stories/ideas mapped out, and the suggestions were very helpful. By the way, reading for 20+ hours sounds like a pretty good challenge to me. :)

jennifer | Thu, 08/30/2007


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