Shipwrecked Thoughts (journal entry #1)

Fiction By jennifer // 7/27/2007

(7-26-07 around 11 a.m.)

I don't know. I can't make sense of anything....

(still 7-26-07 time?)

I guess I should start over. My name is Mariah, and this is...I don't know what it is. I'm writing to calm myself down. But it's making everything a reality, less a nightmare I'm going to wake up from.

It all started 2 days ago. Just remembering that makes me wish I could rewind time. We, my family and I, were leaving on a cruise. Just the 4 of us. Dad, Mom, Brian, and me. Dad had gotten the big promotion at work, so he decided that a vacation was what we all needed. So he paid for a week of traveling through the Caribbean. A huge, luxurious yacht. Mom said it was too much, but I knew as much as Dad that she deserved it. There was the captain(Salty. I laughed when he gave us his name.He was serious,though.)and the small crew. We headed out from the dock. Mom and Dad lifting up little Brian so he could wave goodbye to all the random strangers. I was listening to my cd player full blast. Looking back, I should've taken off the headphones.


I can't wait to read more,

I can't wait to read more, it's really good!!!

(BTW - I saw you play bass guitar... I love bass guitar. I took one lesson once, had lots of fun, but didn't want to continue with it because I wanted to try something a little different and since I play guitar, bass was just a little too easy).

Kyleigh | Sun, 09/02/2007


thanks for the comment. i actually play a little guitar, but decided to play bass(too) since my brother plays drums(since you play music, you probably know that bass and drums work together in songs/performances). bass can be easy, but some jazz lines/solos get difficult.

Anonymous | Sun, 09/02/2007


I try to practice my guitar. I'm trying to learn as quick as possible!
I liked the post!

Emily | Tue, 01/22/2008


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