Shipwrecked Thoughts(journal entry #2)

Fiction By jennifer // 8/27/2007

(7-27-07 early morning)

I fell asleep last night without even thinking about shelter. Or a fire for that matter. Thankfully, the nights aren't too cold. I walked along the shore to search for food, luggage,bodies...I found a cooler that Mom had made me pack at the last minute. I guess I should finish writing about what happened.

The first day was picture perfect. Sunshine, calm waves, and happy family. We could have been in one of those vacation brochures you find in hotels. The second day began the same way, except for the weather report. The captain turned off the radio and told us to disregard it. If I could go back, I would turn the radio on. And blare it. Something just washed onto the shore. I'll write later.(I hope it's more bottled water. I don't have that much.)



Sound exciting. Keep it up! I want to know if they ran into a storm, got struck by lightning, sucked down a whirlpool..., what?! =D

The ZombieBane and Modernized Elven Dude strikes again!



Matthew | Wed, 08/29/2007

-The Werewolf Prince.


hmmm....i'm figuring it out. the next chapter is going to be longer. thank you for reading/commenting!

jennifer | Thu, 08/30/2007


Ditto to what Matthew said. Except for that Zombie elf dude part at the end.

Keep writing it!

(Seriously, Matthew, you're always taking words right out of my mouth, on the forum you're saying exactly what I'm thinking a LOT of the time...)

Kyleigh | Sun, 09/02/2007


yea! another comment:)
still writing/figuring out chapter.
hope to post soon!

jennifer | Sun, 09/02/2007

I decided I would read more

I decided I would read more of your stuff, and lo and behold I am happy I did! Very good! What DID happen to them????

Anna | Thu, 02/14/2008

I have hated the words and I have loved them, and I hope I have made them right. --The Book Thief


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