Will I?

A Poem By Johanna // 7/31/2009


When life is going well for me,

When victory is in sight,

Joyfully I praise my God

For I can see the Light.


Yet when my heart is sorrowing,

When worry drags me down,

Will I be able still to praise

My God who wears the crown?


Will I still trust His sovereignty

When torture is applied?

Will I stand firmly on the truth,

Or be convinced to lie?


In times of suffering, sickness, pain,

When time is right for death,

Will I cry out for more of life—

Or praise Him with my final breath?


Very good.

Very good.

The Brit | Sun, 08/02/2009


I love it Johanna. Tis Great.

Arthur | Tue, 12/01/2009

"My greatest wish for my writing is that it would point you to the Savior."