Joy J.

Prologue | 9/20/2018 [not published - visible only to you]
The Beauty of Creation | 9/7/2018
Never Let That Joy Go | 8/2/2018
Our God is Love | 7/15/2018

Age: 14

Favorite word(s): Loved, exquisite, lovely, cherished

Status: Homeschooler

Who am I?

Most importantly, I'm a Christian, loved and cherished by my Heavenly Father not because of me but because of who He is. I'm so grateful for His love, grace, mercy and forgiveness! I love music, ice cream, brownies, desserts in general, tea, and food in general, The Lord of the Rings, dogs, talking with friends, laughter and numerous more things! In terms of homeschooling and writing - I'm homeschooled and I have not written a whole lot but am being more inspired to write through this website. I'm excited to continue writing and reading other writers posts!


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