Joy J.

The Lady Eowyn: Maiden of Sorrow | 2/5/2020
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What Is God's Will? Chapter 1 | 12/12/2018
What Can We Do? | 11/29/2018
Can't Get Enough of You | 10/21/2018
What Is God's Will? Prologue | 9/20/2018
The Beauty of Creation | 9/7/2018
Never Let That Joy Go | 8/2/2018
Our God is Love | 7/15/2018

Age: 15

Favorite word(s): Loved, exquisite, lovely, cherished, gorgeous, home, daughter

Status: Homeschooler

Who am I?

Most importantly, I'm a Christian, loved and cherished by my Heavenly Father not because of me or what I've done but because of who He is. Because of His love I've been forever changed! I love music, food, tea, coffee, dogs, talking with friends, laughter, rain, snow, and winter. Some of my favorites movies/books are The Lord of the Rings, The Greatest Showman, Marvel movies, The Chronicles of Narnia, Jane Austen stories, and numerous more things! I love the book called Kisses From Katie and I also really enjoy books by Melanie Dickerson. I like books on missionaries, notably my favorites being Lillian Trasher, Amy Carmichael, Ida Scudder, and Katie Davis Majors (i.e. Kisses From Katie). A couple of my favorite authors are J.R.R. Tolkien and C.S. Lewis. I also have 2 amazing parents, 6 wonderful siblings (2 of them, Grace and Noah, who also write for apricotpie) and an adorable Jack Russell/Beagle dog! I'm homeschooled and I have not written a whole lot but am being more inspired to write through this website. I'm excited to continue writing and reading other writers posts!


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