An Essay By julesyim // 7/27/2009

Falling in love can be likened to falling off a high-rise. In both cases, if there is nothing below to catch you, you will end up with a shattered heart or a shattered body.

And yet, knowing that, we fall in love anyway - hoping, praying and trusting that the other person will be able to hold our hearts safely in their hands.

But when they don't, whether because they cannot or will not reciprocate your feelings, the very fragile heart shatters...and it is a rather nasty thing when you realise that your heart is shattering in front of you.

Then again, in the words of Bruce Lee - "Love is never lost. If not reciprocated, it will flow back and soften and purify the heart."



Interesting, and quite true.

Interesting, and quite true. I noticed, however that the beginning of the third sentence was a little unwieldy--saying "we still fall in love" or "we fall in love anyway" might have been better than using both words at once.

Good work, though.

Annabel | Mon, 07/27/2009

Ahh, I'm getting rusty.

Ahh, I'm getting rusty. ;-) Thanks for pointing that out!

This piece of writing is a result of a very painful experience (still in the thick of it I'm afraid), but I'm glad you found it interesting.

julesyim | Mon, 07/27/2009

 A beautiful, sincere

 A beautiful, sincere reflection on one of the most traumatic experiences of the human heart... We were not made to be betrayed by our fall in love and have it break us. But I know from experience that there is Someone whose love IS true, and who is big enough to use even our most painful experiences to work good for us, and through them, to make us new.

Aisling | Fri, 07/31/2009

Aisling, How true. There is


How true. There is One who never fails. Much-needed comfort can be found in that One.

julesyim | Fri, 07/31/2009


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