After Excerise~Just Joking (18)

A Poem By Kassady // 7/14/2014

After Exercise
Like melting
My body moves
So slow I could be 
Through mollasses
Tugging at my heels
Bones turned into 

Am I a snob,
For finding every fault?
I'm hard to please certainly,
Will I ever really be satisfied? 
Did I lie? 
When I said that you please me, 
I didn't say yes, 
I didn't say no, 
Just in between with an uncertain,
You laughed in relief, 
"I don't know what I would do,
If you said no." 
I chuckled, 
But didn't meet your eyes, 
Feeling untruthful, 
Feeling regretful, 
My opportunity slipping away, 
Leaving me displeased. 

Car Ride
Green grass,
And an overwhelming content, 
Surrounded by music, 
And smiles which remain, 
Stuck like the syrup, 
Drenched on everyone's pancakes.
During 8AM eating.

Forgotten Dream
Hanging in the air above my head, 
The dream I dreamt feels far away, 
Desperately I strain my mind,
To focus on that second reality, 
And the secrets it might bare.

Physical Attraction
It's all I think about at night, 
And when I close my eyes, 
It's all I can do not to lie, 
To myself. 
I cannot be certain anymore, 
I can't promise anything, 
Certainly seems to be, 
That you're nothing, 
Mentally nothing to me, 
Though physicality keeps me coming, 
Always stepping back into your arms. 

Responsible Kissing
Pride in myself
Squashed slightly
By my regret, 
Desiring only
To throw myself
Head over heels
Into your arms 

Just Joking
Insults fly, 
Deflected by goofy grins, 
Witty replies. 
Back stabbing, 
Taunting done so, 
As not to offend. 
Laugh it off, 
Every word is brushed away, 
By boisterous laughter,
To hurtful words,
As a defense.
Just smile, 
Can't help but think, 
It all sinks in somewhere. 
Unfelt until later, 
Hatred towards oneself, 
(Despite the facade 
Of self confidence)
Builds quietly,
In the shadows. 
Day after day, 
Acting without a care, 
But behind those teasing eyes, 
Lies burdens, 
Word upon word,
Resting on your shoulders, 
Pulling you down, 
Shoulders drawn in, 
Dragged down by ones vocabulary,
Words of hate, 
Masked by playful tones, 
And nervous laughter, 
Eyes shifting, 
Trying to read a face, 
Because no one wants to be, 
A bully. 


These didn't have as much

These didn't have as much content to them as some of your other sets, but they were still very good. :) My favorite had to be Displeased (you typed it as Displeaded but I'm guessing that was a typo). It told a very thorough story in only a few short lines, which I liked, and was very clear and concise. :)

Madeline | Mon, 07/14/2014

Thanks! I blame the shortness

Thanks! I blame the shortness and the emptiness of these poems on a busy week and traveling ;) haha. This bunch were just random and when I felt really inspired to write something, which kind of made them empty. Thanks for reading and commenting though!
Oops! Yeah, that's definitely a typo, haha! Sorry, I'll fix that ;)
Thanks again!!!

Kassady | Mon, 07/14/2014

"Here's looking at you, Kid"
Write On!

I liked this set! Ditto to

I liked this set! Ditto to what Homey said, only my favorite was Forgotten Dream :)

E | Fri, 07/18/2014

"You were not meant to fit into a shallow box built by someone else." -J. Raymond

Erin- Hey sorry for the late

Erin- Hey sorry for the late response! Thank you so much Erin for reading these! I always look forward to your comment, and enjoy reading it! Thank you for your encouragement! And I love your quote by the way!

Kassady | Mon, 07/21/2014

"Here's looking at you, Kid"
Write On!


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