All Nighters~ Spontaneous Sleepovers (23)

A Poem By Kassady // 8/17/2014

All Nighter
I love sleep
But you make me wanna pull all nighters 
Stare at your face
Whether we talk or not
Laugh or sigh
I just want to be with you
Sleepily blinking
Yawning and teasing
Till the break of day
Maybe sometime
Some special occasion
Will encourage irresponsibility on my part 
And enough sidetracking on your part 
To last the whole night
Worn out
Your eyelids droop, 
Worn by past sights, 
Worn by past neglects.
Weights sit upon your shoulders, 
The world couldn't be heavier, 
Than the weight of regret. 
Stupid things forgotten, 
The past has yet to forgive, 
Drawing you back into the drama, 
Of mistakes made as a kid. 
I laugh at my sappiness, 
It's silly I know, 
To want to reach forward, 
And stroke your eyebrows. 
My mind wanders, 
Eyes lingering on your neck, 
Why is it always your neck? 
Thoughts of running my fingers, 
Through your hair, 
Over your eyebrows, 
Across your jaw, 
Around your shoulders. 
I want to hold the curve of your neck, 
In the curve of my palm, 
Fingers laced in your hair, 
Gently kissing your drooping eyelids, 
Kissing the tip of your nose, 
Lips traveling downward. 
Your eyes, 
Though tired and weary, 
Take my face in with admiration.
Your words are sweet, 
Sweet like the lips that formed them, 
You speak of a thought, 
Imagining that you're caressing my cheek, 
And those cheeks blush in response. 
Brightening with pleasure, 
I bow my face away, 
Wanting to say a million things, 
But biting my tongue 
Holding back crazy words, 
Selfish desires and silly fantasies, 
All too childish to admit to. 
I can't help myself from admitting to one, 
Laughing at my sappiness, 
It's silly, I know, because,
I want to reach forward, 
And stroke your eyebrows. 
Thinking About You 
I catch my breath
Every time
And my shallow breathing 
Betrays my hidden weakness 
Weak and shaky 
I catch my breath 
Eyes shut 
Shallow breathing betrays me
Weakened by you 
The close memories of your touch
Blue Skies 
Oh me oh my, 
A great blue sky, 
The color of your eyes, 
Clouds like wisps of sighs, 
And sunshine beating down 
Like the rhythm of my heart. 
Spontaneous Sleepover 
The night goes on, 
Way into morning, 
Minds fuzz with exhaustion, 
Turning into giggles, 
Silly jokes, 
And goofy grins. 
Excitement of the night, 
The company of one another, 
And spontaneous sleepovers. 


I liked these! Blue Skies had

I liked these! Blue Skies had a really sweet rhythm to it.

E | Sun, 08/17/2014

"You were not meant to fit into a shallow box built by someone else." -J. Raymond

Thanks :)

Thanks so much for reading!!!
Oh and I love your Robin Williams quote! Gosh, just so sad!!! What an amazing man, I was heartbroken to hear about his death!

Kassady | Mon, 08/18/2014

"Here's looking at you, Kid"
Write On!


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