Around the World~The Meaning of Happiness (42)

A Poem By Kassady // 12/28/2014

Around The World
Funny to think,
I was wrapped around you, 
Without a second thought of modesty, 
So comfortable, 
Because I knew it meant nothing. 
Your smile was infectious, 
As sweat dripped down your face, 
Your strength in physicality and patience, 
Impressed me greatly. 
I didn't want to stop dancing with you, 
I didn't want to stop learning new moves, 
Loved being flipped in the air, 
Twirled about and flung. 
I wasn't sure how you felt, 
But it seemed as if you tried hard, 
To think of new tricks to show me. 
How easy it was, 
Letting you lead me about, 
How careless I felt, 
Skirts flying in the air about me, 
Laying on the floor laughing at myself. 
So friendly and in the moment so platonic, 
And I guess if I were to see you again, 
I'd feel the same way, 
Yet if I had the chance, 
And if it were even possible, 
I'd let myself be whisked away by you, 
Carelessly allow you to lead me romantically.
You check off every box on the list, 
Except maybe I should have added: 
"Someone who is one hundred percent straight." 
Either way, 
I am thrilled to have met you, 
And hope to see you again, 
Either way, 
I want you to hold me and flip me again,
Swing dancing freely, 
Despite the lack of music. 

Around The World II
We could barely hear the music, 
But we danced for an hour, 
Smiling and laughing. 
You taught me, 
And I think I must have tested you, 
Because I could see the beads of perspiration, 
You were determined to teach me, 
Determined to get it right. 
Focused entirely on this stunt;
You explained the same moves over and over, 
As I knitted my brows, 
Not logically understanding the concept of hanging upside down. 
You laughed in exasperation, 
As I shook my head and laughed apologetically, 
How naive a dancer I am, 
How incredible of one you are. 
Button undone, 
You continued on unawares, 
But the compulsive person I am had to reach forward, 
And button it back for you, 
(Don't know why that memory is on repeat in my mind) 
You were so gentle, 
Even when I hung upside down, 
Not sure what to do, 
You just laid me down, 
I couldn't help but laugh at myself. 
I couldn't stop laughing, 
And your eyes widened in surprise, 
As I gasped for breath, 
You just grinned, 
Trying to continue to teach me.
Finally we got it down, 
Sure it wasn't extremely smooth, 
But it was done successfully, 
Both victorious, 
Both smiling in accomplishment. 

Laughter spills from my mouth,
Tightens my stomach, 
Head light with giddiness,
Words spilling out breathlessly, 
Misunderstandings turn into the best jokes, 
And slight loss of brain capacity, 
Turn into endearing nicknames. 

Although the space gives me a fresh breath, 
And even though I feel myself charging,
Human beings weren't ever meant to be solitary creatures. 
I hardly ever get to be by myself, 
But I find myself wanting some one to stumble across me, 
To keep me company. 

Elephant in The Room
Your eyes are what get me,
Every time, 
And no matter how hard I try, 
It's impossible to hold eye contact, 
Impossible to be comfortable. 
You make me uncomfortable, 
And I realize now I'll never be comfortable with you,
We'll never be the comfortable friends, 
We'll never be the close friends. 
I don't know what we are? 
Sure I can be light, 
I can talk to you sometimes, 
I can be friendly,
And truly you feel like you could be a friend, 
Just a kind I've never had before, 
A kind with tension, 
A kind with awkward silence, 
And maybe that's just me, 
Who knows if you feel the discomfort too? 
You've never seemed that in-tuned, 
But who can miss it? 
It's the elephant in the room.

The Meaning Of Happiness
My eyes stung, 
Happiness overwhelming me, 
Filling my chest to the brim, 
As the music played, 
We all clapped along,
Laughing at our performers, 
Laughing at each other.
The light was perfect, 
The smells, 
The faces, 
The feeling was perfect, 
And I knew that I was immeasurably happy, 
True happiness glowed in my eyes, 
My heart beat to the rhythm,
And even now, 
My eyes sting, 
With the thought of finding, 
The true meaning of happiness, 
Feeling at peace, 
Capturing this moment to remember, 
To hold onto forever.


These are all lovely! I

These are all lovely! I really Liked Fruit Loops. :) I've had several of those moments with my close friends. :)

Damaris Ann | Sun, 12/28/2014

I don’t thrive off of chaos: chaos thrives off of me.

I like these! Especially

I like these! Especially Around the World II.
"Button undone,
You continued on unawares,
But the compulsive person I am had to reach forward,
And button it back for you,
(Don't know why that memory is on repeat in my mind)" I also do things like that. I'm very particular about shirt collars haha. I've fixed them for strangers. But anyway, I liked the vulnerability of the moment in those lines.

E | Sun, 12/28/2014

"You were not meant to fit into a shallow box built by someone else." -J. Raymond

Thank you so much the both

Thank you so much the both you :) love reading your comments and I'm really sorry I haven't been keeping up with your work, but I hope that'll change in the new year :)

Kassady | Mon, 12/29/2014

"Here's looking at you, Kid"
Write On!


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