Common questions people ask homeschoolers and answers you could give them to FREAK them out!

An Essay By Kassady // 11/4/2010

 HomeschoolGirl and Me had fun writing common (rude) questions  that adults and other public schooled people ask homeschoolers. Hope you enjoy!


Write on!


1. Do you like homeschooling? 


No--it's torture! I'd rather go to public school where they would tease me and where the children participate in drugs! 


2. How do you socialize? 


Oh....I have friends! My dogs! My imaginary friends! Right now...this conversation is scaring me! 


3. How do you learn? 


Gee...I don't know! Well, sometimes mommy dearest will push me into the pond so I will learn how to swim. She doesn't want to pay for swimming lessons. 


4. What is homeschooling? 


Wow...I'm not sure! It's something like HOME SCHOOLING! 


5. Do you particiapte in activities? 


Oh, oh yes! I run after my siblings all the time. And occsionally we will play mad physco killers of doom. And we hit the chicken around to entertain ourselves. 


6. Do you get breaks like the public school children? 


Nope...we're sitting at a desk twelve hours a day. There's a lot of crying screaming and pain going on. 


7. you learn anything? 


Nope. Nada. We're stupid as squirrels. Actually, that would be an insult to squirrels. 


8. Do you take tests? 


Yes.! They're so hard....and she...she makes us write the answers over and over until our hands bleed...until we get them right! PAIN! HELP ME!, so so so so so many....


9. Do you feel isolated? 


Like a monkey in a box. 


10. What's your favorite thing about homeschooling? 


The hours when it's not going on! Which is very few, by the way. 


11. Do you do chores? 


Yes...oh...yes. If we don't do them, we don't get any meals! We're starved most of the time! 


12. Do you feel like you're learning as much as a public schooled child? 


So little we're learning...we only learn important, critical life skils...while a public schooled child learns pie times three sqaured. Now...which do you think you're gonna need more in the future? Oh, and we do eighth grade math for FUN! Terrible, isn't it? 




Hahahaa this made me laugh! I hate when public schooled/adults ask questions like this too!

Alexandra | Wed, 01/05/2011

Thanks Once again! LOL!

Yeah I know! its very annoying!

Definitly the questions about being socilized! LOL!

Thanks for reading this! Homeschoolgirl and I had a lot of fun making this! Laughing all the while!

Thanks for reading this!

I'll TRY to let Homeschoolgirl know you liked it!

But she'll probably see for herself (If I know Homeschoolgirl :) )

Write on!

Kassady | Wed, 01/05/2011

"Here's looking at you, Kid"
Write On!


The best answer ever to "What about socialization?" was the time we had a bunch of people over and my dad said, "Oh, we lock them up in the closet." 

... but promptly followed it up with  "Just look at them!" - because there were only 2 other kids (both a lot younger) in the whole group and we were quite at ease...

Kyleigh | Wed, 01/05/2011

#5 was the best.

#5 was the best.

Anna | Wed, 01/05/2011

I have hated the words and I have loved them, and I hope I have made them right. --The Book Thief


 Ah, yes you do know me, Kassady. Quite well if I do say so myself. 

And thank you, thank you. :) *bowing* 

We had a sleepover and sort of had fun with this. haha

Madeline | Sun, 01/09/2011

everything was better when/you would call and I'd be like/yeah babe, no way


I laughed so hard while reading this! My favourite would have to be #5.

Flying Past Clouds | Sat, 07/21/2012


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