Dear Crazy Girl, chapter 3

Fiction By Kassady // 8/25/2010

Chapter 3

“ Mom! Please!” I begged my mother. She was talking about me going back to school, I of course was arguing with her.
“ Nick-cicle, please” .
“Mom I swear I will keep to my learning and I’ll do homework and I won’t walk away and do video games all day, I’ll really study. And I won’t boss and bully the tutor around, I promise”.
“ It’s not any of those. I’m worried about, your socialization that’s what I’m concerned of. I don’t want you to be a child that doesn’t play with other children, like Homeschooler’s! I want you with other kids your age”.
“ Oh I will socialize! I promise. I’ll join clubs and pick a sport and I’ll join all the library meetings, and I’ll go to co-op clubs, and you can send me to summer camps, oh yes! And all those other social things. I swear I will, cross my heart and swear to death. I will!”. I sat still at the dinning room table starring at her hopefully.
“Alright! I’ll find a tutor “ . I jumped up yelling for joy, mean time I knocked over my chair that hit a lamp table, that crashed down, the china lamp fell to the ground and shattered into a million pieces, that hit a bookshelf, the books tumbled to the ground, and the bookshelf toppled over to hit the ground that made a big thump and vibration, the vibration sent the china cabinet shaking that made the fine china plates teeter, three by three the came rolling out and shattering on the German wood floors. I gritted my teeth. I walked over and picked up my chair.

                                                         • • • • • • • • •   

Dear Nick the Sick ( poor thing)

Yes they are hard to remember, but it’s more of the tripping I have a hard time with, I go through the whole list of names before I get to the right one ,LOL.
“Patricia , no!, Pat, I mean Pierre, I mean….  Phillip… I mean Patricia!”

I know I love those movies!!!

Oh poor you! A month and a Half!!!! Wow poor thing…

Uh!! You‘re sick? Poor Nick the sick! Hehehe. You’ve been sick 30 times!!! THIS YEAR!!! Oh my! I hope you do either be Homeschooled or tutor(ed?). Oh your not suppose to eat dairy when your sick, its bad for you and it makes your sickness last longer,  but I have to admit, no I haven’t had that kind, your so lucky! I have only had five are seven Ben and jerry’s in my entire life, we don’t really have the money for things like that, so I usually get them when I’m out with my grandmother ( nanny), alone!

Yes!  Two or three now, counting you!
There’s :

Elizabeth, Norton
Matty , Wall,ice
Nickolas FedEx.

Ok sure! Umm… well, we have Library books to take back before they charge us for them, and that is our shopping day ( can’t wait to be fourteen! My mom says I can go to the store,  by myself! Well my sister will be with me, for safety numbers, but without parental guidance !) . And on Wednesdays we go to a homeschoolers co-op. But I can’t think of anything else… sorry that’s it! I think I’d rather meet you without my parents around, I haven’t told them yet about you… I need to don’t I. I have told my friends though, they said that you are probably a millionaire if you are from the “FedEx” family, Are you? And is that why you can’t make friends? I can understand, it is tempting to ask people with lots of money to do stuff, but I would never! I’m your friend and you are mine, friends don’t do that to one another, they try as much as possible for their friends not to do anything money wise for them, or at least that’s what best friends do, I don’t know, I’m Homeschooled! LoL.

Agreed I could write all day too!

But I have to go help my mom with dinner, that means I cook while she guards the doors of little monsters! Hahaha,

Sincerely ,
The Crazy Girl

I looked at what the letter , and decided not to answer the millionaire thing. I was about to answer back when my mother called for me, I moaned and went down stairs.
“ I’m SO sorry about the dinning room!” I exclaimed, she waved her hand, so that it looked that she was shooing away a fly.
“ Forget about that my dear, no harm was done” . I stared at her in disbelief, “ Come we have matters to discuss about who you want your tutor to be, I have picked ten out for you to chose from” . We walked to a sunroom and I felt myself being lifted from school execusion, the loop that was around my neck was being undone, and I could finally breath. She sat down and laid out ten slips of paper, with deferent picture’s on each one and type. I looked through them and I felt that the noose was being put over my head again :

George Mc’ore  
Master’s degree in Science, blah, blah, blah

Tametha Ae,
Master’s degree in Blah, Blah, Blah

Harrison Art,
Master’s Blah, Blah, Blah

I kept on reading looking through and reading what it had to say, and at the last one I stopped and actually read it , not scan it, and I liked what I saw,   

Michael Doobley ,
Has his master’s degree in English Languege, he has also studied the history of Andorra and its Pyrenees herding dogs. Well educated in science and math, arithmetic and geometry. He is also fluid in Latin, Spanish , Greek , Itialian and Gaelic.  

 The part about the Pyrenees dogs caught my attention immediately and, he actually sounded fun. I liked the looks of him too, young, happy smile, blue eyes, sandy blond hair, he looked about 29 years old, not married and clean, he looked like one of those teachers that actually do things with you and visit cool places.
“ Him, Michael Doobley.” I told my mother . She frowned.
“ Who? Wait I didn’t see him, yes… He sounds good, Wow! Latin! And Gaelic! Yes I like him a lot! I don’t like the look of his age.. But he seems good enough. I’ll call him up tomorrow”

                                                    • • • • • • • • •  

Dear Crazy Girl,

I’M GOING TO BE TUTORED!!! YEAH!!!! It’s so cool! But I’ll have to join a lot clubs and meetings and co-op’s and lots of other things like that. My mom was only worried about my sociolization. Thank goodness I don’t have to go to school!
Hey today is the 1st of May! One more month till your birthday! And two for me!

Thanks so much! Never in my life has any one said that to me! You will be my bestest friend for EVER!!!

Sure I guess I can wait till your fourteen and your out at Wal-mart, LOL. ( you do go to Wal-mart right?). ( sigh) Waiting is hard!

Hey we have known each other for a month!!! Ok a little less then a month, but it counts!

Do you have a cell phone?  I do… it’s a iphone, not much but its nice to have especially when I’m lost it has Google maps and stuff.

Very funny!!! Nick the sick! Your so mean! kidding

Didn’t you say that you have a Pyrenees dog? My new tutor has done a  study on them.

What is your ancestry? Like German, French or Native American. You know that sort of thing.
Mine is:

A lot huh? Just like my allergies! My main two ones are Irish and  Scandanavian ( I think?).

LOL monsters!!! Well say Hi to your friends for me .


I sighed, as I put down my pencil. I hated putting it down and I hated when I had to finish a letter, but I guess I had too.
(after I got a envelope and put her address on it) I reached for my lap top. I had business to do, which meant looking for the things that my mother had listed:





Summer Camp





Party Things

I grimaced and looked back at the keyboard. I typed in Sport’s in Bismarck ND.   

I’m just going to tell you my answers:

Rock Climbing

Bismarck’s home school co-op

Cooking Class

Teen’s write! Bismarck’s teen newspaper

Milick’s Summer Camp for Boys

Unschooler’s Group Unschooling is a type of Homeschooling
Save the Lion’s project

Teen Bismarck Book Club

Bismarck’s ballroom dancing

Teen’s Jam

I still couldn’t believe I was going to do Ballroom dancing and a cooking class, but I had no choice. Either do some things I didn’t like are go back to school. I would choose any day some thing silly then to go back…


I love the name...

 I love the name Matty Wallice...I feel like exploding with laughter right now because I just HAD to put that...hehehehe

Madeline | Tue, 08/31/2010


 Also...newspaper. ;-) 


hehehehehe...we can laugh over this story and everyone on AP will think we are crazy. 

Have you ever thought of the possibility that we are crazy? 

Oh well...hehe



Madeline | Tue, 08/31/2010

oh no doubt!

Oh no doubt about it!



I think all AP's are! in a way.

I'm really glade you like it!

I hope everyone else will too!

but I do wish SOME ONE ( other than you, of course - hehehe) will read the Tenth Sensed. Chapter six is  going rather slow.... but I have had a idea of killing Yelismen... Shhhhhh! i didn't tell you that!


Write on!


Kassady | Sat, 09/04/2010

"Here's looking at you, Kid"
Write On!



lol! Okay, it's your story and you can do with it what you want. 


if you kill Yelisman then Ashten has to be the bad guy. 

So there. 


But anyway, 





I think I am so funny! 

And now this post isn't even making sense. 

So bye. 

For now, anyways. 


Madeline | Wed, 09/22/2010


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