Dear Crazy Girl, chapter 5

Fiction By Kassady // 11/24/2010


Chapter 5


I lay sprawled out on my bed, wishing that Sunday would be over quickly. I lay there with my phone, going through the ring tones.Wedding music was the next one on the list, then it was the smurf theme song, next was an electric gatar solo, then ride of the valkries, after that was Ode to Joy, and then a jazz beat, the sound of a ball bouncing, harp, piono concerto, Violins, and a drum. I sighed, none of them sounded good to me.


I clicked that, thinking of a couple of songs I could use for a ringtone. They had:

Who Let the Dogs Out

I Kissed a Girl (terrible song!)

I Got a Feeling

Highway to Hell

Born to be Wild

Sweet Home Alabama

I'm Yours



I typed into search Fire Flys it was a long shot but it would be worth the effert. It stoped loading, and there it was! Only twenty dollars,I quickly clicked buy.

I'd like to make myself believe

that planet earth turns... slowly

Its hard to say that I'd rather stay

awake when I'm asleep

'Cause everything is never as it seems

As I fall asleep


I hummed contetively, thinking about Kayla and... Ballroom Dancing? I put my Phone down, and went to my Lap-top. There was one new email:

Bizzy Homeschoolers

It was the meeting email! I couldn't believe it, I would finally find out where they were going to meet, and when! And I was going to be able to see Kayla, Finally!

Memorial Park

May 31 Wednesday, 12:00pm- 5:30pm

(Bring picnic supplies)

I was nearly jumping in excitement, that was only three days away!

I hopped down the stairs, “George! George” I yelled happily.

“Yes sir” George said coming around the corner quickly (apparently he had been in a frantic rush to asist me).

“George do we have a picnic basket?”

“No sir, but I can get one, sir” He said bowing his head.

“No! I'll get it. George... could you drive me to Wal-mart?”

“Yes sir, absolutely sir.”

“Thanks! Like now?”

“Whatever time you require sir” he bowed, his bald head shinning in the light.


“Okay... we'll go now” I said, looking around making sure my parents werent around.


“I'll start up the car sir” George said, and he rushed out of the room and out the door to the garage. Now we're getting somewhere! I thought with a smile, as I walked into the breakface room and then into the kitchen. As I walked into the kitchen doors, I was shocked to see all the people in there. They turned around and gasped, as if I had caught them doing something bad.


“Mr. Nickolo!” Said a french voice in the crowd, “Is there anything you need Mr?” A man my heigth steped out to the front of the gauwking people (who all had a dish of something in their hands).


“Umm... Yeah... I was just coming in to get... a table cloth... and, throw away plates” I said looking around at all the people, who seemed to have been turned into statues.


“Ofcourse, ofcourse! I'll get those straight away Mr” He smiled and turned to an itialian looking man (who must have been the sew cheif). He whispered into the mans ear, but apparently he didn't know how to whisper so good, “Pack it all in the truck, don't let Mr. FedEx see... ANYTHING! If we are caught giving food to others, we'll be Tuer!” I guess that ment Died or something in French, but it all confused me. The Sew Chief walked around whispering and pointing to people to get a move on. A boy who looked like he was from Africa and was my age walked up to me and said,


“Mr FedEx, I am very grateful that you freed me from that orphanage in Africa! Your family is very genorous!” He got to his knees, and it looked as if he were going to kiss me shoes, but the cook came and kicked the boy to get back to work.


“Hey!” I yelled at the cook, he really maddened me, “That was not cool! I don't want to ever see you do that again! I don't want you to EVER do that again!” He looked anxiosly at me, as if he was waiting for me to say ' your fired!' I looked sternly at him, “Understood?”


“Yes Mr. Thank you mr! Here you are mr” He handed a red table cloth and an unopened package of throwaway plates.


“Thanks!” I said and with shocked looks behind me, I went out the door...



“Your going to be late Sir” called George from downstairs. I sighed looking through my various shirts, I finally picked a dark green t.Shirt that said

Don't Pinch me

I'm Irish

“Ready” I called out and went down the stairs, to be driven off to the Memorial park.

I got out of the car, feeling the warm air of May on my face, that promised a hot summer. I saw a playground infront of me, with younger children running and climing on it, yelling and screaming and laughing. I wondered if any of them were the O'Cassey's. Mothers were surrounding the park, they reminded me of those British guards, execept, they were talking and laughing amongst each other. Then there was a group of middleschool aged children talking to each other and a couple on teenagers were with them, which confused me, usally children who go to school stay in their age range of groups, and it seemeed that homeshoolers didn't mind what the ages were (I liked it!).


“You go sir, I'll stand around and watch you” George said, going and leaning on a tree, with a wonderful veiw of the park.


“You don't have to stay and watch” I said, hoping that he would go somewhere else (Kayla didn't know that I was rich yet),


“Don't worry I will sir” he said taking out a book from his tux.


“No, please! Could you go somewhere else... please?”


He looked at me, then with a look of dawning recignision, he got into the black car and drove off (my guess was to a parking spot out of eye site, but still he was going to watch me, probably from the trees). I walked over to the moms, who were murmering and glancing at me.

A woman with Red hair walked up to me, with a smile, “Hello, I'm Angela Roobert! Leader of the Homeschool group”


“Hi, Nickolas Smith” I said, (You should see the faces people have when I say ' i'm Nickolas FEDEX' ) I shook her hand.


“And how old are you Nickolas?” another mom asked, she had short dirtyblond hair.


“I'm Fourteen about to be Fifteen in July.”


“My son is the same age as you” said Angela smiling still, “He's always wanting to have a boy his age in the homeschool co-op.”


“Well, I'm actuelly being tutored, but I thought it would be nice to join something like this” I said, not sure if they would kick me out if I wasn't Homeschooled.


“Really? Thats neat! Isn't Hannah?” Angela said turning to the short dirtyblond hair woman.


“Difinetly. And where is your parents?”


“At work” I shruged. The women gave each other looks.


“Of couse, thats why your tutored, right?”


“Yep” I said, begining to be bored with the pointless conversation.


“Where's your tutor” asked another mom, with black hair.


“I haven't started tutoring yet. But he'll probably be here some other time... maybe?”


“ You said you were Fourteen?” Said a straight brown haired woman, “A have a daughter who is going to turn Fourteen on June the thirteenth,” I perked up, she must be Mrs. O'Cassey.


“Oh yeah Kristal, where is she today?” asked Angela.


“She's not feeling so good, but she really wanted to come, which is very odd... for her, she usaully doesn't like going to the co-op,” I felt myself sink again, but I reminded myself, that at least I had met Mrs. Kristal.


“Well, Mickel would love to meet you, hold on! MICKEL!” Mrs. Angela yelled. One of the boys in the olderkid group looked our way, then turned, said something, then walked toward us. As he got closer I started to see him better, he had blond hair, that he flicked out of his face many times, he was as tall as me ( which I was surprised at) and was rather muscular.


“Hi” he said when he had gotten to his mothers side, his hands were in his pockets and he was looking at the ground, I guess he was more of a shy person.


“Hi” I answered nosolantly, “I'm Nick” I stuck out my hand, he took it and shook a little but quickly shot it back into his large pocket.


“Mick” he mumbled, and it looked like he was trying to keep away a smile. He jestured me to walk with me, back to the group. He smiled and at me. “Whats your last name?” he asked abruptly.


“F-Smith” I said curiosly “Why?”


“Oh no reason, I just over heard some girls talking about a Nickolas FedEx coming to the co-op soon. I thought you might be the boy Kayla was talking so heartily about” he grinned again. And so did I Heartily? I thought.


“Oh... well, do you think I'm him?”


“Yes, if you don't mind me saying so” he looked at me with a smile. I smiled at him nodding.


“I don't mind at all”


“Are you really from the FedEx family?” he asked stoping in his tracks and looking seriously at me.


“Yes, but our it was really Smith, but its been chaged before I was born to FedEx. But I like to say in new situations Smith, so that people don't get the wrong idea”


“Like your rich?” he asked. I sighed inwardly Here we go again!




“Oh” he said shortly and started walking again, “You must be! I mean, the FedEx service is so popular! The question is, Why are you living in North Dakota? Why aren't you living in, China or Hawii or even Calafornia?”



“We do have a home in all the places you just said, and in England and New Zealand and even India. But, my parents stay here, because I want to be here, its less busy and not as many people to ask me to do them favors. And plus its really pretty here.”


“I see... So I'm guessing you don't want your identity given to the others? Of course Matty Wall,Ice already knows, and Beth Norton too. But they probably won't ask you for anything, now they might ask you a couple questions that will make your cheeks burn in imbarresment, but other than that, I think your pretty much safe.” I laughed, remembering the two names of Kayla's other friends.


“I'll try and make sure that they don't get me alone for questioning. Thanks!” we got to the group, a girl who looked about twevle stood up, she had red hair, like Mrs. Angela and the same smile,

“Hi Yah! I'm Angelica! My moms Angela, and Mick's my brother, I'm eleven!” she said smiling and batting her eyes at me, I felt a little uncomfortable but smiled back,


“I'm Nick, nice to meet you Angelica” I shook her hand, and she pretended to melt on one of the girls behind her, who giggled. Mick grabed my arm and turning me away from his little dramatic sister.


“This is my friend” Mick indecated to a brown haired boy, “Jason he's thirteen.” Jason shook my hand firmly.


“Nick” I said, trying not to wince at his firm grip.


“And this is A.J his brother” Mick said then whispered “Their twins.” I shook A.J.'s hand, but to much pain. “Oh and this is Elliot he's twelve, he's Hannah's son”


“Hi” Elliot raised his hand in greating as Mick twirled me about to one person to the next.


“And this is his sisters, Lilly, shes nine but almost ten in a couple of days”


“Three” said Lilly, she wore a dress and seemed very proper and trying to be older (like most nine year olds who want to be like the older girls) she also had red hair, unlike her brother Elliot.


“And this is Pat he's-”


“Eleven” I said without thought, then I wished I had kept my mouth closed, “Yeah you told me on the way here, remember” I covered. Mick nodded in recegnition,


“Oh yeah, and this is Klerk his brother, he's ten, and here are their sister's Kathy, and Patricia who are both twelve. And then theres Kayla but she's not here today but she's also their sister”. I shook hands with all of them, hoping that they would remember me latter. My hand shakes with them were longer and more sincere.


“And this is Elizabeth”


“Hello” she said she had light brown hair, with golden highlights, looking at me with consideration, it felt as if I was being exrayed, she smiled and shook my hand.


“And this is Matty” Mick said twirling me around again to face a short brown haired girl with sylish glasses.


“Hi” she said looking me up and down, she shook my hand then tisted her hair in her hand and stared at me, again I felt exrayed. But what would I expect from Kayla's bestfriends.


“And I guess that's everyone” Mick finsihed with a sigh of relief, “We're really glade that you joined Nick! Its really nice meeting you.”


“I'm glade I joined two! Its nice meeting you all.”


“LUNCH TIME!” shouted one of the mothers, and everyone ran in a mad dash to set out picnic plankets.



Dear Nickolas the Ridiculous,


Sorry I haven't replied in a while (like a couple days LOL), i've been kind of sick, and (not like you) I can't write when i'm sick, I just feel very yucky.


I heard from my siblings that a new person was at the co-op... hmm... who could it be (LOL), I also got emails from Beth and Matty, did they ask you anything........ umm embarssing?


NO! Please, I think I have enough responabilty without owning a tiger, but thanks for the offer! LOL! Please don't get me anything! It'll just make me feel awkward

“honey? How did you get that?”

“Oh a person I've never told you about sent it to me, isn't it nice!”

LOL, well at least my Mother met you! And when I say that I've been sending letters to you, it won't strange. My Sister Kathy actuelly got the mail one day and asked me

“Whoes Nickolas FedEx?”

Now that was an akward situation! I was like “uhh... well!” LOL I told her that you were an employ of FedEx and that I sent a complaint about no mail on Sundays. She bought it like chocolate and told Patricia (she tells her everything! But their twins, what do expect, right). And my mom and Mrs. Angela (you met Mrs.Angela right?) got together (my mom life couch's her, its really neat, that my mom has that gift! We really need it, money wise)

I stoped, feeling bad that my best friend didn't have much money, but I did. How could I help that, without Kayla refusing to take it... I needed to skeem, but not right now.

And Mickel said that you and him were friend now. Which was nice to know, he usually doesn't like boys who are acsoisatated with me, I he likes me, but I don't really like him, he's not very nice to me anyway. He wants to marry me someday, because he had a dream with me in a Wedding dress, and he thinks we're engaged, because when I was eleven he asked me if I would marry him in a game of “Save the maiden” (its a really fun game! I still play it, LOL but now adays it hurts boys pride, LOL so they don't play with me anymore, I have to ask the littler boys to play “Knight in Shining Armor”) and I said yes, because I thought it was a game! So he's really annoying, but anyways he said that he liked you, and that you got to meet my mom! YEAH! LOL.


Okay.... Hold onto your seat! My Guess what was....



My parents were thinking about it for a while (they told me like a year ago) but now they found a house in the country, and they sined the paper's, we're going to move sometime in August, but the thing is, they haven't payed yet... sooo we can't go right away. Don't worry we're still going to live in ND! But we'll be moving a little farther from the city! And we might have chickens! LOL! Its a nice big house, I'll get to have my own room! Can you believe it! I hope my parents will have enough money *sigh with happiness* YEAH!


Another reason why I haven't written to you for a while is that I've been looking for a picture, ahhh! Its been very hard! I liked yours! So thats what you look like! I can't wait to see you in person!

Well my picture is in here, hope its okay.


Yours Sincerely,

The Crazy Girl


I looked in the envelope, and pulled out a photo, and I stared for a long time.


A girl with long dark brown wavy hair, was smiling at me, her two front teeth (the only teeth showing) were a little crooked, her lips were thin but pink even though she didn't wear any make up, she was tall, but it was her torso that was longer then her legs ( which were also long), she had high cheek bones, making her cheeks very round and rosy, she looked as if she was going to laugh at any moment, and she was leening on a tree in dirty jeans and a white muddy t.shirt, a fimilar play ground was in the backround and I relized George was leening on that very same tree!

It was nice to finally know what she looked like, and I admit... she was nice to look at!


I know I know!

LOL yes I put it in there! I dared!


I can't wait to finish the next chapter

Kassady | Tue, 11/23/2010

"Here's looking at you, Kid"
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