Dear Crazy Girl, chapter 6

Fiction By Kassady // 12/19/2010


Chapter 6



I had an idea! On how to help in a small way with money for the O'Cassey's. I'll send a million dollars in a letter, and say it was from the FedEx compainy, saying that they had won a prize of the most letters sent in North Dakota (which probably wasn't true). Yes that was how I was going to do it!



“Dad?” I said at the breakface table eating my blue berry muffin with gusto.


“Yes?” He answered taking a sip of coffie.


“I was wondering... could I have a million dollars?” I asked trying to sound casual.


“Why?” he said, now looking at me curiously.


I thought furiously, I guess I should just come clean, “Oh its just this girl I really like, she's trying to move into this country house, but her family doesn't have that much money. And of course she hates it when people offer her money, so I thought I could send them a letter saying that they won like a prize for sending the most letters in North Dakota, or something like that.”


My mother seemed to have chewed on something nasty, “You are friends with, with... poor people!” she said a look of distgust on her face.


“I like it” my father said a glint in his eye, anything thing that had to do with sneekiness was good for him, he loved it! “So what is this girls name?” he asked leaning in closer, so did my mother (anything that had to do with romance was her specalty)


I gulped, “Kayla O'Cassey” I said looking back and forth at their faces, but they seemed not to have recogonzed it.


“Very Irish isn't it” my mother said, and I got the feeling of dasavoo.


“Yes, it sounds fimilar... Well... What does she look like?” he asked leaning in again with a smile, “Is she pretty?”


“Of course she's pretty” my mother said, “Our Nickolas wouldn't go for anything less!”


“Mother! I wouldn't care if she had a mole on her nose and a missing eye, if a person has a beautiful heart, thats all that matters.”


“She doesn't, does she?” my mother asked anxiosly.


I sighed, “No she doesn't. Here I just got a photo of her in the mail, I'll be right back.”




I came back, my parents whispering excitedly to each other.


“Here” I said passing it to my father. He held it by the tips, making sure not to get finger prints on the picture.


“Well... yes.. I guess, if she straightened her teeth and wore cleaner close”


“It doesn't matter what people are wearing or how their teeth look to be pretty” I retored. My father smiled at my mother winking, “What?” I asked difensivly.


“Nothing” both my parents said at the same time. My father passed the photo to my mother, who skawold at it with a sniff of distaste.


“She is pretty... but her clothes, yuck!” she shivered and gave back the picture. I stared down at it wondering why they couldn't see her the way I did. But I shrugged and looked at my father.


“So will you give me the money?”


“Sure” my father shrugged and went back to eating his sausage. I smiled happily.


“Oh, Samantha is coming” my mother said.


“What!” I yelped. Samantha was girl about my age, she wasn't a relative, but close to one, and for my mother, hope to be one. The thought of her made me groan and feel tired. She was a talking monster, whoes favorite food was boys! She disgusted me with the talk of having so many boyfriends and kissing almost all of them. My mother was planning sense I was two, for Samantha and I to get married and have many children, Samantha was rich ( her father owning a toiletpaper compainy) and factory beautiful, she was a moddle for teens photagrefy, but to me she was like those evil beauty's that are in fantasy movies. And the terrible thing was, she liked me and wanted to marry me. The news of her coming made me gape and shudder inwardly.




“Nick!” Yelled Samantha, flinging her arms around my neck and hugged me. I felt chills creep up my arms and grasp at my heart. She brought her head back to kiss me but I quickly pushed her off me.


“Good to see too” I lied breathlessly.


She fliped her golden hair, she wore make up and fashion desighner close, which meant a short ( I mean short) pink skirt, a lighter pink shirt with a purple strip of fabric running from her shoulder to her waist, and a silly pink and purple scarf.


“Oh you've gotten to be so... handsom! And...manly” she said, in her annoying girlly squeke of a voice.


“And you've become more...” Annoying “Beautiful, tell me. What kind of plastic is in your body now?”


“Nickolas!” my mother scolded, “Really! Be nice to her, she will become your wife when your older you know.”


“Oh I don't mind Mrs.Smith, I'm used to it from him! But boys do that kind of thing to impress girls. I take it as a good sign!”


I grimaced, I needed a new stragigy! How about being to nice to her “I am very sorry Samantha, that was very lough of me to say such a terrible and rude thing! Please forgive me.”


Samantha giggled “Of course! My chocolate Nick-cicle!” she batted her-heavy loaded with eye shadow-eyes at me and giggled again.


I fought not to gag, and to keep my fake smile on my face, “Shall we?” I asked pointing to the house. She nodded and grabed my arm for the escort.





I sat groaning and moaning after the workout Samantha told me to do, saying 'you need to be muscular and strong if you want me to be your wife' I'm guessing you know what my answer was 'I don't want you to be my wife, I want you to go away' but of course I was forced to by my percitant mother.


“You did spledid sweetheart!” Samantha said running her fingers through my hair, I slapped away her hand, agitated with her.


“Stop touching me! And stop calling me that!”


“Sure sweetheart.” She gave my shoulder a rub and then sat in a chair. I growled, as she did exactly the things I just asked her not to do, on purposs!


I looked at the time, I needed to go to Rock Climing in a few hours.


“So, how about we go to the park after this and walk and talk, and maybe we can get ice cream. I need a haircut as well” Samantha said dreamily.


“I need to go to Rock Climing soon” I said absently.


“Oh, well when?” she asked.


“In a hour” I said getting up, “I shoud get ready.”


“Can I go with you?”


“Uh... No, how about you go get your hair cut while I'm doing that” I went up the stairs, followed by Samantha.


“That sounds good sweetheart.”


I sighed, “Your hopeless!”




“MY HAIR!” Samantha wailed. I smiled looking upon the uneven hair style.


“Who did that to you?” I asked.


“A silly new kid, his name was Mathew or something” Samantha answer looking in a mirror and trying to cover the very short bangs that stuck up.


“I want to tip him” I said looking back inside the hair stylist's.


“Ugh! You are very rude indeed!”


I got excited,“Yes I'm very rude!”


“Thats why I need to marry you, to show you manners” Samantha grabed my hand and pulled me to the black car. “We're going home.”


I heard fimilar voices behind me,


“Phillip let go of me!”


“Konrad, we need to go this way!”


“No! Its this way!”


“Boys don't fight!”


“Patricia's right! Boys not here.”


“But Kathy! He said that the bird went that way, when really it went the other way!”


“Guys it doesn't matter where the bird went! Who cares”




“Whach you guys talkin about?”


“Kayla! The boys are fighting.”


I froze in my tracks, but Samantha was determind.


“Come on sweetheart! We need to go home!” Samantha pulled.




“Come on!” Samantha pushed me into the car, and shut the door before I had time to look at the owner's of the voices.


“Did you see her?” I asked excitedly, I looked out the cars dark windows. “Did you?”


“Who?” asked Samantha jealously.


“Kayla of course!” I waved out the window, hoping that she might see it, even though I did not see her. The car stoped abruptly.


“Geroge!” Samantha wined, “Drive Geroge! Step on it!”


“No!” I yelled, trying to undo my seatbelt, but Samantha's hands were always in my way.


“Drive George! That's an order!” Samantha yelled. George looked uncertainly at me and then back to Samantha, then out the window, I stoped trying to undo my seatbelt to look out the window, I saw the back of a girls head, her hair was dark and brown and it almost came to her waste. I sighed sadly, for that was all I got to see for she disapeared around the corner and out of site.


“Thanks!” I shouted at Samantha, “That was my chance to actuelly meet Kayla, and you ruined it!”


“Who on earth is Kayla?”


I stoped died in my anger, Oh dear! Now you've gotten yourself into trouble .


“She's an actor” George lied, “ Right sir?”


“Uh... Yeah”


“Oh like Kayla Ewell?”


“Yep thats... uh her!”




I grabed Georges arm before he could go (Samantha had went inside complaining about her hair)


“How do you know about Kayla?” I asked him, letting his arm go.


He taped his nose with a twinke in his eye, smiling, “I do have to go through your room sometimes sir. And you will excuse me sir, I am an old man and like a little romance and mystery”


“It is not romance” I said uncomfortablely.


“Right sir” he said with a smile.


“But it is a secret!”


“Sir, if you don't mind me saying so sir, that was obvious” he turned and went to polish the car.




Dear Crazy Girl,



I hope you do get the house soon! It sounds like a perfect place for your family.


I strangly understand completely! My mom actuelly wants me to marry this girl named Samantha, she is EVIL! And oddly she's with me right now! My mother invited her, and now she is annoying me with her 'I'm more perfect then anyone!' additued, Arg! But thats funny! You actuelly like to play Save the Maidin? LOL! Sorry!


You are...well... I can't find a good enough word to discribe how... friendly you look, LOL

I think I actuelly saw you at the park yesterday, your brothers were argueing about birds and which way they flew, it was quiet comical really, I only got to see the back of your head though.


You once asked if I liked Opera and Plays, I'v never watched an Opera, but it would be neat! And I've only watched a couple of plays, but they were all okay... I guess?


So when do you think we're going to meet each other?

And now your birthday is not far at all! But I'm sending you my present soon! Please open it right away, if not... well I'd be spoiling the surprise if I told you. Just trust me and open it quickly!

So... My birthday is next! I'm guessing i'm going to go to someplace in europe, my parents usually do that. LOL!



Yours Sincerely,

Nickolas the Ridiculous

P.S. Samantha leaves the 12th . Three days away. Just to let you know




I had sent Kayla's birthday present and the money for they're house. And now I was facing the terror of a goodbye kiss, that Samantha was wanting. Which meant desperate measures, I had three ideas.

A- Glue Samantha's lips together.

B- Lock myself up in my room, and wait for her to leave.

C- Run away.


Each one had a fault, with 'A' , well she would try to kiss me anyway, gluing wouldn't make any improvement, except I wouldn't have to listen to her anymore- which would be a very good improvement. 'B' She would refuse to leave until I came out and kissed her. And 'C' well... Don't get me started about all the downsides of plan 'C'. I thought harder, thinking of all the possibility’s, which led me to plan 'D', just be rude and clever...








“Well... I think there's something you need to say” Samantha said relentlessly.


I smiled inwardly, but keeping my face tired, and bored, “Huh?”


Samantha rolled her eyes, flipping her hair, “I think a good-bye is in order.”


“Oh... yeah... Bye” I was laughing evilly in my heart, and tried very hard to keep my face's sleepiness.


“And a... good-bye kiss” she said slyly , looking into the distance then looking back at me.


I knew she was going to come to that, and I had planned my retort, after much thought, “Okay” I pretended to shrug, then I blew my nose into my sleeve, and spat on the ground, smiling- knowing that I had brown stuff on my teeth, help of hallow-ween mummy teeth gel).


She stood with her mouth wide open, and a look of disgust on her face, “ got” she motioned scrubbing teeth with her finger.


“Oh... Yeah I haven't bushed my teeth sense you came, all my thoughts have been on you!”


She seemed to gag a little.


“Are we going to kiss or what?!” I asked impatiently.


She looked shocked and sick, she pointed to her cheek.


And I pretended to sigh sadly, when inside, my heart was playing 'HALLELUJAH, HALLELUJAH, HALLELUJAH!' , I kissed her cheek, feeling spider's crawl up my arms, “Bye!”


She jumped into her limousine, smiling in politeness, nodding absently, “See you, remember to brush you teeth, and take baths, and all that other stuff! Love you! Bye!”


“Bye” I waved as her car drove away. When it had past around the corner, I jumped into the air, with a yell of triumph.


My mother shook her head sadly, “You really don't like her do you?”


“Sorry mom, but yeah, I hate her!”


She sighed, “Alright... if she makes you miserable... I will try to like this... Taylor.”


“Kayla” I corrected, over joyed at my mother's words.


“Yes, I will do my best.”


“Thank you” I said with a smile that felt like it started at me right ear to my left.


She walked back to the house with me, “You really do need to ask her out, my dear.”


“MOM!” I said indignantly , “Its!”


She smiled, “Of course, dear, I understand, your relationship is not that comfortable yet.”




“Fine! Keep your feelings to yourself then”



This story was so cute!

This story was so cute! Although I saw several grammar and spelling errors. :) But don't worry, I know that you wrote this a long time ago. :) Why did you stop writing it? It had a very good story line, and you have a gift for portraying characters and their personalities. If you cleaned it up and wrote more it would make a rally awesome story.

Damaris Ann | Thu, 04/02/2015

I don’t thrive off of chaos: chaos thrives off of me.


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