Dear Crazy Girl, chapter two

Fiction By Kassady // 8/17/2010

Chapter 2

“George is going out for food, would you like anything” my mother called up to me ( George was our butler).
“ No thanks.. Wait! Umm… could you ask him to get me a Ben and Jerry’s. I think it’s ice cream.?”.
“ Ben and Jerry’s?” my mother asked.
“ yeah one of my friends, said they liked it”.
“Ok what ever you want”.

A hour latter George came back with my “Ben and Jerry’s”, thank goodness he knew them himself, and bought them a lot. He got me one called “ Half Baked” that had, Chocolate & Vanilla Ice Creams with Fudge Brownies & Gobs of Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough.
“ Yumm… Thanks George” I said. George looked at me with amazement, I didn’t blame him, I didn’t usually thank him, like never. I smiled and went upstairs to eat my treat and reread Kayla’s letter. I opened it and fond a clean spoon in my bathroom, or it was clean after I washed it with soap, and warm water, I dug in and… HEAVEN! It burst in my mouth, creamy and delicious. The chocolate globs of brownies and the chunks of chocolate chip cookie dough, won me over. I did not blame Kayla for loving it. Now I could begin my response:   

Dear Crazy Girl,

Thank you so much…

EIGHT!!! You have SEVEN siblings! OMG, not to bother you but could you give me a list of them, I would love to know their names!
You are very lucky to be Homeschooled. Its so unfair!!! Just kidding!
I will turn Fifteen,  July 23rd, cool we are a year apart!

Well are last name was “Smith” but a couple years ago are family changed it to “FedEx” just to make it easer for people to understand, LOL my last name means “ Federal Express”.

I love “Ben and Jerry’s” to ! Definitely Half Baked, so good!
I like chocolate too. Banana’s I guess are ok… I love banana bread! I like peanut butter, but I’m not aloud to have it. My mother is afraid I might be allergic to it. Ok I’ll list what I’m allergic too





Goat fur


Songs sung over and over again,

Horse fur

Cucumber ( which is to bad I really like the taste of them)
And…… ( I know I know!) Lipstick  ( don’t ask!!!)

You are allergic to Sharks!!! Wow that’s different?

Do you like apricots? I love apricots!!! And especially Apricot pie! Yum!

It is hard to be popular! I guess…

What type movie’s do you like?
I like action movies!
I’m guessing your into all that love movie girly stuff! ( Gag!). LOL, kidding. I don’t care what kind of movies you like!
Just a few questions, just for fun and to know you better like true friends

What’s your favorite color? Mine is black.

What is your favorite flower? Mine is… which ever one’s are black.

What is your favorite animal? Mine is a Lion.

What is your favorite fruit? Mine are apples

What is your favorite movie star? Mine is Gemma Arterton ( she plays in Prince of Persia, she’s the princess)

What is your favorite band? Mine is… I’m not sure anymore

What is your favorite songs/music? Mine are hard rock.

I can’t think of anymore.

I hope we stay in touch too!



I finished feeling pleased- and satisfied after finishing my ice cream as well- I licked the envelope and sent strait way the next morning

                                                 • • • • • • • • • •

“ Today we are going to work on a new project” My teacher - Mrs. Carton- said and every one else in the room moaned, except for me, which was different and the boy next to me nudged me, I tried a fake moan, it definitely sounded unsure and forced. Mrs. Carton looked at me.
“Are you sick child” She asked walking done the aisle and stood over me, she put her hand to my head - like all women do when you or they think your sick-
“ no ma’am” I said then, I noticed every one looking at me like I just said “ I am a beautiful unicorn”. I mocked a cough, for I understood that, that was my opportunity to not do school.
“ You are clearly sick” Carton said. Then I actually did cough, for real. I cocked my head to the side, wondering, “How” did that happen all of a sudden, I did wake up and my throat had felt a little sore, and I had coughed a couple times that afternoon. Mrs. Carton rushed me out the room and into the “ Hospital” wing. The nurse - ms. Joey- came and smiled at me. It wasn’t the first time I had met her, that week.
“ Hello again” she said in a sugary voice, of course I frowned. You can understand what I mean, a women who talks to you like that, must either be tired or out of her senses to talk to a fourteen year old that way. She frowned back at me, I could tell she was just talking to me that way because, Mrs. Carton told everything to my parents, even when I wet my pants in class, she of course was getting paid to keep me from evil teachers and sickness in class, and anything else.
“ I have reason to believe that sweet, sir Nickolas, is sick. Would you please check for us” Mrs. Carton said also with a sugary voice, inside I said  If you call me sweet sir Nickolas again I swear I’m going to slap you. And both of you with your “Sweet” voices need to desist
“ No problem” Joey moved in close to me and put her hearing thingy to my heart. I felt the color rise to my cheeks, this was so embarrassing, and at my age. She came away, and stuck a thermometer in my mouth, rather harshly I might add. It beeped  a little, She looked at it and said rather happily
“ I am sorry to say that he has a fever, his temperature is a hundred dg. I think he should go home for the week, no, better yet a month”. I strained not to smile or laugh at how she had said it and the meaning it had, a “ Yeah the brat can stop bothering me” kind of look. I smiled inside though at my good luck. Maybe this time my parents would get me a tutor. And maybe I could eat more ice cream.

                                                      • • • • • • • •  

Dear Nickolas the Ridiculous,

Ok no trouble at all:

My mother:  Kristal
My father: Patric
Me: Kayla , age 13/14

My sister: Patricia, age 12/13
{: these two are twins
My sister: Kathy , age 12/13  

My brother: Pat, age 11
My brother: Klerk , age 10/11

My brother: Phillip, age 9/ 10
{: these two are twins too
My brother: Konrad , age 9/10

My sister: Kristine, age 8
My brother: Pierre , age 5

Have you noticed, each of us either take up our mother or fathers uncials ( K or P) its been very hard to keep up with all their names, LOL.

Oh cool! So are you officially FedEx now? If not I think I like Nickolas Smith better then FedEx… hmm… no I like FedEx ha-ha is that why you guys changed it? It does have a good effect .

Wow that’s a lot to be allergic to! Haha music played over again! And Lipstick? Did you like kiss a girl who had lipstick on or did, a friend of yours play a prank on you when you were sleeping? Or was it a Dare???

Oh I love Apricots! And you have had Apricot pie? Wow ! Yes I like it.

Yes I do like a romantic movie once and a while but I also like action, some. Like.. Lord of the Rings, I LOVE LORD OF THE RINGS!!! And Narnia, and Star Wars (sometimes that gets on my nerves though). Pirates of the Caribbean . I like a lot of middlevil  fantasy sword fighting stuff. I really hate gun movies!  Oh I just watched Prince of Persia! I LOVED IT! We  put that on our favorite list. Oh and we just started to watch the Harry Potter movies ( after we read all the books).

Ok here I go on the list

My favorite color is… Green a ranger green
My favorite flower is : Mallow or you could call it Malva a purple flower, not much but I like them
My favorite animal is : a Cheetah
My favorite fruit is : Grape fruit our pear or peach or plum, I have lots! I’m sorry your allergic to pears, their so good!
My favorite movie star: Oooh… I could not tell you, there are so many, William Moseley ( as peter in Narnia), Viggo Mortesen ( as Aragon in lord of the rings),  Jake Gyllenhall ( prince of Persia), Skandar Keynes ( Edmund in Narnia), Harrison Ford ( Honsolo in Star wars), Georgie Henley ( Lucy in Narnia),  and many, many more .
My favorite band is: Owl city
My favorite song is, I have a lot but here’s one I adore: Fireflies, by Owl city, oh and Vanilla twilight, same.

There! Few! That was hard.

The Crazy Girl.

I laid in bed, reading and eating “Ben and Jerry’s” this one called “ Boston cream pie”. I read it again, and reached for my lap top. I typed in Google:
William Moseley
A picture came up, of a blond haired dude, in armor and holding a sword, that was shinning blue in the sun. Then typed in all the rest of the movie stars that Kayla liked. I didn’t blame her for liking them. They had some pretty cool picture’s.
“ George!” I called, I heard thumping as the butler ran up the stairs. He came into the room panting like a dog and sweating.
“ George, could you run… umm don’t really run, to the Blockbuster” I handed him a list I had made of all the movie’s Kayla had mentioned. He nodded his head .  
“ Sure sir”. The one thing I absolutely enjoy, is to hear George talk, he had a British accent, that when I was younger, I would command him to talk to me, over and over again, I would laugh hysterically. I do not know why. He walked out of the room swiftly. And thirty minutes latter he came back with a bag of movies. I decided to watch Narnia first, apparently, there was two Narnia’s , I watch, “The lion the witch and the wardrobe“, Because they looked younger in the picture then in “ Prince Caspian”. I state starring at my lap top as the movie played out. I yelled at Edmund not to tell the Queen where Asland was and I Screamed when Asland died. I looked intently in the battle scene and yelled  out “ NOOOO” when Edmund was stabbed. And I nearly fell out of bed of laughter, at Petter and Edmunds crowning outfits. So the day went on me watching different movie, and I had to stop before I was half way done with “ Fellowship of the Ring” Which I might add is, the most amazing movie I have ever watched.
                                                     • • • • • • • • • •

Dear Crazy Girl,

Wow! That must be very hard to keep track of all those names.
I LOVE ALL THOSE MOVIES! Totally amazing, aren’t they!

Well… It was a Dare! Now I wish I had never been friends with that kid. He was pretty mean. Oh well! My lips were swollen for a month and a half….

I agree pears are good and I was sad to be allergic to them..( sigh) poor, poor, Nick.
Oh by the way I’m sick! I have the Fever, but I at least I’m not in school, and my parents might rethink about me going to public schools, for it is the thirtieth time this year, and school I’ve had the fever or cold. I really, really want to be tutored.
Oh “Boston Cream Pie”  kind of “Ben and Jerry’s” is delicious. Have you had that kind? I know it is a new flavor.

Do you have any friends?

Me too I like Fire fly’s

I looked it up on you tub and started to listen to it:

Good song, like his voice.

Wow you have two sets of twins. And FIVE BROTHERS!!! Wow! And you’re the oldest.
I’m tall too, I probably get it from my mom, Tall and skinny.

Hey maybe we could try meeting each other some time! Like after my cold is gone, Are you going anywhere next week?

I’m going to a music concert next month, I forgot the band. Its for a friend of mine.

I bet I could write all day, but I am running out of paper room, so…





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