Disgust~Give It A Rest (49)

A Poem By Kassady // 2/18/2015

Drop the phone, 
Slowly clench and unclench fists, 
Thoroughly appalled, 
Trying not to scream, 
Scream in absolute anger, 
At him!
Angry now at myself, 
Want to scream. 

Invisible Pain
Somedays I wish, 
I wish no one knew me, 
Or maybe, 
I wish they didn't know,
So well, 
Oh they know me so well. 
Somedays I wish, 
I wish I could reveal, 
All this pain and all that's real, 
So real, 
Oh I wish I could be so real. 
Somedays I wish, 
I wish questions never left, 
Ones lips, 
And maybe then I could, 
Oh if only I knew how to share. 
Somedays I wish, 
I wish people listened, 
Closed their mouths, 
And then with closed mouths,
Oh with closed mouths listen to me. 
Somedays I wish, 
I wish all of this, and,
The pain, my pain, 
Maybe then the invisible pain, 
This pain, 
I've materialized from mist, 
Will disappear, 
Because it doesn't exist. 

Not sure why, 
I find an interest in this, 
Maybe it's because you love it, 
And in some way I love you. 
I feel the same way, 
When it comes to my brothers, 
I feel the same way, 
When it comes to my best friends, 
Possibly I enjoy, 
How you can talk about it for hours, 
Maybe I just miss you, 
So much that I could discuss anything, 
And the same thing over, 
And over. 
With enthusiasm you explain, 
Questions quick at my fingertips, 
Though, I wonder, 
How easy would the conversation be over the phone, 
If we had less time to think of responses,
More likely, less time for me, 
For you're mind is already flexible; 
Maybe that's why, 
I keep coming back to praise, 
Your skills instead of your brain.

If I Lied
If I were to ask, 
Would you listen? 
Would you be there, 
If I lied, 
Saying no one else was, 
Just so I could hear you, 
Your voice is the only one, 
That I actually want, 
To listen to.
Would you know? 
Suspicious at all? 
Probably not, 
But I still don't have the guts.

Maybe not now, 
But I wonder if, 
In future travel schemes, 
I'll be packing, 
Just a little something extra, 
To look nice in, 
If you know what I mean.

Dancing With You
Hand brushing, 
Touching your shoulder, 
Stepping on your feet,
Holding your hand, 
As you lead me onto the floor, 
Where I settle, 
So easily into your arms,
Comfortably clicking,
As if I were made to be there, 
One hand on your shoulder, 
The other lightly resting in the hand, 
That's not on my lower back. 

Valentine's Day
Before I never gave it a second thought, 
Not at all interested in candy hearts, 
Or dying flowers wrapped in plastic, 
Never really understood, 
But now that I do, 
There's a part of me, 
(As stupid as it is)
To be somebodies Valentine.

Give It A Rest
In and out of falling in love, 
Maybe I should give my heart a break, 
But then, 
What would I do to entertain my mind?


These are good. I really

These are good. I really could relate to If I Lied. :)

E | Wed, 02/18/2015

"You were not meant to fit into a shallow box built by someone else." -J. Raymond


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