The Drowned Forest- Lipogram on 'C'

A Poem By Kassady // 4/6/2011

Hi ya!

A Lipogram is when you intentionally (and I guess you could do it unintentionally?) don't use a certain letter, like...

The live fish see rubies.


I was doing and Lipogram on 'A', as you must have noticed, there are no 'A's in that sentence.

One French writer named Georges Perec published a a whole 300-page enitre novel, that didn't have any 'E's!!! AND HE WAS FRENCH!!! I think that is is just Amazing! How on earth can some one not write with 'E'! And in French it must have been extremely hard! That use more then one 'E' in a whole word!

But anyways! I went and tried it out! It was quite fun! But nothing as drastic as 'E'.

Give it a try! What can you come up with?


The Drowned Forest

Lipogram on 'C':


The wind bloweth freez'in,

The air as still as stone,

Oh the lonely forgotten road.


Your breath blows steam,

As foggy as the marsh,

Now do you still believe that farse?


Oh for a tree!

Oh for some grass!

But none shall, here pass.


Not even a desperate traveler,

Whose roamed far and near,

Not even the birds will live here.


No hills of green,

No tree's of flowers of spring,

No nothing! No nothing!


Only death and gloom,

The water has drowned,

The lost lush forest to the, now dry, ground.


Credit to: Ursula Duborsarsky, writer of  "The Word Snoop, A wild and witty tour of the English Language!"


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