The Elf Story: Chapter Two (Kassady)

Fiction By Kassady // 7/25/2011

Chapter 2

(Written by Me, Kassady)

Amy stood a gape, as a man stood in front of her, that looked as if he had just came from the set of Lord of the Rings.

"Who...who" she stammered, "Listen"Amy said shakily, "This game your playing... its not funny any more. Just stop, okay?"

The weirdo glared at her, his hair falling into his face, making his face look fierce and mysterious, "Who are you? And where am I?" he asked, still glaring at her.

Amy's insides churned and butterflies flew around in her stomach, "You know where you are! And I'm not going to tell you who I am, you can't make me" She said stubbornly, trying to be brave.

He put his hand to his side, and his hand traveled around his brown leather belt. A look of surprise and anger flashed across his face, but was soon replaced with a look so unreadable, that it would make the best face reader brake down and cry with frustration.

"I'll ask you again" he said, "Where am I? And who are you?"

"Its none of your business to know who I am. Just stop with the joke!"

"What joke?"

"Don't play dumb with me! And who are you anyway?"

"I won't tell you who I am till you tell me who you are" the goofball said, with a smile.

"I won't tell you who I am till you tell me!"

"I asked first!" he said still smiling deviously.

Amy moaned, "Fine! I'm Amy Lockwood, I'm in collage, I have a cat, and I'm extremely lonely! There happy?"

"Amy Lockwood? Hmm... weird name" he said truthfully.

"And whats yours?" Amy said pushing away the insult.

"I am, Amicus Grunebaum, Father of All, Master of the World, keeper of the winds, knight of the waters, protector of all animals, and Master of Light. I am also the rightful King of the world, or at least the world I come from" he finished looking around curiously.

Amy laughed, "Still set on your prank, fine don't tell me who you are!"

"I just told you, I am Amicus Grunebaum, Father of All-"

Amy felt pity for the man, as he recited his 'so called' name, what if he went crazy in the head, that could be it, maybe he really does think that he's this Amicus Gruneebiemed or whatever his name was, and he said my name was weird, "Do you want to come in" Amy said in a different tone, one that you usually use for children who are upset.

Amicus stared at her uncertainly, "Are you a witch?"

Now Amy had no doubt that Amicus wasn't right in the head, "No, I'm just a human who wants to help you. Lets go inside and you can lay down, while I make you some food" Maybe his mind isn't working because he's hungry. Of course, the tunic and robe didn't come to Amy's mind, that was now set on helping this poor insane goofball.

"Yes that's what witches would say, I know the stories!"

"Will you believe I'm not a witch if I said I was?"

"Well... Witches don't admit to being witches?"

"I am a witch, then!"

"No your not!" Amicus argued.

"How about we go inside now?"

"Okay, I am tired. Thank you" He said walking past her.

Amy sighed, smiling Yes! She opened the door, and they both walked up the stairs.


"Thank you for your great hospitality, I did really need food and a rest. I wouldn't wish to get in the way of your everyday work, so I shall leave you" Amicus said standing up from the chair he had been sitting on.

"So soon?" Amy asked, who in the last hour and a half, hadn't felt lonely in her apartment.

"I must find a way to get back to the palace and start me reign."

Amy nearly slapped her forehead, "There is no palace! Your not a King! Your just a man who needs to snap out of these daydreams!"

"Are you questioning my fathers decision!" he raised his voice angrily, balling his fists and coming face to face with Amy.

"No..No...n...No!" Amy stammered, as she felt trapped against the kitchen island.

Amicus turned away rubbing his chin in frustration, "This must be all my brother's doing! He was jealous of me becoming king and not him... He must be practicing black magic!"

Amy laughed, "Magic is not real!"

Amicus turned toward her, a look of complete amazement on his face, "Am I.... Am I... Okay, now I am serious Miss Amy, where am I?"

She made a scoffing noise, "Arizona!"

"I'm...not... on Planet Earth.... Am I?" Amicus asked shakily

"Where else would you be silly!"

"Oh no.... Oh no!" Amicus mumbled shaking his head, "I can't be! Oh no, no, no!"

Amy laughed at his good acting, or at least she was trying to convinced herself he was acting, "I think you should stay a little longer, apparently your still not well enough. Maybe you could take another rest?"

Amicus slapped his forehead in frustration, "Oh you wouldn't understand! You humans are...are... disbeliever's. You can't see whats right in front of you, your so blind to whats real!" He finished angrily.

Amy was surprised at how he could sound so disgusted with humans when he is one, or is he? She couldn't help thinking, she quickly pushed that idea aside, but it kept on returning, like a boomerang, "Fine, if you want to believe in fairy tales, go ahead, but please stop wearing those phony-bologna ears! Their getting you in trouble."

Amicus sighed with exasperation, shaking his head in surrender, "Can I have some water?"

Amy looked at him suspiciously, surprised at his request. She gave him the glass of water, curious when he didn't drink it, but summoned her to look closely, "What are you-"

"Shh! Watch.. closely!"

The water was still, unnaturally still. Amicus raised his hand over it, then as if to stir it with his finger, he pointed his pointer finger into the water, but did not dip his finger in the full glass, he started to make stir motions.

Amy stared at the water in amazement, as it swirled around like a tide pool. But she had heard of trickery and "magicians" and did not believe what she saw, "So what! You can stir water without appearing to" she said looking at his face.

He frowned, "Fine! If you want more proof, I'll give it to you" he said in a cool frightening voice.

The water swirled faster, as Amicus swirled his finger faster. Then it turned a bright red, the purple and then green. All of a sudden the water jumped out of the glass, as Amicus jerked his hand up. It looked like a water tornado, swirling in a funnel, landing on the coffee table, but the table didn't get wet, nor did a drop of water fly from the funnel of green water. The water came right in front of Amy's face, and then, the water began to have shapes, as if the tornado had people inside trying to get out. Amy only saw their faces, but that was enough. She saw her mother, her father, her brother's and sister's, she saw her cat, Kate her best friend, and... herself.

Amicus- who had all this time, been circling thin air with his finger- straightened all his finger's all at once. The water funnel collapse, splashing everywhere.

But Amy hardly felt the water soak her, she felt numb, and scared, for she was sitting next to...

an Elf!



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