The End~ Being Yours (26)

A Poem By Kassady // 9/6/2014

The End
It slowly crawls upon me, 
Like the tide coming in, 
Sorrow envelopes my heart,
As tears start to spring to my eyes, 
The end has come and it's over, 
Friendship lingering in the far distance. 
Things we have said cannot be unsaid, 
And shouldn't be by any means. 
The wave of loneliness will pass, 
The heart ache and fake smiles disappear, 
My heart will mend, 
Probably faster than fair, 
And I'll find someone new,
After I've fallen in love with myself again. 

Is it wrong,
This smile on my face?
Shouldn't I be crying,
Or shouldn't I feel remorse? 
Shouldn't I feel lonely,
Or sad? 
Is there something wrong in my head? 
I've shared so much, 
I've wept, 
I've laughed,
Maybe not all my heart,
But I've given you half. 
All I feel after so long of caring, 
Is a huge relief, 
Weights off my chest, 
Though I'm anxious to see, 
If when it all sinks in, 
I'll be a wreck. 

Waiting for the Punch
I keep waiting for the punch, 
But my gut stays loose, 
Maybe it's just the quiet before the storm, 
But this could possibly be, 
The easiest break-up ever.
You know what it is? 
I've broken up with you so many times, 
Alone planning it in my head.
I've cried and I've wept, 
Dreading the day, 
When I have to break your heart. 
Thing is I've already broken my heart, 
So I've already healed half way, 
And now all I have to do, 
Is get over the memory of, 
The pain on your sweet face. 

I'm sorry I couldn't stop you, 
From making unrealistic daydreams, 
Ingraining me in your future, 
And making you believe you could hold me. 
I should have seen the signs, 
Stopped you from the root, 
Stopped you before it grew, 
Into something painful to take out.
I guess you were being serious, 
When you said you wouldn't let me go, 
Thought it was just romantic, 
And not your way of control. 
So completely different, 
There is no way our futures intertwine. 
Now the past is just a memory, 
Because it was never meant to last, 
Despite the dream you had, 
Of me being your forever. 

Find Her
I hope you find her, 
The girl you wanted me to be,
I hope she loves you, 
The way I wanted to,
I hope you love her, 
More than you said you loved me. 
I hope she challenges you, 
Cares for you, 
Laughs with you,
Smiles at you, 
Tells you how amazing you are. 
I hope you are as good to her, 
As you were good to me.
I hope she's the best, 
The best for you,
And I hope she feels the same, 
When you tell her you love her. 

New Ghost
Dreams of you linger, 
Right outside my reach,
Can't remember anything that happens, 
All I know is I've got a new ghost, 
You're destined to haunt me, 
From now on. 

Sweet Dreams
My hands shook, 
I stared at you as you stared at me, 
And then I couldn't meet your eyes. 
Breathe labored, 
My heart kept sinking deeper into my chest, 
As the tension in the air, 
And the pain in your eyes, 
Whispered the beginning of the end. 
I mustered my courage, 
Feeling the words sit on my tongue, 
Everything in me trembling, 
But you opened your mouth first, 
Relieving me of the responsibility. 
"We need to talk about us," 
I paused and nodded, 
Uttering my agreement in a jumble, 
And then waited for you to continue. 
The silence rumbled on, 
And I opened my mouth only to close it. 
You confessed inability to start, 
Not sure where, 
Not sure how. 
"Maybe you could start in the middle,"
I said and smiled at you kindly, 
Not sure where to start either. 
There is no easy way out, 
Despite your attempts, 
"I don't know,"
"I don't know." 
I was clueless as to how to aid you,
Thankfully you didn't need help.
"Do you see a future with me?" 
The question hit me hard, 
Squirming I shook my head slowly, 
"No," I practically whispered
Doing my best to hide my discomfort, 
Behind my regular fake smile. 
As if I were a babe, 
Just having learned to speak my mind, 
I rambled freely, 
Tongue stumbling with the speed of words spilling, 
Expressing my plans for the future, 
And explaining why I am incapable, 
Indeed, repulsed, of planning family life. 
My future sits like a daydream of early dawn, 
Beautiful, free, and untouched by mans hand. 
The fact that you set out 
To create your family now at seventeen, 
Confuses me beyond measure, 
Unsure how to take the fact, 
That you'd want to be with me forever. 
"I'm sorry," 
Escaped my lips frequently,
Despite my resolve to not apologize, 
But I played with your heart,
Unintentionally maybe, 
But manipulated you all the same. 
Completely inappropriate, 
I couldn't stop laughing at your last thing to say, 
Couldn't stop smiling at you,
Hoping you'd smile too, 
Because "I do care about you, a lot,"
And I never wanted to hurt you, 
Never wanted to see your pained face,
Never wanted to break apart your dreams,
Never wanted to play with you, 
Only to break your heart in the end. 
My hands stopped shaking, 
You forced a smile, 
I felt relieved, 
And we said goodnight one last time,
"Sweet Dreams." 

Being Yours
I cherish every moment, 
Every day, 
Every hour, 
Every minute, 
Every second I spent with you. 
Every laugh, 
Every smile that lit your face, 
Every joke, 
Every awkward silence, 
That you sat staring while I blushed. 
Every touch, 
Every kiss that made my heart sing, 
Every little detail of our day. 
The ups the downs, 
The breathless conversations, 
The loud silly ones too. 
The times I was wrong, 
The times you were less right, 
The instances of craziness. 
Running here and there, 
Your face in the palm of my hand. 
When you tickled my feet, 
When you swept me off of them too. 
That moment you tried to be cool, 
The time you were my hero, 
And every single time you called me "beautiful." 
Even when you called me crazy, 
Every thing you teased me for, 
Even when you scared me,
Every word and action of stupidity. 
Your every apology, 
Your every frown, 
Your every defense, 
Your every sigh, 
Your every tension filled silence. 
The minutes we spent driving in your car, 
The countless country songs, 
The stupid videos you shared. 
When you held my hand,
When you held me tight, 
When you led me. 
Every hair on your face, 
Every line on your hands,
Every scar. 
Every moment you made me giggle, 
Every romantic thing you said, 
When you never wanted to let me go. 
When we argued and bickered, 
Over stupid silly stuff, 
When the color of the paint was blue. 
When you left your sunglasses at my house,
And my kryptonite was your kiss. 
When your cards made me laugh, 
Win and fake the hiccups. 
Everything we did, 
Everything we didn't, 
I'm just glad I can say, 
I've shared a bit of my life with you, 
And I had fun being yours. 


"The End" evoked a feeling of

"The End" evoked a feeling of calm and serenity. It rolled like waves--washing in, out, in, out. I felt the poem move, which may sound ridiculous but there's really no other way of saying it. It was really lovely, very well-worded, and the end made me smile. It was tinged with a bit of sadness, which I liked as well, but it was ultimately tranquil.

In "Weed" engraining should be ingraining. :) I really liked it, again, especially at the end.

I REALLY liked "Find Her". This is so repetitive, but again, the end was my favorite. The way you wrap your poems up is near-perfect every time, leaving the reader with a clean-cut sentiment. So good job!

"I'm sorry,"
Escaped my lips frequently,
Despite my resolve to not apologize

This was a definite favorite bit for me.

Being Yours was absolutely lovely and happy and it really just shined. It was alive. I love, again, the peaceful feeling in all of these. A lot of the sets of poems you've posted have had feelings akin to a kind of emotional tug-of-war. They go back and forth, dipping up and down, but these were fairly consistent for a change. They embodied contentment, and I really enjoyed that.

Thank you for sharing! This may be my favorite set of yours yet.

Madeline | Sun, 09/07/2014

everything was better when/you would call and I'd be like/yeah babe, no way

Thank you SO much!!!! I did

Thank you SO much!!!!
I did feel a sense contentment when writing these... It's very nice! Thank you for reading and commenting!
Oh okay, I'll change engraining to ingraining, thanks :D
Aw... Reading your comment makes me beam!!! Thank you again!

Kassady | Sun, 09/07/2014

"Here's looking at you, Kid"
Write On!

These are so lovely, Kassady.

These are so lovely, Kassady. They have just the right amount of emotion, rhythm, and heart. They came across as really genuine. Find Her is so so sweet, and probably my favorite of the whole bunch. I also really enjoyed Weed and Sweet Dreams.

E | Sun, 09/07/2014

"You were not meant to fit into a shallow box built by someone else." -J. Raymond


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