The Firefly Fairy's, Chapter Four

Fiction By Kassady // 7/12/2010

Written by Kassady and Homeschoolgirl


 Chapter Four


Marcus ran downstairs as the doorbell went off. He quickly opened the door, and ushered the two people inside.

" Josh!" Marcus said happly, smiling at his best friend who lived across the street. The two of them ran upstairs.

"I don't get a goodbye or anything?" Joshuah, Martin,Corr's mother called after the two boy's.

"Bye mom!" Joshuah yelled as he disapered from veiw.


"I have so much to tell you!" Mark said excitedly.

" Go ahead I'm all ear's" Josh said.

" Somone moved into the house next door! It was the day you left for your grandparents".

" What! who?".

" A man who looks in his late thirty's and.... A girl our age!"

"WHAT! so what do you have planned bro?" Josh said having a brillaint idea already.

" I was thinking, about being spy's tonight, maybe after dinner, around midnight, when my parents are asleep, and everyone else is asleep".

" You had me at 'Spy's', I'm so glade I can spend the night!"...

                                                            ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦


Sherylyn lay in her bed, thinking over what she was told the day before yesterday. She was trying to Imagine the thought of Ashten as her stepmother. She wished now she had befriended her more. She knew her father would be happy with her, very happy. He had asked her what she thought before he propoused. I WILL like it she said to herself,  I have to, she is very nice, even the times she was alone with me, she was nice to me. I don't know how I'm going to tolerate those looks she gives me, thouse " You pour thing!" looks, but I'll manige, she is sweet and carring, and I know she wont treet me like Jenny. Sherylyn shuddered at the thought of Jennifer. She scurmed a little in her bed, her back ached and hurt at the the thought of the evil stepmother. But Lyn did like Jenny's mother, Ann,Bree, Shirley , she was a sweet soul, and envited Lyn over to her house even though they wern't family anymore, she was kind of like a adopted grandmother. Lyn looked over at her alarm clock, two minute's till Midnight. She counted in her head, she new she should go to sleep, but she couldn't. Her mind was running a hundred miles an hour.


She quitly sat up, slung her legs out of bed and sliped on her slipper's. She stood up wincing, as her bed made a screaching sound, and the floor under neighth her creaked. She tip-toed , to the window, looking out and sighing. Fireflies flew around outside, their little lights going on and off. Everywhere she looked she saw little lights lighting up and vanishing. Lyn smiled to herself as she looked over their land, three to four acre's of forest was their's, and maybe a bit more, she didn't absilutely know. She rushed to the hook on the wall, taking her housecoat and slipped it on tieing the band around her waist and tied it in the front in a bow.She then quitly went into her closet where she kept a strong rope , that she had fond in the closet when they moved in. She hurried back to the window, now frightend that she would be cult. She tied one end of the long rope on one of her beds legs. She tuged at it a little, checked the knot again, and opened her window. She looped the rope around her leg, trying to remember what she had seen on tv. She took a deep breath, knowing she would be in SO much trouble...



Samuel, Paige, Morris, sat up suddenly in bed, he looked over at his clock


He shook his head, what Sam are vampares coming to get you? he teased himself, he looked over at the fairytale book on his nightstand. He shook his fist at it,

" Thanks Mr. Grimm!" he whispered in the darkness.

Try he must, he couldn't get to sleep. Soemthing was wronge, he knew it. He stood up walking over to his desk. He picked up Sherylyn's picture and placed it into the window. He stared out at the Fireflies,  what if Fireflies were fairy's? that would be an interesting evestigastion... Sam! would you stop with the fairytale's! he walked to his bed and layed down. He closed his his eyes and was about to fall asleep when his emergencey cellphone rang.

" Hello?" he said


" Lyn?"

" Why are you not asleep?"

" I couldn't go to sleep, Why are you still up"

"Umm... well I'm outside my house, locked out because I ... umm... went out my window, with this rope I fond , but now I can't get back up, and the door's are locked, and if I knock on the door's I'm going to be in sooo much trouble"

" Umm... well why did you call me?"

" I don't know! do you have any idea's?"

" Does your father have a latter?"

" Umm... Maybe but I don't think it will be long enough"

" Sorry I don't have any idea's"

"Great! I'm going to be in so...". Just that momment Sam herd Lyn scream and a big thud, he guessed it was the phone being dropped, and two boy yells

" Lyn?" he said franticly " Sherylyn!" . "Sherylyn!". " Sherylynnn!"

"Beep,Beep,Beep, if you would like to make a call, please hang up and try again" the women robotic voice came. Sam growled in frustration and closed his phone. Knowing after that he wouldn't be able to sleep...



Edward, Lee, Stevenson sat at the breakface table in the Senour homes dinning room. He razed his spoon and dropped it back into the dish they had, had for a week .

" I am SO sick of Oatmeal!", Ed's friend Nicohlas said, shoving his bowl infront of him, and crossed his arms.

" Be greatful Nickohlas!" said Samantha, Nicohlas's girlfriend, " They could be feeding us poison!"

" Nonsence!" Edward said, " You and your imagination! ".

" What, they could!" she said in a matter-a-fact voice.

" I like bananas" said Mathew, " why can't we have bananas"

" yuck! I hate banana's" Ed said scrunching up his face in disgust.

Edward felt grumpy that mourning. He was usaully grumpy but more today then other days.

" Is it Monday?" he asked a women passing by. She smiled at him, like he was a small child, and he felt anger boil up inside him

" Yes it is! oh that is very good ! now what comes after Monday?" she said in a sugarey voice.

" Tuesday! tuesday! blast it all! I'm not a child! oh if I hadn't busted my hip, I would wring your neck!" Edward said angerly.

" Oh now,now then! its alright!" she said and walked away.

" I hate this place!" He said quitly looking down at the cold oatmeal and stayed quit the rest of the day...



Starlight's gown covered her bare feet. I could out my window,but... then Mothsentena would catch me' , He was her window guard, hmm... I could ask Silverstone to take me for a stroll... hm Whitestorm will be with us, and Whitestorm would not let her escaipe again . Flashbacks filled her head like evil bats sworming around Misquetoe's.


" Starlight! come back!" Whitestorm call out in the dark, chasing after Starlight in the beautiful gardens.

"Leave me alone Whitestorm! Oh, Let go of me" . Whitestorm grabbed her arm and pulled her closer to him, she looked into his longing face

" Starlight, why are you running from me, I won't hurt you. I lo...".

"No!". Starlight burst, tiers fell down her face.

Her hair had fell out of her pinns and fallen down to her knees in curly tangles, white ringlets fell down her back like a waterfall pf white foam. He ran his hand through her hair lovingly. She closed her eyes and leaned her head so that his hand toched her face efectionitly, he moved his thumb back and forth rubbing it against her face.

" Why not, my dear, It is wintersolstes, a perict time to express your feelings, to warm some one with those three words", he knelt down on his knees , Starlight cried harder, knowing that she was three words away from a secret that couldn't be kept,

" I...Love...You" Whitestorm said, his voice was stronge and sure.

"I..." Starlights voice quivered, "I...I...Lo" she stoped herself knowing if she said,what she was about to say, she would be bounded to him for the rest of her life, a relationship stronger then marriage. " No...", She pulled away from him and ran away. Leaving Whitestorm frozen in place, Hands holding air, kneeling...


Starlight shook herself out of the sad memiory. She sighed, slipping on her shoe's.

"WHAT IS THIS!" Spideruby burst through the room a paper leaf in her hand.

Starlight looked at it with horror. Oh no she thought, remembering the one plan of escaipe.

" Guards!"

" You can't lock me up! I'm your sister!".

"Oh yes, I can!".

Mothsentena and five other guards charged through her door spears and swords in their hands,pointing at her. She backed up against the wall feeling the window sill, she steped on to it opening the windows.

" Don't let her escaipe!" Spideruby screamed with anger.

She turned around preparing to jump out. She spread her wings and...

Her huge wings cault in the window and for a scarry momment she felt herself falling through the air. She spread her wings and this time the only thing that cault her was the air, she was on her way....









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