The Firefly Fairy's. Chapter Six

Fiction By Kassady // 7/26/2010

Written by Kassady and Homeschoolgirl


Chapter Six






  Sam frowned. He still didn't understand how he, Sherylyn and Emma has lost the mythical creatures contest. Oh well, he thought to himself. But something else had been nagging at the back of his mind. Somehow he felt they had been totally wrong about fairies. He knew deep down that they were, real. He smiled to himself. Thats it then, he thought.

"I'm Going Fairy Hunting..."



Lyn walked down a aisle of a church. She look around her and saw her father, who was wearing a purple dress and a pink bow tie. She saw her friends Emma and Sam. Emma was in a bright red tuxedo. Sam was in a bright pink fluffy dress that came to his knees.

Then she looked down at herself. She held orange roses in her hands, and she was wearing a bright grass-green tuxedo, and she wore a yellow bow in her hair. She then - not knowing what she was doing- stood next to a bunch of other women with the same outfits she wore but different colored roses. Then wedding music began to play and through the door walked in Ashten. She wore a black flowing dress and a black veil. She walked up and the priest started to mumble the way all priests at weddings do. And right as Ashten was about to say " I do" The doors burst open and a woman came in with regular clothing, jeans and a Nike T-shirt. Lyn knew by pictures and a feeling that it was her mother. But some thing though ,was out of place on her. It was... WINGS... bright pink wings. Then everything became confusing when James kissed Alice and Ashten stomped away. The priest drunk some wine before he kissed one of the brides maids. Emma stood on a table shouting, "Fairies! Fairies! Fairies! I love the tooth fairy!" And then Sherylyn slapped Sam...

Sherylyn woke up in a sweat, she couldn't believe she had slapped Samuel Paige Morris. Then she looked around her and sighed. It was only a dream, she thought to herself. She got out of her bed and walked over to her alarm clock. It was 5:15. She quickly looked through her clothes. She remembered that it was her day alone with Ashten and the whole day! The night before her father had suggested it to her. 



 Ashten had looked like she was only doing it for the sake of James. Her father had told her that Ashten was only afraid of doing some thing that would upset her. Almost all the grown ups treated her carefully because they thought her a  abused child. Lyn had been excited about going out with Ashten, a chance to finally get time with her that  she had hidden from, and maybe win her over. She finally decided on dark blue jeans with a turquoise blouse, she put her hair up in a barrette shaped like a butterfly. Then looked through her jewelry box, and fond a bracelet that was her mothers, it was silver with rays of sunshine engraved in it also lovely letters that spelled "Alice" , it was a inch wide, and thin, but it was strong. She went down the stairs after putting on pink lipstick and blue eye shadow, then washing it off.

" Good morning" called the cheery voice of James.

" Good morning" Lyn answered the greeting happily, " That smells good, are you making cobbler?".

" Yep, two .Rasberry, and Strawberry".

" yum!" Ashten said coming up from behind Lyn. Sherylyn jumped in surprise. Ashten also wore dark blue jeans, but she wore a white blouse with blue curly-cue's that edged the scoop-neck, the sleeves- like Lyn's-  were short but hers were puffy a little. Sherylyn liked how she looked,  at least I'll have a pretty step mother if nothing else .

" You girls look amazing" James said kissing Ashten on the cheek. Lyn winced a little, and Ashten looked uncomfortable, it might have been because it was in front of Sherylyn. Then James kissed Lyn on the forehead, then he walked back over to the oven and pulled out a dish, the smells were now unbearably good and the two females couldn't help but close their eyes and take deep breaths in with their noses, they both sighed.

" Dad, I love you!"



" I swear, I'm going to kill myself. I'm so bored!" Joshua Corr said upside down on the potato chair of his house.

" You said it!" Marcus agreed, " How about we go up to the attic?" .

" Nay... its to hot up there" .

" Ok how about I run over to my house and get my swim shorts, then we could go swimming in your neighbor's pool. Aren't they in florida?" Mark asked.

" Well... Yeah. But last summer, remember we got in trouble for doing that".

" We could eat ice cream and watch your dog chew up my sisters american girl doll".

" to much effort" Josh said swinging himself upright.

"hmm... we could watch TV and eat ice cream" .

" We've already watched Tv. How about we go and spy on that girl again" Josh said with a glint in his eye.

" And eat ice cream?!"

" Sure"...



Silverstone was curled in a corner, weeping. A tall evil figure stood over her, he had a wip in his hands that was on fire, the flames licked at the rope but did not burn it.

" WHER IS SHE!"  he yelled at her raising his wip

" I do not know Starscraper, please, I do not know" Silverstone whimpered . The wip came down and Silverstone screamed in angush and pain. The burns on her side sizzled and ate into her flesh. Two women came up they looked exactly a like except their garments, one looked like it was made only of threads and strings that dangled from her dress skirts, the other looked like spiders had made her dress and webs hung from her dress skirts, both had golden colored hair and gold wings.

" That's enough" said the women in unison,

" Her majesty the queen" started the Webbed girl

" Would like you to see her immediately, with her" the thread girl ended.

"Thank you, Goldenthread and Goldenweb, tell her I am coming in a minute" said Starscraper , then looked down at Silverstone, he smiled eviely. The two fairy women flew away tordeds the highest toret, leaving the evil Starscraper and the gentle Silverstone alone. Starscraper leaned down putting his face next to Silverstone's.

" The queen is not as merciful as I am, you better pray now, for when you come out you won't be in one piece" Starscraper laughed wickedly. Silverstone looked defiantly at him, then she spit in his face. He reeled back like a snake then wiped her.

They flew to the tower. Sunselleta was waiting impatiantly for them.

" Didn't I say IMMEDIATELY!!!" she screamed at him like a rotten child who told their parents they wanted a puppy.

" Well here I am, you wanted me, and now i'm here. Do you have a good reasson for interrupting my judgement on this punny exuse for a fairy. I was trying to get information out of her about Starlight".

" Any luck" Sunselleta said amusedly. knowing allready the anwser.

"No..." Starscraper said and hung his head.

" Like I thought. Now, I liked how you talked Starscraper, but do not hurt this being any more. She knows nothing , and if you want to rule some day, you have to be good to your subjects, for them to like you, remeber the story of king Redfingus, he made all the fairys his slaves beating them and hurting them, then all his people turned against him and beheaded him, they stuck it on a pole and till the king Antfootly it had stayed there on this very tower out side this window" Sunselleta pointed to a window," it was a reminder to all the kings and queens, to be just to his and her's people and not beat or make them work harder then they should, ten hundred fairys died because of their hard labor and beatings. If you are nice to your people they will work for you and like you" Sunselleta fineshed. Starscaper - who had been hold Silverstone by her silvery hair placed her back on the ground and let go.

" Bribery?" He asked a glint in his grey eyes.

" More or less. Get up" She ordered Silverstone who had slumped to the ground her hand holding her side that was now blistering and enfected. " Come, we need to clean it" . Silverstone strugled to her feet but could not and fell back to the ground ,gasping for breath, "Starscraper!" The queen said franticly,"Help, hold her over here".

" But MOOOMM!" Starscraper complained, Sunselleta reeled on him her eyes flamed.

"STARSCRAPER" She screamed , it sounded like a snake. Starscraper quickly turned and picked up Silverstone gently. She was pale and hardly breathing the breaths she did take were raspy and despret. He brought her to a bed that Sunselleta had motioned to, then she had rushed to a table with vails,bottles and bowls, she rumaged franticly through the potions and with a " ah ha", she came back with two vails , one with pink liquid and the other blue, she mixed them together in a ivroy cup, then she forced the potions into Silverstone's throat. She coughed and spludered. Sunseletta ran over to a elagant rug and moved it aside to reveal a trap door she unlocked this with a key that she hid some where in her dress, it opened and Sunselleta came back with a thin smooth piece of wood, it was a wand. She waved it over Silverstone's mouth and Silverstone was forced to drink it. Then Sunselleta waved it over her cuts and they disappeared. Silverstone breathed in deeply and hurt no more...

                                                        ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥


" Ok what first?" Sherylyn asked Ashten as the drove out of their drive way and out of          S Whimsical road.

" Well... I was thinking about going to the mall, I have to get some mascara and new shoe's would be nice, but if you don't like that mall, we can go some where else. And I don't really need those things, I can get them some other time" Ashten said driving out into the highway.

" No... I like the mall".

" Are you sure?". Ashten looked at her quizzically.

" Yes, can I get a couple things too? I brought my money" Lyn said taking out her walllet.

" No, no I'll buy, don't you worry about it, you get anything you want I'll pay, just nothing over a hundred" Ashten smiled at her, laughter in her eye's. Sherylyn laughed.

" aw man !" She said jokingly . Ashten laughed.


" Oh yeah thanks Ashten for saving me"


" Remember I was locked out of the house"

"Oh yeah, no problem, thank your dad for giving me keys" Ashten laughed , " Ok, one more quiz"

"Ashten. I'm beat " Sherylyn laughed ," You out-shopped me and you fried my brain with quiz's. I'm hungry, I can't work on a emty stomach".

Ashten laughed, " Well your not to bad yourself with quizing me, but sure I'm hungry too. Have you had 'Panera Bread' before?".


" I LOVE IT TOO!!!".

They walked over to the food court.

" Ah Ha! there's one!" Ashten pointed. They carried all their paper bags with fancy gift tissue down the escalator and down into the crowed and noisy cafeteria. Sherylyn laughed looking at all their bags eight in all. Ashten also laughed.

" I would like a broccoli chese soup bread bowl, and a fountain drink, please" Ashten said.

" What she had , please" Sherylyn said smiling at Ashten. Ashten gave the man her credit card. Sherylyn walked over to the drink fountain, Ashten handed her , her cup.

Sherylyn :Cherry coke

Ashten: Rootbeer, Cherry coke, blue powerade, rasberry icetea, coke, sprite, orange soda, and pepsi.

Lyn gave Ashten a puzzled look.

" I like mixing, some thing I learned from my father".

" Oh? is it good".

" yeah, I guess... Here you try mine and I'll try your's"....


After bowling, playing games in the arcade of the bowling place, going to the park with 'Ben and Jerry's', going to a little town fair, and eating at a Italian restraint, Sherylyn and Ashten came home tierd and laughing crazy.

" Seems like you had a good time" James said coming out of the livingroom to great them in the entry.

" Yes! we had SOOOO much fun! we went to the mall, we went bowling, and the fair! Thanks so much Ashten for taking me out!" Sherylyn said taking of her shoes.

" No problem! maybe we could make this regular or some thing" Ashten said.

" Yeah I would love that, twice every month or once or every week" Lyn said smiling and looking at her father.

" Come on ! i'm not that rich Lovely-Lyn" James said smiling at her, " Twice a month".

The girls looked at each other , " DEAL!"....



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