The Firefly Faries, Prologue

Fiction By Kassady // 6/25/2010

Written by Kassady and HomeschoolGirl


The Queen fairy brushed her tousled golden hair from burning ruby eyes with sudden fatigue. These past few days had been quite horrid, bring weariness and dark holes in the fairy people's hearts. The kingdom of Darkrade had lost many a brother due to human hands trapping the creatures in glass domes.

Why do these tercherous people do such to innocent minds? They were not beautiful to human eyes, and some never returned. Her violet threaded wings beat in rhythm to her heart. A fairy's heart was much like their wings. They could not live without them. Memories flooded through her mind; a pain unmistakeable. Hundres of years ago, it had happened. The memory was still raw. LIke salt in a wound.

The comforting hands of the king fairy slipped around her dainty shoulders. Her scarlet gown drifted in little wavelets to the glassy ground.

"We will fix this, my dear Sunselletta. We will restore peace to the fairy kingdom. We will once again rule the world. I promise, my dear wife, I promise this as the waves beat against the shore. I promise this as sure as your violet wings spreading free. And I promise, promise this as sure as our many children and.." he paused with affection. "Dear Starlight who we have not yet met."

"I thank thee, dear Treshado," she answered in a sweet sugary voice. "That pleases me. I am once again happy. Fetch Spiderruby for me." 

The king planted a beautiful pearl in his wife's hand and went to have the maidens retireve the girl.  Moments later, a beautiful lady with pitch black hair and red lips and ivory skin entered. She was dressed in a golden red dress with beautiful rubies embedded along her waistline. She cocked her head and a large black spider crawled from her back to her shoulder. She grabbed it and began to pet with affection.

"You called?" Her voice, unlike others, was raspy and dark but at the same time, alluring.

"You are my only child who can complete a deadly task." The queen laughed evily. "Of course I would call you. Thus, this task it not deadly for you, but another." 

"Who?" The spider leaned against her cheek.

"I'd hate to say. You have a large mouth that needs to be sewn up." 

"I'll keep quiet." 

"If you promise. If you break it," the queen paused and drew a long finger in front of her neck and made a "chsk" sound. "Well, you get the picture."

Spideruby cackled. "Mother, I truly admire you." 

"Thank you." 

Sudden footsteps sounded from around the corner hall. Sunsellrtta jumped and rushed to sit down in a plus leaf chair. Spideruby grinned and tossed her hair.

"Don't worry, mother. 'Tis only my accomplice called upon for this task." 

A brisk fairy with thin, spindly wings and a large nose that had to have been three inches entered and smiled with satisfaction.

"Mother, you must meet Dustnite. He's a good friend."

"Hello, madame queen. Do tell me, I have always wondered, why are your wings violet?"

The queen wrinkled her petite nose. "Oh, pish posh you silly goose. That's not any of your concern!"

Spideruby surpresed a laugh.

"What was it you needed?" Dustnite asked.

"Actually, you will be a nusciense, not a help," answered Sunselletta truthfully.

"Fine then, I'll be on my way." Dustnite turned to leave.

"No!" Shouted Spideruby. Her black eyes were frantic.

"Why not?" the queen whined, rather childishly.


"She cares for me," Dustnite said, laughing.

"Oh!" The queen gasped and shook her tiny fist.

A maiden walked in and announced luncheon would be brought to their rooms.

"Come!" Sunselletta said breathlessly. "We haven't time to spare!" 

The trio lifted their wings and began flight. All too soon (for Spideruby and Dustnite were enjoying each other's company) they landed on a narrow staircase. The queen hurried them on. They entered a room bathed in black light.

Dustnite provided a very subtle glow while Sunselletta shifted through various documents until she came up with the right peice of parchment.

"Take it," she said, handing Spideruby the paper. "Go to our kin. Retrieve them. And we shall make an army to avenge the humans Oh, I would do it myself but Treshado wouldn't allow such a thing! This parchment lists their colonies and names. Find them, and then we will attack. Find them..." her breath drifted off.

The lovely queen dropped to the ground.


oh by the way


Chapter 1 , is on Homschoolgirls acount. just to let those who want to read more

Kassady | Fri, 06/25/2010

"Here's looking at you, Kid"
Write On!

Wow! This is creepy! You

Wow! This is creepy! You definitely have me hooked...

Heather | Sun, 07/18/2010

And now our hearts will beat in time/You say I am yours and you are mine...
Michelle Tumes, "There Goes My Love"

Thanks for commenting!

Thanks! praise Homeschoolgirl! she helped on this one. Read chapter one ! I think its on Homeschoolgirls page. But I think you'll have to wait for it to be published I don't know? You'll just have to check it out yourself. Thanks so much!

Kassady | Sun, 07/18/2010

"Here's looking at you, Kid"
Write On!

Thanks Heather

 Chapter One was just published today if you want to check it out. Kassady and I have teamed up to write this story! Chapter one is one mine, two on hers, three on mine (not published yet) and four on hers...etc etc....I'm glad you're reading it and liked it! Credit for Kassady too! She is a terrific writer and the fairy idea was hers to begin with! :-)

Madeline | Mon, 07/19/2010

everything was better when/you would call and I'd be like/yeah babe, no way


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