Flattery in Every Form~ Beauty (22)

A Poem By Kassady // 8/12/2014

Flattery in Every Form
Your eyes linger, 
Longer than expected, 
And in there expression I see, 
And love (or is it lust?). 
My heart swells, 
Cheeks brightening under those, 
Gorgeous sky blue eyes, 
Full of might be passion, 
Full of me. 
Why do I turn my head, 
And look away? 
My hazel brown eyes dance, 
Nervously looking for a way out, 
From under your melting stare. 
Heart melting, 
Resolve melting. 
All past words of standing up, 
Slip away under your affection,
Any hurtful words building up, 
Are thrown away, 
Discarded for another time of taciturnity. 
Flattery is your weapon of choice, 
Oh sweet words,
Falling upon my ears. 
I thought I could take it, 
The barrage of compliments, 
But you know what you're doing, 
And I am defeated, 
Giggling and giddy with greed. 
Greedily I soak in your words, 
Is it just a game to turn? 
It cannot be, 
Something flutters in my stomach, 
Vanity proven to be adequate, 
Adequately smaller than first thought. 
Can't say I don't enjoy it, 
My head swells, 
Ever growing under your vocabulary, 
Of smooth talking, 
And well timed compliments. 

Sideways Glances
Your eyes glance at him, 
He who once was. 
I feel, 
I hear, 
Your irritation which sticks, 
To your face,
To the tone of your voice.
He looks down, 
To hands entwined, 
His face goes,
Stone cold. 
I sit between, 
Between you and him, 
Feeling the tension, 
On either side. 
Your hand slips closer, 
To stroke my leg, 
But I hold your hand, 
Uncomfortable with his, 
Sideways glances. 

To Close For Comfort
I hate the way you always seem to appear, 
Filling me with both uncertainty and fear, 
Dreams too close for comfort. 

FaceTime Blues
Silly it is, 
This sensation of longing, 
This feeling that absence, 
Seems to intensify. 
Not nearly a week, 
And I'm craving your kiss, 
Not even a week, 
And my chest is aching. 
My heart quickens, 
At the sight of your lips, 
So close yet so far away. 
It just isn't fair, 
I can see you and hear you, 
But I can't reach out, 
I cannot touch you, 
And you me. 
It's not kind, 
The way your eyes linger, 
Urging me even more, 
Making me want you desperately. 
I tell myself to be strong, 
Though I don't think I can go on, 
For my heart weakens, 
Under the stress of longing, 
For you. 

Beauty (inspired by the words of five year olds)
Maybe it's vain, 
To know I'm irresistible, 
Without love potion number five, 
That the way I was made, 
Is better, 
Than anything you can make me. 
Make up or not, 
My eyes see past my imperfections, 
I am imperfect, 
That's what makes me amazing. 
Blemishes? Please!
Like marble my face has specks of color, 
Ingrained in my skin is exuberance. 
I love myself, 
There is nothing wrong with that, 
Trust me. 
I am beautiful, 
Not because others say so, 
But because I know so! 
I am beautiful no matter, 
My skin, 
My religion, 
My past,
My future, 
I am me and that's what makes me special, 
I am me, 
And I am "sooooooo ceeute!" 


Flattery in Every Form

I love how honest you are in Flattery in Every Form. It really sounds like you pulled that straight from your heart.
Exceeding lovely my friend. :-)

Heidi | Wed, 08/13/2014

When you don't know what to do, do what you know.

Thanks Heidi!

Thank you so much for reading and commenting... Most of these come straight from the heart, thanks so much!!! :)

Kassady | Fri, 08/15/2014

"Here's looking at you, Kid"
Write On!

Ooh, all of these are

Ooh, all of these are positively beautiful!! Flattery in Every Form and Too Close for Comfort were my favorites, but really, I adored all of them!

Flying Past Clouds | Fri, 08/22/2014


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