Flower Boy (real life story)

Fiction By Kassady // 11/6/2011

* I saw the cutest thing one day while my mom and I were in the Subway drivethru! ABSOLUTELY ADORABLE! It was so sweet! So, i'm writing this in my eyes, and it REALLY happened, though it is something that happens in modern fairytale romance novels! SO SWEET!

Flower Boy


"I'd like a turkey five dollor foot long," Said my mother as I boredly waited to get back to our conversation about life and going off to collage.

"What bread?" Asked the voice through the crackly microphone.

"Italian herb and cheese, please!"

"What cheese?"

"American, please."

I smiled slightly at the name of the cheese thinking dryly How creative!

"And we're going to have lettace and tomatoe, olives on one side-"

"I like olives!" I interjected quickly and in a panicky way.

"Oh, alright! Make that olives on all of it! And green bell peppers, pickles on one side."

"Alright... lettace and tomatoe, olives and bell pepper on all of it, and then pickles on one side?"

"Correct!" My mother said.

I looked out the window at the different cars and then looked behind to see other cars waiting for us. It always made me feel guilty that we took so long in drivethru's, but I guess we weren't the only ones.

"Will that be all?"

"Uh... yeah... I think so!" My mom said.

"What drink would you like with that?"

"Sprite?" She turned to me.

I shrugged, anything sounded good at the moment, "Sure."

"Are you sure?"


"Sprite please!" My mother derected to the micrphone.


"And for our side, can we have the cheddar sunbaked chips?"

"Absolutely... did you say cheddar?"


"Will that be all for you today?"


The ladies voice was muffled a bit as she said the price, and I grinned, remembering a comedian talking about muffled price of food.

"-At the second window! Thank you!"

"Okay great! Thank you!" My mom replied and rolled up her window, switching gear and then driving about a few feet in front where we stopped under a window.

"That will be-" the lady said, opening the window and talking to my mom.

I wasn't paying any attention anymore, my eye had been caught be a little girl, holding her fathers hand across the parkinglot.

The little girl had a broad grin on her face and was skipping. The father was smiling as well, trying to skip, but he was carrying subway bags.
The father opened the car door for the little girl and she hopped in.

I watched further and then they drove off.

The window thing closed and our food was propared.

"Did you say you wanted olives on all of it?" The lady came back and asked my mom.

I saw a man walking in the corner of my eye, who looked no older then twenty five, he had one hand in his pocket and the other holding a bouquet of white and red roses. He was whistling, I knew, even though I couldn't hear him, I saw his lips whistling. Anyone could tell he was happy. He strode across the parkinglot and was lost from sight.

I looked into the drivethru window and tried to look through to see where the guy was.

The drivethru window closed and I turned to my mother.

"Did you see that guy?" I whispered.


"Did you see that hansom guy walk across the parkinglot with the roses?"

"Yeah! Out of the corner of my eye," My mother said smiling.

"Wasn't he cute? He looked so happy! His aura was glowing with happiness... you know? He was whistling and everything!"

"Yeah! That was cute! Let's see if we can see who he's giving them to."

We strained our eyes into the drivethru window.

"Oh! I see him," My mom said softly.


"Do you see the reflection on the bread oven thing?"

I glanced to it, and saw the guy holding the flowers and handing them to some one.

A woman came into our veiw, she had bright straight blond hair and she was looking at the roses. She walked out of our view and into a room in the back.

"I hope that wasn't her!" My mother said.

"Yeah, she didn't look happy with them did she?"

"Yeah! She looked annoyed or something!"

The lady came to the window again with a bag of our food.

"Here you are," She said, passing us the bag and smiling.

"Thanks, um.... We were just wondering, do you know the story about the guy with the flowers?"

"Oh yeah!" Said the lady smiling, "Their a married couple, and he comes all the time with flowers and stuff! Its really sweet!"

"Yeah! That's sweet! Aw..."

I felt happy to hear that he was married and that he was so happy. It was really something you found in story books. It was so sweet... except I hoped the girl was happy with it?

"Was that his wife?"


"Aw! That's so sweet!" My mom said, looking at me.

 I couldn't help the silly smile that spread across my face, it was so sweet, and I was so glade I had been able to see it.

We drove off and talked a bit about the guy and how sweet it was.

"They must be a young married couple! I hope she's as happy as he is!" I said, after swallowing my bite of subway.

"Yeah, me too!" My mom said nodded.

"That was so sweet!" I said for the thousandth time, picturing the guy so happy, flowers in hand, happy and truely, deeply, madly and happily in love.

What a neat experience! I thought to myself, Its nice to know that the love in books is real, and that true happiness lives in everyday, day to day life, even at Subway.


Aw, that was a sweet story!

Aw, that was a sweet story! :D Yes, even at Subway, there can be romance! LOL! 

Madeline | Sun, 11/06/2011

Isn't it?!

It was soooo sweet! I hope to remember that forever! I hope that I  have a husband like that when I'm older! So happy! Thanks for reading!

Kassady | Mon, 11/07/2011

"Here's looking at you, Kid"
Write On!

 Wow, that was sweet :D :D

 Wow, that was sweet :D :D And I love how you told it, too!
Just two little nitpicks: muphled should be muffled, and... cheder should be chedder :D
Keep on writing!

Laura Elizabeth | Mon, 11/07/2011

The best stories are those that are focused, unassuming, and self-confident enough to trust the reader to figure things out. --


Thanks! Edited!

Thanks Laura Elizabeth! I edited those! LOL! I added both words twice, and both were misspelled! *shakes head in dismay and embarrasement)

Thanks for reading! This was exactly how I saw everything! And actually... I think that was the exact wording of our order and everything! LOL! I'm glade you liked this! It was REALLY sweet! Its definitely not something you see everyday, but I wish it was... I guess it wouldn't have been as special if so! ;-)


Write on!

Kassady | Mon, 11/07/2011

"Here's looking at you, Kid"
Write On!


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