Football Game~ Infatuation & Desire (48)

A Poem By Kassady // 2/9/2015

Football Game
You'll have your arm, 
Wrapped around me, 
Leaning into you
We'll sit, 
Watching intently, 
Exclaiming while proclaiming, 
Full of team spirit, 
And large quantities of chips. 
You'll laugh in my hair, 
And I'll shake my head, 
Cheesy commercials, 
And rowdy player's personalities. 
Excitedly we'll jump up, 
Yelling at the screen, 
And then, settling back down, 
You'll pull me closer, 
Heart beating against me, 
As if you'd just made the touchdown, 
And I'll smile like I've just won the championship. 

So close to me, 
All I can think, 
Is the tiniest movement, 
And our lips could have met, 
No one would have known, 
Despite being surrounded by friends, 
But there we are, 
Just friends. 

Eyes barely meeting yours
And I'm relieved
It's easy
To casually make small talk
Casually wearing your hat
Sneaking a sniff
Pulling it over my head
Playing with it
DJ style while playing pool
Walking like a hipster
Just to meet your eyes
Glancing across the table
You say something smart
And I wish
That you could hold a gaze
But I'd probably break
I do 
Break first
And when we sit 
I sit two chairs away 
Empty chairs 
Should I gap the distance
I think not 
I'm not that casual a friend
Sitting on the couch, 
You hug us
Laying on top of me
Group hug ending with 
My nose by your ear 
Your chest against mine 
Closest I've ever been 
Closest we'll ever be 
And I wonder
What'd you think 
When I placed your hat back 
Sliding it on your head 
This time I'm not pathetic 
But it's still there 
Casually hiding 
Biding it's time 
And I'm casually hating myself 
For letting these thoughts 
Run through my head 
Clacking and clicking
Like billiard balls 
My cue keeps rolling off them 
To push them away 
Out of sight 
But they remain 
Blatantly shining on the table 
Right up at me 
And I hate you 
Your physical attraction
Because that's all that's there
Telling myself to just stop 
"Get over him already!"

Spring Break Count Down
Building suspense, 
Calendar checking 
And count down, 
To the days of sun, 
Best friend, 
And Taylor Swift music. 

Had The Boys Looking
I complain of the break out across my face, 
You counter with my perfect height,
And a hint at "had all the boys looking."
Though to find out which boys,
We both make faces, 
Though deep down I hope, 
At least one of those "boys" was you. 
Goodness! Not again.

"What Would You Do?"
The landscape passes by, 
Cars pass, 
Turning like madmen, 
They're all crazy, 
But here we are, 
Sitting within, 
The only sane drivers on the road. 
The music plays low, 
And as you turn, 
You admit that he WAS in fact looking at me, 
"In admiration" you say, 
"What would you do?" You ask, 
And I squirm, 
Reacting as if I've never asked myself the same question.
Jumbling my response so terribly, 
It's obvious I have feelings for you, 
And I even admit I don't know why,
I'm just still attracted to you, 
"I'd regret it, either way," I say,
Because that's the only thing that feels true, 
I've told myself so many lies,
In the past,
In hopes of getting over you.

Boyfriend List
You're at the bottom of my top three, 
You'd probably be the best of them all,
It's just you're the best to have as a friend, 
And I like what we've got going on, 
Giggling and dancing, 
Comfortably platonic, 
Because if it were anything more, 
I would never let you stand so close, 
I'd never laugh into your shoulder, 
Without having something more, 
I like kissing way too much for that. 

Infatuation & Desire
One and the other,
Infatuation and desire, 
I've flirted with both, 
Broken and scarred by the former, 
Caged by the latter, 
Both have seduced me, 
Lured me into a false sense of love, 
Obviously there was affection, 
But that just wasn't enough. 
Where infatuation made me cry, 
Desire kissed me, 
Trapped me with lust, 
While spinning it's binding webs, 
(desire's future, our future) 
Cocooning me in guilt, 
Commitment and obligation. 
Where desire scripted me as the villain, 
Destined to break free while breaking its heart, 
Infatuation's got me playing the victim, 
Forever rereading meaningless words, 
Hopelessly grasping at glances
And pathetically watching from afar. 
Infatuation lasts on,
Like a chill, relentlessly clinging,
While desire remains mute, 
Silent since our last parting.


These were good! I could

These were good! I could relate to all of them on some level. One thing though-- "plutonic" should be "platonic".
"But there we are,
Just friends." I quite liked that. I appreciated the simplicity. Great job!

E | Mon, 02/09/2015

"You were not meant to fit into a shallow box built by someone else." -J. Raymond

Ooooops, haha, thanks! I'll

Ooooops, haha, thanks! I'll edit Plutonic :P and thanks! I've been unsure about those last lines, but I'm glad you liked them and they weren't to blunt.
Thanks for reading!

Kassady | Mon, 02/09/2015

"Here's looking at you, Kid"
Write On!


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