Forgotten~ 3AM (24)

A Poem By Kassady // 8/26/2014

Sitting frozen in time, 
Love and care, 
Lived in and then forgotten. 
Together in their exile, 
Rain splattered, 
Alone but once loved. 

Morning sun streams in, 
Breaking through the foliage, 
Glaring down, 
Undeterred by clouds or time. 
Makes me jealous, 
Can't I be like you? 
Shining always. 
Strong and hot, 
Merciless but naturing. 

Piece of Your Heart
Your heart,
Your face, 
I ache as I break, 
Apart of you, 
A small part of you, 
A piece of your heart. 
I'd offer you healing, 
But I'm the one whose wounded, 
My apologies fall short, 
On your ears, 
Buzzing with my rejection. 
My words like knives, 
Makes your face crumble.
Broken dreams,
Ideas and plans ripped from your grasp,
And torn apart.
I can't return your words, 
For their strength means more to me, 
Than ever before, 
And I will never really and truly, 
Love you like that.

Erase Heartbreak
I want to pretend, 
That conversation never happened. 
We were laughing, 
We were kissing, 
We were having fun. 
Goofing around, 
Tickled to the ground, 
You ran about with me on your back. 
I was giddy,
I was giggling, 
High from happiness, 
Delighted to be with you, 
Delighted to be in your arms. 
Enthralled with you, 
My eyes and my lips grazed, 
Every inch of your face. 
My legs felt too long, 
Too awkward and in the way, 
My chest burned with passion, 
Or so I thought. 
Fact is my excitement fell, 
Fell mercy to three words, 
I knew they would come, 
But they hit me hard all the same. 
I hated myself, 
I hated those words, 
My heart ached in every way.
If I hadn't first planned, 
My thoroughly thought out speech, 
If I hadn't decided to guard my heart, 
Maybe I would have fallen prey, 
Maybe I would have felt the same way,
Maybe I would have said, 
With my whole heart, 
Those three scary words. 
But I shook my head, 
And thought I'd be better off dead, 
When the rejection reflected in your eyes. 
Goodness! A piece of my heart died, 
While another part grew stronger. 
All I knew, 
Is that I had to stay true, 
Stay true to who I really am. 
My goals and desires, 
Have lived longer than loves fire, 
And burn on until achieved. 
It's not you it's me, 
And I hope you know,
There is nothing you can do, 
To make me change. 
Nothing lasts forever, 
I hope you see, 
I'm not doing this for you, 
I'm doing this for me. 
And it's all purely selfish,
It's me, me, me, 
Because first I must care about myself, 
To know how to care for anyone else. 
I must live my life freely, 
Not held back by love, 
I can't fall in love, 
I can't say I love you, 
Despite how much I want to, 
I just want my dreams more. 
I just want to pretend, 
That we never had that conversation, 
Pretend that there isn't a difference,
In the way we act,
Pretend there isn't anything between us,
That something isn't off. 
I feel it in your stare, 
Your words fall short, 
There's no longer that glimmer in your eye, 
And I miss it. 
I hate having hurt you, 
The look of pain on your face replays, 
Over and over again, 
Behind my lidded eyes. 
Half of me is pleased, 
Proud of my strength in standing up, 
For overcoming my fears to tell you, 
Tell you the truth, 
But also half miserable! 
I'm dying inside, 
Every time I look in your eyes, 
I'm trying my best, 
To stay strong and pretend everything's alright, 
When clearly you just said "I love you," 
And I just said "I can't say that back."

Hole of Guilt
It's clever
It's smooth
It's quick and well planned
Your words are like knives
Sharp and effective
Cutting through my barriers
Tearing into my heart
Leaving a hole of guilt
And misery
With one swift jab
At my taciturn mind
And abilities to change it
In the blink of an eye

Move Me Closer
You move me, 
Body and soul, 
Closer to you.
Your heat enfolds me, 
Intoxicated by your scent, 
Your heat, 
The touch of your fingers, 
Against my skin. 
My heart beats, 
Pounding in my chest, 
And if I concentrate, 
I can feel yours beat too. 
I press my chest into yours, 
I can never be too close, 
But always too far. 
Your eyes melt my heart away, 
Your words sweet on your lips, 
Both leaving me weak, 
Unable to guard my heart, 
From your attempts to steal it. 
I never want to leave your arms, 
Even if it means, 
I give up trying to catch my breath, 
Let me die in your arms, 
Let me die a hundred deaths,
Just never let me go. 

I catch my breath, 
Before it runs away, 
Running after my racing heart. 

We stayed up all night,
Speech slurred from exhaustion,
And eyes drooping heavily. 
Both silly and meaningful conversation, 
Conversing till morning, 
Sleep finally crashed about our ears, 
Drowned in darkness, 
But hearts lightened by troubles told,
Of burdens lost to girly giggles, 
And the end of sugar highs. 


I like these. Those first two

I like these. Those first two were AWESOME. Piece of Your Heart was good/sad. Great job!

E | Tue, 08/26/2014

"You were not meant to fit into a shallow box built by someone else." -J. Raymond


Thanks so much!!! :D

Kassady | Wed, 08/27/2014

"Here's looking at you, Kid"
Write On!


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