Free Weekends~Fall Morning (27)

A Poem By Kassady // 9/13/2014

Free Weekends
Feels so funny, 
My weekends without you,
Just as social as they were with you, 
Or more so? 
Can't decide yet, 
If I miss you truly,
Or I miss having an escape, 
From my responsibilities as second mom. 

Eyes sting momentarily, 
Maybe an instinct, 
Maybe something held back, 
Hiding from the light of recognized emotions. 
Thoughts and memories, 
Betray my stance on indifference.
My ways of daydreaming, 
Dreams of us laughing again, 
Betrays my desire to have you, 
Some way in my life. 

Mean Girls
I only pity you,
Mean girls, 
Poor girls, 
I can only guess at what you lack, 
And hope to never go back to those, 
Mean girls, 
Poor girls, 
Standing in the spotlight, 
But living in the dark. 
I can only sneer at you, 
Mean girls, 
Poor girls, 
Tearing people down, 
Using your pain as a battering ram, 
Words as sharp and poisonous as a Hornet.
I only talk about you, 
Mean girls, 
Poor girls, 
In a tone of contempt, 
Behind your back my words leak out, 
Like a chemical gas, 
Infiltrating the air with disgust and disdain. 
Bring it back around for those, 
Mean girls, 
Poor girls, 
Remember again to love, 
For those who are most hateful,
Are the ones with a lack of love. 
Self confidence and love are key, 
Neither of which you had, 
Dressed in rags with disorganized spirits. 
I only hope you, 
Mean girls, 
Poor girls, 
Find self confidence and love, 
And that our lions pride shook you down, 
To the very tip of your hornets stinger. 

Memories of You
Maybe it's inappropriate to admit, 
But all I can think about, 
Is kissing you.
Memories of how your lips met mine, 
The softness of your touch, 
The warmth of your skin. 
Maybe it's wrong to say, 
But thoughts of you have been haunting me, 
Your words, 
Your smile, 
Your laugh, 
You're why my chest aches. 
Maybe it's a residual habit, 
An addiction to constant companionship, 
But if I'm not mistaken, 
This is how it feels to truly miss you.

Always wondered what would happen, 
If I stopped being a goody goody two-shoes, 
Wondered if my life would fall apart, 
Or if I'd actually have fun. 
Sometimes I sit and ponder, 
Thinking about what would occur, 
If I were to be a complete flirt, 
If I were to forget about parental approval. 
I start to calculate all the consequences, 
And back peddle quickly, 
I'd rather be happy and a goody goody, 
Than miserable for a few thrills. 

Junior High Player
You think you're all that, 
Kid you don't even know. 
That silly smile, 
Your jovial eyes, 
And your words as cliche as my stories. 
Obviously you're talking big for them,
Attracted to the girls beside me, 
Junior high shortie, 
With a big head full of self-confidence,
Sure, never hurt, 
But sure is obnoxious, 
Though your silly smooth talking gave us a laugh. 

Fall Morning
The brisk morning chill, 
Deep into my bones, 
Filling my nostrils with a sense of, 
Clean air, 
Fresh in every sense of the word. 


I enjoyed this bunch! One

I enjoyed this bunch! One thing-in the first poem, the use of the word "you" became a little redundant. With some rephrasing there would probably be a nice little rhythm :)

E | Sun, 09/14/2014

"You were not meant to fit into a shallow box built by someone else." -J. Raymond

Thanks Erin!

Thanks so much for reading... I think I could probably switch up a few "you"s... Okay, gonna edit now ;)
Thanks again!

Kassady | Mon, 09/15/2014

"Here's looking at you, Kid"
Write On!


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