Friendship of Three- chapter 10,11 and 12

Fiction By Kassady // 1/14/2012

Chapter 10

Nicole was spun nimbly around, her short brown hair fanning out.

She and Joseph stepped in together, for the next part of the dance.

They had been taking ballroom dancing for three weeks now, and they had began to get very good at it.

"So, I was thinking," Joseph said, beginning a conversion that meant seriousness. "When we get married."

They trotted across the room.

"And after our honey moon. Where are we going to live?"

Nicole pondered his question for a moment, kicking up her leg as the dance needed. "Well... I like England... But is it a place where we want to settle down and have a family?"

Joseph stepped in close and far away again, then the sided each other. Coming together again gracefully. "Is it?" he aimed the question back at her.

Nicole looked ahead at the future. She had always imagined living out on a little farm, not to far out in the country, but on a nice green patch of land, in a nice yellow three level house. She had dreamed of what her house would look like for years, editting in her mind and and adding extra features. But now, she didn't know what Joseph thought of her ideas, and she wanted him to be happy with the home they picked aswell.

The skipped to the right.

"Well?" Joseph asked after a while.

Nicole was shaken out of her relvory, "I don't know! Could we by chance.. Talk about this latter?" she said, doing the diffecult part of the dance.

"Sure darling."


Nicole leaned in closer to the screen of her computer, Joseph was seated by her. They were house hunting.

"So," Joseph said, "You would like a house that's Yellow?"

She nodded, hoping he would aprove.

"Well..." He said a little stifly, "I'm not..." He coughed, "A big fan of Yellow... but its an okay color an a house."

She smiled at his uncertain tone, "I also like brick!" She said.

He brightened, "That I can live with!" He said with a smile

She turned back to the list of houses. She suddenly turned in her chair, facing Joseph, "Alright, big question!"

"Lay it on me!" He said cheerfully.


"Where?" he tapped his chin thoughtfully. "You'd you be okay if it was Enland?"

"I will!" She said firmly.

"England!" he said without any hesatation or uncertainty in his voice.

She smiled, turning back around to her computer. She put in England.

A whole list went on to the screen, some of the pictures still loading.

There were many houses that looked cute and fun to live in. But none really stood out to Nicole or Joseph.

There was one that Joseph really liked. But Nicole from the very beginning hadn't liked.

"Well, That's okay! You, I don't really like the location anyway!" He lied to her.

She sighed, "Its alright if you like it Joseph! Don't lie to me, please!"

He nodded pursing his lips, "I like it," he said truthfully.

"Well, we'll have to see how effeciatant it is, and see if it will be right for our family!!"


They scrolled down more, and Nicole gasped.

A little yellow house was in the next picture, it was surrounded by green grass and a couple of trees.

She invisioned swings on the trees, and pushing a little girl on one, while Joseph played soccer with a little boy.

Joseph looked into her face, and looked again at the house.

It was a three story house, with lots of windows with white shutters, and a cute little front porch, that looked like it would hold a porch swing.

There was a pretty door, with a decorate glass pane in the middle.

Joseph liked the house, a lot more then he would have thought he would like a yellow house. With a sigh, he clicked on it.

And clicked on more of the pictures for the house.

It was a seven bedroom house, with fireplaces and lots of space. The third level was more of a attic that was safe to live in.

"Its perfect!" Nicole breathed.

"It is!" Joseph said, giving Nicole a one arm huge.

"Can we go look at it!" she asked excitedly.

He smiled, "Sure! Lets contact them and scheduel a date!"

She gave him a winning grin, "I love you!"

"I love you! More!"


Nicole gasped looking up and down, as she walked inside the empty, perfect, and beautiful house.

"And as you can see," Said the house agent in front of them, "It has been newly referneshed, with extra fireplaces, and a few windows have been added on to the house."

"Really?" Joseph said uninterestedly.

Nicole turned on him grinning, "Isn't perfect!"

"Absolutely," He said off handedly.

"What's wronge?"

"Nothing!" He said, "Just a bit tired, I didn't get to sleep till two last night!"

"Aw!" Nicole hugged him sypathetically. She kissed him lightly.

"Maybe I should stay up more offen!" He said playfully.

She smiled, slaping his chest playfully.

"I'm just going to step outside for a little while," Said the woman, with an all knowing grin on her face.

Both nodded, smilingly slyly at each other, as the fancy door closed.

They gave each other looks and raced through the house like little chilren. Looking at different things, chacing each other.

They finally fell gasping for breath laughing on the master bedroom room carpet.

"What do you think?" Nicole asked, still panting lightly.

"I like it!" he said simply, looking up at the ceiling.

"That's all?" she asked a little disapointedly.

"Darling," He said, turning his head to look at her.

She bit lightly on her lip.

"I think its perfect! And I think it will be perfect for us!"

She nodded, "So.." she finally said after a while, "How about the price? Its really high!"

He nodded grimacing, "That is the only thing I'm concerned of."

She sighed.

"We'll see!" He said, "We don't have to decide now! We can wait and see what happens."

"Right!" She turned and got up, her brown short hair, falling into her face for a couple of seconds then going back to its rightful place at the side of her head.

He grinned.

"What?" she asked.

"Your so beautiful!"

She blushed, "Your the good looking one!"

He got up, and leaned his forehead to hers, and said with a sly grin, "I know!"

Chapter 11


Eleanor sighed. Leaning over in her stretch.

"Now be careful Mrs. Wain, you have to take it ease now that you have a little one coming."

Eleanor gave a light moan, as a reply. Her whole side burned, and she could feel her insides strech. She could almost imagine the baby crying at her efforts.

She got out of her stretch. She had made up her mind. "I'm sorry Laurin! I just can't do this!" She said to the enstructer.

She nodded, "I'd like my final pay soon." She said simple, understanding that Eleanor was done for good.

Eleanor nodded, grabing her shoes and walking out of the room, sighing in relief.

"Hi honey!" She said into her phone.

"Mommy?" Jacqueline's voice came from the other end.

Eleanor was surpised to hear her daughters voice, but appreciated the sound, and her aching mind was comforted by her sweet young voice.

"Hi sweety! How are you?"

"Good!" she said in her little voice. "When aw you comin home?"

"Now, could I speek to Daddy, please?"

"Yep! Hewe!"
"Hi Darling!" Eleanor's husband's voice came from the other end.

Soothing Eleanor, "I'm coming home!"

"Are you okay?"

"Yeah, I'm stopping my yoga lessons!" She said firmly.

"Okay," he said, but with a tone of uncertainty in his voice. "Is there a reason for this sudden dislike?"

"The Baby." She said simple.

"Uh! I see!" He said.

Eleanor heard a large thump. "What was that!"

"Uh... I'd better run honey, Love you! Drive Safely!"

"Richard! What's going on!" She asked urgently.

She heard a beeping sound, and knew that he had hung up.

She sighed in exasperation, angry at his behaver. Also concerned for her children.

She quickly got into her car. Her long staight light brown hair getting stuck in the door.

Grumbling, she opened it again. The remaining sun, shining on her head, making her golden highlights light up and dance colorfully, making it seem that her hair was made of gold.

Starting the car, she backed out, and went out of the parkinglot.

She quickly turned on the radio, unannoyed at the silence that filled the car.

A song in German came on, and Eleanor sung along in german with it.

With a screeching of car tires, Eleanor pushed on the brakes hard.

A young child had walked out from behind a tree, to run after a ball.

She put her hand on her frantically pumping heart, feeling as if she might faint.

Angrily she got out, making sure the child was okay, trying really hard not to yell at him.

"Sorry Mrs." Said the little boy shuffling his feet, tears were streaming down his face.

His mother was standing over him.

"Thank you so much!" Said the woman, who was also crying.

Eleanor nodded smiling, and got back into her car.

It was going to be a long drive and night.


"Have you come up with any names yet?" asked Eleanor's mother from the phone.

Eleanor chopped up a big union and dumped it into the stew she had made. "Yes! If its a boy we're going to name it, Edward Newson, After great uncle Edward, and after Rich's middle name. Newson after my maiden name of course."

"Oh that's nice! How about if its a girl?"

"Edna Marie, I want to have a child named after Richard, because I've been hogging the names," Eleanor laughed, " and it would be nice for Richy to have a child named after him. Oh, and Richards great great great grandmothers name was Marie, so there you have it!"

"You always think up names to quickly!" Her mother said with a laugh.

Eleanor laughed too, stirring the contents of the broth.

"So have you've looked at any houses latley?"

"Houses? Why would I?" Eleanor asked, frowning lightly.

"Well, I remember you said that, that house was just temporary. Well of course, sense you had just gotten married and all, and you didn't have any place to live."

Eleanor remembered too, she went back to the memory of meeting Richard.

They had both been missionary's and had been assighned the same place in India. They had taken a liking to one another. And not long after they were preaching together, line by line, eating dinner together and sharing life experiences.

She remembered with a smile, when he proposed. It was a perfect time too. They had been sitting by the sea. On a hill and picknicking as the sun slowing desended. It had been a sunday, right after they had preached for three hours. They both had their bibles with them. Eleanor had been so surpised, when he had got to one knee, and opened his bible. With a gasp of surpise she had looked down at the pages, and there sat a golden band, a golden ring. Sitting on the page of his bible. He had resighted one of the verses. It was their verse, and no one ever knew what it was. They had kept it a secret. Not even their parents knew which one. They had gotten married- after telling their parents- in India, at the very church they preached in.


Eleanor was startled out of her memories, as her mothers voice came from the phone questioningly. "Yeah? Sorry! I was just thinking."

"So... Now that your going to have another baby, are you going to move?"

Eleanor bit her lip, "I don't know? I think it would be too stressful for me."

"Well... Moving with a new born baby can be even more stressful!"

"Are you sure? Don't ussualy when your pregnant, you get more emotional and stressed? I remember feeling like that when I was having Jacky."

"Well... yeah..." She could hear the uncertainty of her mother voice.

She smiled, "And I don't even know if we are going to move at all!" Eleanor said, but soon regretted her words. She did want to move. She did so, so much. It was nothing like what she had dreamed of, and she knew that she wouldn't be happy in the little house. Definitely now that a new child was on its way.

"Well, its Gods dessition! You shouldn't be worried with it!"

"Your right! I know God has his intentions for this house. I just haven't seen them yet!"

"Right! Well I'd better get running!"

"Yeah, me too!"

"Love you sweety! Tell the children Grandma wants to see them soon!"

Eleanor chuckled, "Okay, will do mom! Love you! Tell Dad I said Hi!"

"Alright! Love you!"

"Love you too!"



"Mommy!" Jacqueline said, right as Eleanor hung up the phone. She had been waiting the whole conversation for her turn to speek.

"Alright, now what did you want to ask?" Eleanor asked.

"Can I sing a song to Annalee?"

Chapter 12

Katrina grumbled loudly.

Walking into the Hotel room and finding Pansy and Fred kissing, AGAIN! She had endored a whole week of their behaver, and was agast to hear that Pansy could stay another ten days.

She quickly went to the small kitchen, covering her ears from the smacking sounds. She picked up a french newspaper, and was horrifide to see a picture of their dig on the front cover. Racheal was in the center, looking annoyed, and Katrina was standing in the back- and this is what made her horifide- with her mouth wide open, her hair a mess and her eyes both shut. Of course no one really noticed her in the backround. But it still didn't matter to Katrina.

She looked at the two kissing on the couch, and with a gag of disgust rushed out of the hotel suite, grabing her purse, and slamming the hotel door firmly.

She rolled her eyes and went down to the loby, were they had a small coffee shop.

"I'de like a green tea, please," she said to the counter clerk.

He looked at her with confusion.

And with a sigh of exasperation, so asked her request in seven different laguages.

The man who knew english and who had been pretending-for fun, which he did to most people-, was borated with languages that he never knew existed. "Alright!" he said and turned around to make it.

Katrina glared at his back, infurated that he would put her into the trouble of speeking, french, spanish, polish, czech, icelandic, gaelic and Italian.

"Here you are!"

She sighed happily, as he passed it to her. She went to the side and propared it the way she liked.

"So... Are you going out latter?" He asked.

Katrina was shocked and disturbed at his words, him being around fifty at least. "Excuse me!"

He chuckled, "There are many men around here, I see really good ones everyday. I could point some out to you."

She grimaced.

"Like that good looking younge fellow over there!" The man pointed to a younge man at a table.

He had cropped blond hair, a nice, freckless face, and billion dollar teeth. He saw her looking, and winked at her.

Katrina rolled her eyes, making sure he saw it, and turned around. "No thank you!" she spat the words out. She stomped away, her nose in the air, and her tea held in a regal position.

She walked quickly to the elevater, having to turn the corner.

With a thump and pain of hot liquid. Katrina fell to the floor.

A Boy stood in front of her, with a wet shirt. He was looking indignantly down at his shirt, seathing with pain, and fanning himself.

Katrina was really trying not to burst out laughing at the sight of the boy. "I'm so sorry!" she exclaimed, getting up.

He did a strange thing then, by pushing her back down as she was in a crouch.

She hit the ground again with a soft thud.

She glared up at him with an angry yelp of, "Hey!"

He smiled smugly down at her, "Ha! So there!" And he walked away.

She got up stiffly, mumbling to herself, "Teenagers!" though he was probably about seventeen.

She grimaced lightly and rubbed her sore bottum.

"I am so sorry miss!" said a elderly lady rushing towards her.

"Its fine!" she said through cleanched teeth.

"You must excuse him, he's my nephew, he can be very rude!"

"Oh really," Katrina said sarcastically, "Well, I should be the one sorry, I did spill my hot tea over him."

"Oh!" she exclaimed, taking out, what look like a hankercheif, and dabbed her sweating face. "You waisted a perfectly good drink on him!" she said with a laugh.

Katrina gave a few chuckles.

"You must let me pay for a new one!" she said, getting rather close to Katrina.

Katrina felt uncomfortable with how close the woman had gotten. But noticed that the woman had been squinting before, and now her eyes had opened more widely.


She's lost her hearing too!


Katrina sighed in the french air around her, energising her. She had just gotten away from the elderly lady-Clare- in the hotel. Now she was at a cross walk, enjoying the sight of people busying themselves, and going into french dress shops and makeup shops, this went on.

She walked forward, seeing that a car was slowing down and thought that it must be time to walk across.

Something hanked her back, just in time, as a car wized by.

Katrina blinked several times, just finguring out that she had just been saved from a mager car accedint.... Again!

"I thought you promised me you wouldn't do that!" Said an exasperated and fimilar voice.

Katrina turned and was suprised to see, 'Larry' standing and grinning at her. She opened and closed her mouth a few times, and managed to mumble,"Larry?!"

He looked confused for a moment, then he nodded with a smile.

"Thank you!" she said in a shaking voice.

"Any time!" he said with a shrug.

They crossed, Katrina still shocked to see 'Larry' and 'Larry' frowning lightly to himself.

"Thanks!" Katrina said again.

He shrugged.

"Are stalking me?" she said playfully.

"No!No! No" He stamered in a rush. "No! Absolutely not! No! Does it seem like it! No! no! N-"

"I'm Kidding!" She cut in quickly, afraid that he would go on forever.

He gave her a forced smile, and laughed nervously, "Ha-ha, yeah... Ha."

They stood there for a while, just looking at each other.

With a slight frown on Katrina's face, she said, "Your name... Isn't.... Is'nt Larry?"

The man looked down bashfully, not meeting her eyes, then he looked up and said with confedence, "Harry!"


"My... Name..... My name is Harry!"

Katrina thought, through cleanched teeth.


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